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    I don't think the game NEEDS them, but I also dislike the idea that GW2 needs to avoid classics just because they're classics and this game MUST ALWAYS innovate. One because some things are classic for a reason and the game need not reinvent the wheel every time, and two because, when this game DOES add "boring" or standard things it just makes them be even more unique. Dwarves, but made of stone! They made a 'bog standard' race different from any other series I know of. Same goes for game features, GW2 mounts have become a legendary innovation redefining the standard. So no we don't need orcs or anything but people would do well to recall how the game has handled classic tropes or creatures in the past before shouting no
  2. Isles of Janthir would be awesome, I'm very excited to see where future expansions take us. But I've seen a theory said by a few people about the next couple expansions being loosely tied together by the presence of one or more Astral Ward characters. It's possible if that's true that the demon story would conclude with big Mursaat lore and a Janthir expansion since Mabon was a major part of SOTO. We could also get that area and lore even without the demons being a link through expansions idea coming true
  3. Yes, that is correct. The last time I tried, I tagged 6 of the sniper mechs with the event rifle and got zero credit. I did score several killing blows if it turns out you have to be the one to *finish* them, and we are all fighting each other because we can't share credit like everything else in this game. I killed some alone (very hard because they one shot you quickly) and it still didnt count
  4. I've had this trouble too. Lots and lots and lots and LOTS of waiting around/trying to push events? Because maybe that helps? It's extremely unclear, but doing other events and waypointing back constantly trying not to miss it. And after all that, usually I don't see it at all but when I do, it doesn't count. I hit all the mechs I can and get no progress after they've all died
  5. Most infuriating thing in the new patch for sure, gonna leave again cause of this garbage man. Perfectly good day and then classic anet broken crap. I hit over half a dozen of the kitten mechs and got zero progress. What's even the point of all this man
  6. I care about the skins more than anything else but I appreciate the advice :)
  7. Agreed. I looked at the cost for the dragon variants today and even as an 8 year vet with plenty of gold and a willingness to grind, I couldn’t help but say ‘this isn’t worth it’ and go back to my other goals. For that price I’d rather make a few more full on legendaries
  8. Wow. Well… thanks anet. As a non-Mech main, it was fun for a while but I appreciate having anything else be a valid choice too
  9. wait fr? It was the most busted OP thing ever for many months after EOD and anet basically said yeah we want it to be easy for casuals. I never read about any nerfs and when I play it, I still face roll for everything easily …
  10. I’m not saying anything about *right now*, I don’t know what they’ve done with the most recent balance
  11. Is this some kinda joke? The title mentions a bias AGAINST ele, and then the post is all about how great it is for you. but to answer the title question, as an ele main of 8 years, lately it’s been getting to me and yes it does feel like it. They crush catalyst builds that come out OP only for top level experts and yet they leave Mech as… I mean, look at it! They explicitly said they WANTED a high power easy to play option for people, they literally build a spec to be faceroll easy. But when ele hits the same numbers it gets slammed down into the ground again. Poor kid keeps standing up, us ele players should just stay down
  12. I think you all know the certain types of mods some people would be using…
  13. What the hell?? Why is my post now in the middle of someone else’s thread?! My poll is just deleted I guess so now my comment makes zero sense whatsoever. And I didn’t even get any type of notification or chance to defend my post from being as good as deleted. Tossed in the middle of another thread renders it useless. Why do I still try to engage here…
  14. If you’re in the loop you know what I mean, if not on the main website there’s an article from the end of December where anet promises to come back early this year and talk about Q1, which probably will necessitate a larger talk about the game as a whole since Q1 is likely to include end of dragons story content and they’re not calling it living world anymore so they have to explain what it is now. anyway - this post isn’t meant to incite anger or complain that it’s late, im just curious what other people think.
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