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  1. To accommodate this, did you also raise the map queue cut off amount? If so what is the cutoff before a map is queued in WvW now?
  2. ok I'm done replying to you at this point I'm just going to believe you are trolling.
  3. ok so again you are still limited on who this benefits- High end organized Raid/PvP/WvWhavoc...
  4. ahhh ok so your logic is this makes sense despite the fact it nerfs torment for the any clkitten that can't apply immob/stun and torment all to benefit what? 1 maybe 2 clkittenes? Great logic fam
  5. the forums replace any possible curse word with "kitten" The issue is it affects words like d-a- m-a-g-e
  6. I've never seen honestly something nerfed so hard it rendered a portion of a clkitten completely useless. Changes to corruption line and Demon stance not only make it unviable, but a detriment in small parties. They completely destroyed an entire legend for Revenant.
  7. Though they took the original patch notes down but here is a video from when Torment was released and it shows a SS of the patch notes. Torment was specifically designed to punish those for their movement.
  8. So a condition designed to punish you when you move that is applied to you from a hostile target isn't inherently meant to be kite kittenmage? Well that certainly IS a take I guess...
  9. In WvW, there are only like 3 skills that can reach someone on a wall on seige if it's placed properly and none of those skills are on Mace Axe or in Demon Stance... sooooo not sure where you get that conclusion. In Pvp they still have a 50 ft circle to move around in on a point. No one stands still and eats kittenmage. Not sure if you have just never played those two game modes or are just trolling at t his point.
  10. lol No one in the history of ever has complained about the difficulty of killing world bosses so much that they had to change two core game mechanics. I can't even remember the last time I've seen a world boss fail thanks to LFG. To say this was beneficial? I mean sure you do more kittenmage but it's not needed, like at all... Also, no one stands still in PvP... even point campers... Also, did you really use, "we get to do more kittenmage to doors" as reasoning for your point?
  11. Oh yeah and pain absorption now transfers conditions to you without any kind of kittenmage mitigation lolz Look at how they specifically targeted Mace and Axe and Demon Stance... This completely destroys the use of Demon Stance in PvP and for WvW roamers...
  12. Looking at these at face value, one can easily see this was done for reasons other than what was stated in the article. No player in the history of ever was like "Torment would be much better if the bonus kittenmage worked on stationary targets rather than moving ones!" It was designed to be a kite mechanic. The only place where this change benefits anyone one is on some PVE Raid/Fractal bosses. It completely destroys it's use in competitive game modes like PvP and WvW. Developers CLAIM that it will help create more interesting strategies and synergies in PvP... for who? High end organized ran
  13. This is actually a VERY bad idea... GOE takes SIGNIFICANTLY more time to get than GoB... I can get a gift of Battle in about 8 hours of playing WvW by doing the GoB reward track and using the proper boosts... And this is coming from the perspective of a HEAVY WvW player... it would be WAY more useful for the WvW player than it would for the PVE player... Bot to mention RDICULOUSLY profitable... GoE sell for like 5-600 gold... for what would be 8 hours of work lolz
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