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  1. From any point of view it's stupid that a ranger barrage doesn't require LoS while "an elemental storm" does, but I guess you had to make rangers popular somehow.
  2. As an older and beta WvW player I say "lol, these idiots". No one plays a game for fights only. Never happened in my ancient gaming history.
  3. I still don't get the point here why we are talking about a condi meta, when any condition you apply at once is a boon for your team? It's basically the best that can happen when you get loaded with condis.
  4. Make EBG an underwater map. Put pirate ships in it and make SMC the Atlantis castle that can only be taken in underwater combat!
  5. Yeah, two things. 1)Don't suck like Battlefield 2)Don't be a part of EA
  6. The big issue with Mag is that they were a decent to good server once. They had some extraordinary players and a lot of good roamers. A lot of tryhards transfered there to get carried. The good players left and now it's a "only toxic talk server" with nothing to back that talk up.
  7. Most server discords I joined over the years are terrible toxic environments with no moderation. This is the worst thing that can happen to new players. Finally getting into voice and being confronted with toxic people. (exceptions to the rule are possible)
  8. Mag got farmed really hard the last two days, but that's what you can expect when your whole server is rangers and other tryhards. And even when they don't sit in a keep they build siege like Yaks Bend did.
  9. I have 8 ascended armor sets, all light, I have no use for them when I make a legendary set. Do I get my stuff refunded, pls? You still have the benefits of your legendary - the skin.
  10. Content getting outdated? That's totally new. Why should you get something for having played the game? You decided to craft two different light armors and you used the benefits of having them for a while now. With the changes you still have both, both skins and can use both.
  11. Because I trusted the friendlist to work correctly. Why would the game choose a completely random account over one in the same guild or on a friendlist? Never happened to me before. I normally do it by "opening guild, right-click name, send mail" but in that case I didn't, because there was a lot of scrolling involved. What I don't get is why the game handles it like it does.
  12. Hi friendos, yesterday I tried to send some stuff to a friend. I have that friend on my ingame friendlist and normally I type the accountname in the mail field, put the items in and send. So I did yesterday. The items never got there, because GW2 in all it's weirdness, used another account name to send the mail to. Example: My friends accountname is example.9756 So I typed example and GW2 added the numbers. What happened is: I sent the mail to example.5753 because GW2 decided I wanted to mail preferably to someone I don't know and don't have on my friendlist (or guild).
  13. Defending needs a buff, not a nerf. At the moment it's just "make a blob, ignore the siege because your support heals through anyway, take the structure". If you can't do this, kick the rangers, thieves and other crap out of your group and bring meta classes. What has to be nerfed is "off-hours" ppt trains, not defending vs. them.
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