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  1. don't move the goalposts. the op was complaining about being deleted with a true shot. the way the build works is you stack as many +damage% amplifiers as possible and then true shot, one of which (and the largest one) is being tethered to the target. if you get pulled, you're not getting smacked with a 16k true shot, which by the way, is an unbelievable amount of damage to be hit by. unbelievable as in not believable. the DH cannot restealth after hitting an F1 from stealth because of revealed. if he does, he loses a damage amp which weakens true shot. if the DH holds off on true
  2. You dont need to dodge the f1. You need to dodge after the f1. True shot is the burst. F1 is the setup and omegaobvious when you have it on you.. Simple minded.
  3. Oh pve is worse by far. The only toxic people in pvp arent actually pvp players, rather wvwers or pvers who want achievement points or money.
  4. If f1 was deleting people, you might be onto something.
  5. If you did get hit by a 16k true shot, you must've had chain on you. Wake up and dodge the most obvious setup in the history of the game.
  6. Pve players will always call pvp toxic and ignore the pve elitism and toxicity at low dps, low hps, off meta utilities, off meta gear, dummy parses, class composition, etc. The moral of the story is people are kitten everywhere, and also there is no need to make a forum post about how toxic people are. If you cant have a laugh at madtyping, then block.
  7. eod will bring about the condi engi meta. then all the good/veteran/og players will return to herald the golden age of gw2.
  8. Swiss matches teams who have the same score together. The first round is probably random, then all the 1-0s play each other, the 0-1s play each other, the 2-0s play each other, the 1-1s play each other, etc.
  9. AT isnt serious pvp. It's like 4-10 good players stacked on a team or two farming 500-50 games for mystic coins.
  10. Is ft scrapper good in 2v2? Youd think that you could just go up slightly in elevation and then boom, 0 damage.
  11. 2v2 is the superior game mode. The game just isnt balanced for it. Shame.
  12. Immob is a plague on this game.
  13. random bgs are akin to unranked queues. only those without gear or extreme casuals play it. if you wanna throw in 10v10s or 15v15s in unranked, that's fine. large scale competitive pvp though? that doesn't exist.
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