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  1. If anything - give it stealth as well. (jk) It has the most obvious tell of any elite in the game and the counterplay is to just disengage. Mindboggling that even in platinum no one does this. Once again I got to platinum on an xbox 360 controller doing 100% solo q - but I digress. The current "meta" harbinger that uses death magic needs a nerf in death magic - I agree. But I personally play berserker harbinger. You know that berserker harbinger can delete bunkers? Ele and guard die pretty fast against this thing - and so do you of course. The only bunkers you won'
  2. You did this for Daredevil's Swipe. You did this for Elementalist's Ride the Lightning. You adjusted other teleports as well like Spectral Walk double cast to avoid fall damage. Remember why you made those nerfs? Time to make ALL targeted blinks not work if the target is out of range. This will be incredibly healthy for the game. The premise of these abilities is - for the most part - to keep your opponent in combat and chase him down. NOT to teleport across the map and look like you are teleport hacking by selecting any different random target, blinking to it to diseng
  3. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PegAkqlZw+YhMXWKeuW3xdA-zZwOjIVAJMB8xA I got to plat 1 with it on an xbox controller (shows you how meaningless plat is btw) and it's kind of funny to play. You do not play bunker. Instead you play like a willbender or a thief and can chase just about anybody down. Now why would you play it instead of one of those classes? Idk. Maybe you hardly ever play thief or guard and suck at them. Your absolute main thing to utilize is actually the streamlined kits ability with mortar kit. You want to swap to mortar kit on top of the opponent if possi
  4. Very underrated fact. There are a LOT of players out there with sets like trailblazers or celestial, etc. These players absolutely cannot go into raids because of toughness based tanking. And I'm sorry but the DPS on something like a celestial necromancer with torment/nightmare runes is absolutely good. But you cannot raid with a celestial anything in raids because of toughness. Same idea with other stats like trailblazers. The DPS from that is totally fine to beat raids. But it can't be used because of toughness based tanking. Do you think most players are running around doing ope
  5. Or even add a settings option: "Use left and right strafe keys for fishing?" Yes/No "Use special action key for anglers sense?" Yes/No "Use stow weapon to reset fishing pole?" Yes/No I play on controller with skills bound to my thumbstick. This causes me to sometimes accidentally reset my fishing pole when trying to keep the box in like with the green when fishing using skills 2 and 3. I could probably get used to it so this doesn't happen - but this is just not good design to begin with. Left and right strafe keys should be what makes the box go left and righ
  6. Yes tons of us are. The consensus seems to be large world meta events with tons of players and particle effects all over the place. Just happened to me in dragonstorm. What's interesting to note, is that these crashes do not seem to happen in WvW. This is probably because of generic enemy models setting to limit - you guessed it - particle effects. Must I play with character model quality set to lowest? Because that is the only solution to these crashes. The issue are particle effects and probably only from gear/infusions because skills do not seem to cause the crash in massive WvW
  7. Just now I crashed at the very end of dragonstorm. It's not my laptop either. It only crashes in busy metas with particle effects flying all over the place and crashes randomly. I mean, I know there's a lot going on in these metas - but wow does it feel like kitten after spending 20+ minutes doing something like dragonstorm - even worse is dragonstand. I've sent at least a dozen error reports this month alone at the crash->send error report screen. It's basically my new screen saver. Please fix this nonsense. My settings aren't even set high. They're like medium/low.
