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  1. I have to say, Dragonball is a very unattractive activity, but I think the main issue with it is that the achievements themselves foster a very unhealthy set of habits within the player base. I've always stuck to the belief that the achievements associated with any particular game mode should never in any way define or enforce how people play in said game mode. For example, if you make an achievement that requires players to pick up a certain power up 10 times, especially when it's a finite resource that only one out of ten players can collect before it disappears on a cooldown, then you're cu
  2. I do think new races can breathe a lot of life into an MMO, there's something exciting about it that just entices people to "give it another spin" so to speak. Other MMO's recognize this, and add new races when and where they can, or when it makes sense. That being said, I also think we have to acknowledge the difficulty of adding something like a new race in GW2. It's not like adding mounts, which I think are relatively easy by comparison. Any new character model being implemented would also mean ensuring that every single weapon and armor set fits their frame as well, which could also mean c
  3. Hmmm. The poll answers are a bit strange, you give a yes or no option for a question that asks us to choose between two different statements. Aside from that, I'd say the obvious answer is that ArenaNet is certainly active in developing the game, and I'd even go as far as to say that its updates are quite substantial and quite frequent for a non-subscription based game. I also think some players underestimate how much work goes into any given task when developing a game, especially when it comes to adding entire new maps with new events, new story content, new mounts, new lines of spoken dial
  4. I have no problem with a legendary cape being added to raids, nor would I mind other versions being added to other content like fractals, pvp, wvw, etc. I could say the same for legendary armor or other legendary back items/trinkets, etc. I think giving the option for players to get unique legendary (or other) rewards no matter what content they enjoy is an ideal goal for the devs to pursue, that way we can return to the "play how you want" philosophy that inspired the initial game design so man years ago.
  5. Molten Protectors Any normal mobs with too much CC spam Salty players Latency
  6. You forgot the option "When I can't think of anything else to do". XD
  7. So "Masochist" is the term we now use to describe people who simply enjoy different things to us?
  8. 2 Please: Tiny Terrawr And thanks for the time and effort you put into these events, I have taken part in them a few times and they are always great fun!
  9. In my opinion, Thief is the most tactical class, and it's mostly because of their unique resource for primary skill use, initiative. Unlike other classes, Thieves aren't bound to typical skill rotations based on skill cooldowns. Instead, they have a resource management system that encourages more critical thinking with regards to which skill to activate and when. This allows them to adjust on the fly, but also punishes them for reckless spamming. While I do agree that a lot of other classes have great versatility (like ele, etc), the existence of cooldowns does limit your ability to make on th
  10. Having a constant, predictable rate of healing makes the skill more reliable and gives some use to healing power. If the healing relied on damage, then the healing amounts would fluctuate greatly depending on how much damage you do to any given target, and in some cases would be rendered near useless by targets that take very little physical damage (such as Mordrem Husks). I suppose it's a matter of personal preference regarding the flavor of the skills, but for me personally, I'd lean more towards something consistently dependable.
  11. I personally bound walk to the Z key. It's easy enough to access, and doesn't interfere with anything else. XD
  12. This deserves more attention for the effort put into it. There's some nice ideas here OP, and the art put a smile on my face. XD
  13. Emotes on mounts would be cool. I'd be particularly interested to see what kinds of dances they'd come up with for each mount if that was ever a thing. XD
  14. Skill will always be involved, regardless of whether some classes are overpowered or not. Personally speaking, if I ever lose to another player in any form of PvP type content, I try to refrain from blaming it on the class or spec they are playing, because I believe it undermines the effort that player might have put in. I also don't blame players for Anet's balance, or lack thereof, nor do I blame them for using what is effective just because it is effective (obviously if you intend to climb ranks, chances are you're going to be looking at the meta, this happens in every competitive mode in a
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