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  1. This is what pvp used to be - and I kittening miss it so much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnp1Pgj8GcM Look how slow paced and balanced it is. You try an engineer build like that today and you will almost immediately die. How do I know? Because I recently returned after 2 years and after getting accustomed to the game again tried a similar build in pvp and you know what happens? You know what happens when I'm switching to bomb kit to blind, maybe immobilize into big 'ol bomb, set up some waterfield blasts, maybe blast a light field to clear FFDSFVBGF ANDOMFGIMDEAD because
  2. Ya, no. I have managed to complete it on an xbox 360 controller so you have no excuse. You think pressing 123456789 is harder than right trigger / left trigger + left / left trigger + right/ left trigger + left / right trigger / right bumper + right joystick click / right bumper + right / etc. Get out of here
  3. Decided to try it today after returning. Wow. Wtf happened to PvP? Team deathmatch? So now everyone can drop all their skills on each other and do it again 2 more times? Conquest was better because it WAS team deathmatch except that you had the secondary objective (the main one) that actually won the game - rather than who played the dumbest builds. This game isn't street fighter - I'm sorry but it's just not balanced and cannot be balanced as there are too many skills and abilities. This is why conquest is better. I also don't know a kitten thing about how it works nowadays. Is co
  4. DPS on full berserker mechanist with scholar runes (all exotics, since beta) with mace in training area golem and firebrand giving perma quickness - DPS on mechanist is almost 16k. And permanent AOE alacrity. Where's the problem?
  5. Anyone else getting desync on siege turtle as a passenger where your character remains behind and eventually teleports to the driver?
  6. Error 80808 no matter what I try when buying gems. Whatever happened to the old in game form for buying gems? Never had a problem with that. Now there is this pseudo-looking website form in game? And I don't want it to save my information. The old one was better - bring it back please. I want shared slots while they're on sale. I want to spend $$$ but can't.
  7. I have this exact same problem on firefox. Tried disabling all add-ons and allowing everything on the website via protections. Didn't work. Microsoft Edge also didn't work. Not downloading google to try. 👎 This is a website related issue. I can allow literally everything and create exceptions for this website and it does nothing. Still get login looped.
  8. I would like another dumb item like the aviator box. You ever have an old uncle or grandfather in real life who has a really crappy boat that you need to reef on the old motor to get started? Yeah, how about a piece of junk skiff - for roleplay purposes. Randomly, your new skiff will stop working and its movement skills will get put on a short cooldown. Maybe you even have to press the movement skill multiple times to get moving again - like reefing on an old junky motor. Your character will mumble and complain and smoke will putter out of the motor. There is no benefit to this sk
  9. Yep. Action Camera has many issues like this and thank god for this bug thread started by a dev because I've made posts for years about action camera. Certain skills in the game think you don't have a target when you in fact do but will not go off or will not work properly unless your reticule is aimed right on the target. Other skills work just fine, but some skills don't and I'm not sure why? Some of the skills that work bad with action camera: Ghastly Claws - It will say you have no target selected if your reticule isn't close to the target. Deaths Charge - Will charge
  10. Snap Ground Targeting does not work for any of the mechanist ground target abilities, nor does it work for any of the other new class abilities.
  11. Will be remaking thread in more professional manner.
  12. This bug is easy to replicate. If you are in action camera holding down left click to attack and whilst still holding down left click you use your hotkey for the "Disable autoattack" hotkey, you will select the target you are looking at but the game thinks that it is not selected. The Disable Autoattack hotkey is useful as a temporary "hold" rather than a "toggle" for those of us on action camera who prefer to play without autotarget enabled. Rather than using this hotkey as a "disable" it should act as a temporary "enable". Which indeed it does, sort of. Yet the game thinks you ha
  13. You play necro exactly how I used to play it (although I abandoned it shortly after HoT from being pewpewd by too many longbow rangers). Thought I was the only one who liked the axe/dagger combination. Everything from taking fear wall because it's underrated and actually incredibly good (cough thieves) to blasting it with staff 4. I used to have a video of me playing in a playstyle such as this against an ele pre HoT where he was doing churning earth > lightning flash and since I was in spectral walk I teleported back avoiding it - was hilarious to see. The only thing I ever really did diff
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