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  1. Uh, how the HELL are you at only 10-20% after 9,000 hours? What are you doing? Even if you aren’t chasing skins I would think anyone would have more at so many hours unless you’re grinding the same thing/mode the whole time. I’ve only played about 4.3K hours and I have probably 50% of most categories, more than that in some
  2. Sand is very common, it probably won’t even take a month like others are saying for it to drop
  3. Seconded, but more of a general discussion topic than lore related
  4. Kind of, though not an equivalent to dragons stand or dragonfall since we didn’t kill a dragon there. Not sure how they’ll handle that if the part 4 to champions is like the last 3. Hope they add a new map, even if it’s one that’s only just big enough for a dragon fight and has nothing else. I can’t see a dragon dying, much less an epic battle of two dragons fighting being that exciting on a map we’ve been playing since 2012 and burned into our skulls from map comp
  5. There were patch notes a while back directly saying they made them more common (though 0.0001 times even 10 isn’t much). Can’t say for the others, but the confetti infusion has gone from literally never being on the TP (I’ve checked many many times) to being on there most of the time. It’s even gone from 10K to around 9.5K
  6. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this before, I would pay a lot for a fireworks dragon
  7. Objectively I think this is the best mount license set yet! I don’t think there’s even one skin I don’t like, which is highly irregular since I don’t really care about the ones that are just different dye channels. But this license has fewer of those and more that are interesting!
  8. Slumbering Transcendence doesn't require tournament play. This is true, but it also has no visual effect. Keep in mind the original point of legendaries was a high end cosmetic only advantage. I know things have shifted a bit since then, but ideally you should only be interested in legendaries for cosmetics and prestige. They weren’t meant to be better than ascended, and the fact there even is a legendary with no visuals says something about how far we’ve strayed from what they should be
  9. It would sure be nice if you could fill a given slot without being forced into a game mode, especially the niche toxic ones (raids and tournaments) Would love another two rings, amulet, and armor set. I’d kill for it even
  10. About the misty/foggy forest one, I agree and I still stand by that woodland cascades can be exactly what we’re looking for. Drizzlewood coast proves it! The reason we don’t feel satisfied is because despite being in the region, it barely enters the woodland cascades. Half of it is snow, another big chunk is coastline, and what’s left is hardly deep enough to feel like a massive dense forest. But the trees are beautiful and certain little areas are perfect, just what I always wanted from the cascades region. Here’s hoping we get all the rest of it someday with some proper maps fully based in t
  11. As far as we know it’s not something that has parallels or one for each direction. It’s just called north because it’s in the far north from tyria. So there’s no precedent or hint, but it would be cool seeing one in the south
  12. ...A really, REALLY fat dragon that's super cute with teensy-tiny mini-wings that defy the laws of physics. Kind of cartoony dye patterns (polka dots or stripes). It's feet are so small it kind of waddles adorably, or maybe it just bounces. You toss it giant cakes and cupcakes to eat, and it coos happily. Instead of little flame bursts, it belches. It's engage skill is a colorful vomiting poison field. Gronckle .
  13. A lot of the sounds you’re talking about are birdlike clicking sounds and other stuff (I don’t know much about birds). It creates a little more immersion that they’re not just people, their mouths are beaks they don’t speak ‘normally’. It’s the same as charr, sometimes they make that weird sound like they’re chewing or trying to do asmr or something. It’s because they don’t have the usual lips and mouth
  14. I stopped here, my brain bugged while reading this These DRMs are some of the better ones, possibly the best
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