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  1. lol how would they add that in the game? A helm skin that’s just paint on the nose? 😂
  2. I think a fantastic bundle would be the swimsuit outfit/armor skins, a lawn chair/beach chair, and maybe something like a kite, yeah, or potentially an umbrella? But I think things line umbrella or beach towels could be added to the chair, so you could have a few variants of the chair maybe. Could also add a waist floatie donut thing
  3. On the one hand I really want to collect them all because I think it would look nice and prestigious (although other people can’t see my inventory of course) to have them all in a row in my shared inventory. However I’d also enjoy a book and would still buy them all over time for variety
  4. agreed, I’ve been dying for a full lightning set for years now. Also, I’d much rather pay for packs one by one, even if it costs more overall, than have to slowly unlock every mount in a given license to get a particular one I want guaranteed. All this spread across many licenses because they don’t do more than one of a given theme per license (example: you’ll never see two exalted themed mounts in one license)
  5. Is this a joke?? You DON'T like that sets are being continued? What, you never want to see one completed? Instead of getting more storm mounts, exalted, aurene, etc, you'd rather move on to the next and NEVER finish them? Like, you're upset and don't consider the lightning skyscale 'new' because other (emphasis on other, not tihe same mount!) have gotten lightning theme before? So... you never want to see that set completed, that theme available on all the mounts? For me, I want that MORE than I want to see new thematics constantly introduced. Why bother buying mount skins if I know I wil
  6. Probably lions arch. I’m mildly tired of them doing that, but then again, it makes more sense for cantha than any previous expansion
  7. 1. Kralkatorrik 2. Jormag 3. Mordremoth 4. Zhaitan 5. Primordus Jormag would’ve been my favorite if only IBS hadn’t been gutted 😞 and Primordus likely would’ve beat at least zhaitan if not mordy too. I’ll take a preemptive guess though and say DSD will be #1 once that story is done. It’s been my most anticipated since day one, even if they butcher it horribly I have a hard time imagining myself not liking it more than most of the others. But then, storytelling is big. I find deserts to be the least interesting biome but Elona proved to be cool and Kralk was
  8. Scared they won’t run my favorite festival this year 😞
  9. Well we did see an in game model for naga in one of the screenshots. They also on the steam confirmed kappa, mudwallows, and I believe kirins? Aside from those I’m trying to just be open minded and enjoy whatever they put in, but not expecting too much. With so much else going on in the development of an expansion, plus adding all new designs, don’t expect every single thing you’re familiar with from GW1. But if there was only one more thing I could add to the list we have, I’d have to say I really want to see Oni
  10. So the problem is that the stats unequip each time? Can you not just... reselect them? I have legendaries, I know it only takes 5 seconds. Especially if you actually know the stat set’s name. I mean, how often do you completely unequip your greatsword? It can’t be that many times a day, unless you’re constantly changing builds in which case you need more templates, not to retain stats on one weapon
  11. The problem is doing all the generalized pve is invalidated by requiring something that only comes from the smallest, most niche, toxic part of the game. Yes there are nice raiders but you’ll still find elitism more there than anywhere else. You want armor? You gotta do content designed for 5-10% of the player base, and that’s a percentage game studios and hardcore raiders themselves reference constantly. It’s not an exaggeration. It’s also not just a little bit. Like you only need each HoT meta once for the achievement and a few more times for some materials. No, you need OVER A HUNDRED
  12. Well I always thought it would either be with the Primordus story (since we heard destroyers were burrowing under the wall) or Cantha since that’s their historical homeland. So I too thought that this maybe meant never, but then again - remember anet controls this world. Why do we think Cantha is the most likely place? Because of stories anet has written over the years. Thus, if they want to sell us playable Tengu, they can always write a new story centered around that. It’s too early to guess with much accuracy but I’d wager expansion 4 will be in entirely new lands with something to do w
  13. I would really LOVE to see a post where each line is explained. I know a lot of them (even one or two on the lowest level) but there’s also tons I don’t know and some of them sound super interesting
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