  8. Raids/Fractals/CM/Open World? http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PiABs6xrlVwUYIMHWJe0XtNVA-zRZYBBBtFiqC4onWTtMiIFSvCU7gIA1ASuaGB-e I've recently made a mesmer and have played with it in open world stuff and some dungeons and have some thoughts about it. The idea with the stat spread is that you reach exactly 100% boon duration in fractals with chaos/regeneration and fractal potion. Not sure how practical running chaos really is? Maybe it's a raid CM thing only or? But with 100% boon duration you can give 100% uptime on alacrity and quickness I believe? In raids you'd reach 10
  9. No reason not to 🙂 . There is nothing that you can do on mouse and keyboard that I cannot do on a controller. And this isn't like an FPS game where a mouse has an obvious advantage - there is no advantage with a mouse here... OTHER than shadowsteps. You cannot perform twitch based instant/fast shadowsteps accurately on a controller. This only matters in SPvP really. But it's not like you can't do them. It just takes twice as long to aim the shadowstep and do it accurately. The main advantage is that I can lay down in my bed and play. 😉
  10. Post the following link in your browser with the steam client running to open the configuration directly and then press the X button to apply it while in steam preview. steam://controllerconfig/guild%20wars%202/2745791177 Important It has occurred to me that there are apparently 2 different sources of the GW2 exe that can be added to your non steam game library. They both work but steam considers them to be completely separate games so each one has totally different community steam configurations than the other - which is odd. So if you cannot find or apply my steam confi
  11. As the title says. There's really no reason not to. It would be a nice universal change where you have the same keybind across all classes for Pet Attack and Pet Return. And then, after doing this change, obviously please make it possible for things like Elementals/Minions to use Pet Attack/Pet Return.
  12. This is what pvp used to be - and I kittening miss it so much: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnp1Pgj8GcM Look how slow paced and balanced it is. You try an engineer build like that today and you will almost immediately die. How do I know? Because I recently returned after 2 years and after getting accustomed to the game again tried a similar build in pvp and you know what happens? You know what happens when I'm switching to bomb kit to blind, maybe immobilize into big 'ol bomb, set up some waterfield blasts, maybe blast a light field to clear FFDSFVBGF ANDOMFGIMDEAD because
  13. Ya, no. I have managed to complete it on an xbox 360 controller so you have no excuse. You think pressing 123456789 is harder than right trigger / left trigger + left / left trigger + right/ left trigger + left / right trigger / right bumper + right joystick click / right bumper + right / etc. Get out of here
  14. Decided to try it today after returning. Wow. Wtf happened to PvP? Team deathmatch? So now everyone can drop all their skills on each other and do it again 2 more times? Conquest was better because it WAS team deathmatch except that you had the secondary objective (the main one) that actually won the game - rather than who played the dumbest builds. This game isn't street fighter - I'm sorry but it's just not balanced and cannot be balanced as there are too many skills and abilities. This is why conquest is better. I also don't know a kitten thing about how it works nowadays. Is co
  15. DPS on full berserker mechanist with scholar runes (all exotics, since beta) with mace in training area golem and firebrand giving perma quickness - DPS on mechanist is almost 16k. And permanent AOE alacrity. Where's the problem?
  16. Anyone else getting desync on siege turtle as a passenger where your character remains behind and eventually teleports to the driver?
  17. Error 80808 no matter what I try when buying gems. Whatever happened to the old in game form for buying gems? Never had a problem with that. Now there is this pseudo-looking website form in game? And I don't want it to save my information. The old one was better - bring it back please. I want shared slots while they're on sale. I want to spend $$$ but can't.
  18. I have this exact same problem on firefox. Tried disabling all add-ons and allowing everything on the website via protections. Didn't work. Microsoft Edge also didn't work. Not downloading google to try. 👎 This is a website related issue. I can allow literally everything and create exceptions for this website and it does nothing. Still get login looped.
  19. I would like another dumb item like the aviator box. You ever have an old uncle or grandfather in real life who has a really crappy boat that you need to reef on the old motor to get started? Yeah, how about a piece of junk skiff - for roleplay purposes. Randomly, your new skiff will stop working and its movement skills will get put on a short cooldown. Maybe you even have to press the movement skill multiple times to get moving again - like reefing on an old junky motor. Your character will mumble and complain and smoke will putter out of the motor. There is no benefit to this sk
  20. Yep. Action Camera has many issues like this and thank god for this bug thread started by a dev because I've made posts for years about action camera. Certain skills in the game think you don't have a target when you in fact do but will not go off or will not work properly unless your reticule is aimed right on the target. Other skills work just fine, but some skills don't and I'm not sure why? Some of the skills that work bad with action camera: Ghastly Claws - It will say you have no target selected if your reticule isn't close to the target. Deaths Charge - Will charge
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