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  1. Availability is another issue entirely- being easier to acquire has no relation to their designs as legendary weapons, outside of perhaps being the only excuse as to why they're as bland and uninspired as they are.
  2. "Pull a fast one on us" very simply connotes to trickery, deception, a jab at our expectations. Reading what I wrote and deriving your own definition of what "pulling a fast one" entails is your own fault- in no way does it come close to equating to "a twist on legendaries". ..Yes, I'm *assuming* what Arenanet means by their use of the word "variants". Reason being: it simply makes the most sense to assume that "legendary weapon variants preview" means the presentation of the revealed legendary skins and the variants in which they'd be available- the only possible context behind "v
  3. Didnt write that second part, but I'll help you understand how both statements can be true simultaneously. Weapon variants, as I've explained in the line you literally quoted me on, refers to the different weapon types (sword, axe, hammer, etc). A "twist on legendaries" would refer to their designs, and does not contradict the first sentence, so I don't know why this is so hard for you. But again, I never even wrote that second line you made up and confused yourself with.
  4. Not end game content- but selling points that made these expansions must-have's? HoT introduced a new game mechanic nobody saw coming (gliding) along with map designs that would implement the new mechanic in a meaningful way (far more verticality in map designs, game-y systems that made gliding fun to use and rewarding to level up). Excellent selling point. PoF did something similar to the game, except this time with the best mount system in place of any mmo out today. Each mount fulfilling very specific and meaningful functions, as the maps are designed around the game-y mecha
  5. Before you mention the december 3rd legendary "variants" reveal, be honest with yourself and accept that variants is simply referring to the different weapon types; if they meant customization of any level, they'd have said "Legendary weapon customization preview". Having cleared that up, I'm still waiting for Arenanet to pull a fast one on us and say "we were just kidding, here are the actual gen 3 legendaries" followed by some exciting new and unique designs for each weapon type. I dont care HOW shiny they make these aurene skins; this is what lazy and rushed content looks like.
  6. I was referring to the gsword showcased in Vindicator's reveal trailer being different from the one in his concept art. We wrote these comments before this week's beta event, so yeah I'm aware
  7. Skins please, this lv 30 Queensdale piece of junk is unsightly
  8. We didnt have mounts until we did. We didnt have legendary armor until we did. We didn't have boats in the past 9 years, and now soon we will. Idk man, didn't think we'd ever see a whole new weapon type either. And let's be honest, the gunsaber is a whole new weapon. it's not a temporary state like shroud, it even overrides one of your 2 equipped weapons and is a state you can fight in indefinitely. I'd say it merits customization capabilities
  9. ..Or this shows times have changed since the "mounts will never happen" "gw2 will never have expansions" "engine upgrade will never happen" days. Don't be so resentful. This isn't about disrespecting any portion of their players. I remember very well when people were adamant about how gw2 should not have mounts in the game. I dont see any of those people complaining with what turned out to be the best implementation of mounts ever done in any MMO
  10. Shouldn't be too different from mount skins. Mounts aren't equipped, they're unlockable skill trees and essentially "kits" as they reconfigure your 1-5 abilities with a mount model anchored under your character model. A similar system for class-specific transformations shouldn't be too out of the question
  11. Famous last words dating back since pre mount, pre expansions, pre engine upgrade times
  12. Favorite class and easily my favorite elite spec shown so far, which makes me all the sadder that my gunsaber will have to look the way it does
  13. Also, maybe this is a bit different but aren't mounts technically abilities? Mounts themselves aren't equipped, they're unlocked as skill trees- and they have skins that can be applied. If there was a menu for class-skill skins, perhaps this would work to the same effect?
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