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  1. GW2 is not underrated... It's actually overrated. The game has more cons than pros and doesn't come together very well when you look at a lot of things. Now I know the fan boys and girls are going to go bananas reading this, but just stay calm...I'm not saying don't play GW2 or tell a friend about it, I'm just stating the developers dropped the ball on a lot of things. - Armor types really mean nothing. It doesn't matter if you're wearing light, medium or heavy, you won't get any greater of a defense against physical attacks and that makes no sense. Heavy armor should add more p
  2. I was thinking about how Necros can't use a sword other than the Broadswords, which require the correct Spec. As a support build Necro, the only thing bladed I can wield is a dagger but dagger skills suck...sorry but it's true. I don't stack power at all and can do way more damage with an Axe and zero damage with a dagger. That kind of poor balance is on the "Devs" but I'm not here to talk about GW2 cons. I was thinking... What if a long bladed dagger was created for Necros... One that's longer than the usual in-game dagger but a little shorter than the usual single handed swo
  3. When I first bought bag slots I thought it was an account thing. So disappointed when I found out it was per character. Constantly running out of bag space hurts the game because it's discouraging. Like someone already mentioned, it's too expensive to max out every characters at 400 gems per slot. The "Devs" made sure to place lots of junk in your bags too, so you constantly have to toss something out. This problem holds the game back from having a well polished feel (along with some other issues). Increasing item stacks from 250 to 999, would greatly help with overall storage
  4. I solved the issue by powering off/on my modem/router. I can only assume using my VPN software last night must have changed something in the network configuration.
  5. Can login and get to char screen but nothing happens after clicking "play." Everything was fine yesterday. No changes were made to system.
  6. Having the same issue with the lightbringer wings (blade wings). The mursaat or however it's spelled, does the same thing. This is not cool given they're digital items you acutally spend money to aquire. Would be nice if color change was added to both of those items.
  7. Clearly understand that because I had the same experience. You can't keep up on foot and the enemy players will just pick you off like cowards the moment you get isolated. What I don't understand is, why the "Devs" didn't see this coming to begin with...it's as plain as day. A rental system is the best way to go because you can already "rent a griffon" in game...so why not a WvW mount? This even has connection with the idea I dropped in forum some time ago about how players fairly new to fracs could benefit from an NPC rental system as well. Lets face it, older players who do f
  8. I agree with the opening post...PvP or WvW, it doesn't matter...it won't work. I know what you're talking about Madel.8691 because I've seen the same thing. There's no way to bullet proof in PvP so why are there players taking zero damage while dealing out any where from 1 to 3 hit kills? GW2's PvP is not fun and for the same reasons World of Warcrafts PvP was broken. And before you Fanboys attack, I'm not necessarily talking about cheating or anything like that (although is can happen). PvP is not right because the overall game design is not right. Fanboys love talking about
  9. For some reason, the backpack graphic keeps vanishing while doing normal game actions. I'm hating the fact I bought the item now. Bad enough players can't change the color of the item.
  10. Can we get some store bought infusions that add glamor/armor effects/stats/agony please. Some fire themed ones would be nice. I willing to pay real money...seriously.... I want to give you my money ArenaNet for store infusions.... Aren't you going to take it? :)
  11. Even though what I'm about to mention is common sense to me but evident, it slips the conscious of most developers. I’ve always felt adding game modes to MMORPGs was something you can’t take lightly and have to look at it from all angles, even the effects of long term game play. I’ve notice and it’s fairly evident, it’s not easy at all for new or late Frac players to find other players who are on their Frac level. That’s because most older players have moved on to higher tier Fracs and not looking to help another player make it up the tiers. Can you blame these older players? No.... They m
  12. Hi. I'm starting a new Guild (Pure Essence [PE]) that will concentrate mainly on dominating Fracs for level 80 players but all in all, just having fun doing what ever. Pure Essence is to be a casual guild, keeping the fun in-game and not turning the game into a job or a meeting room with Discord or what ever. You are free to live a healthy life when you log out of GW2, lol. I want mature players who don't mind dropping what they're doing to help another guildie. So if you're a new player or just sitting in a Guild not really doing anything (been there done that), want help or assistance, y
  13. If you're a new player (or seasoned) and looking for a Guild that will concentrate more on Fracs, sharing and helping each other with personal difficulties, Pure Essence is your Guild. P.E. is not for players who take GW2 "waaayyy" too seriously, it is for the casual gamer who wants to have fun, get geared but not turn the game into a full-time job. Players of all levels are welcome but please be mature if you join. You can pm my main character in-game for an invite: Reepra Please join Guild with main character because dead alts will be removed.
  14. As someone who plays the Scourge, the class is not OP. We help other players stay alive at best but when it comes to DPS, we are far from the top class. I've seen other players one-hit kill something I had to hit multiples times...even with summons helping me hit and I have solid gear.
  15. This was just a thought and not a troll or anything, but how many players would love to see a Karma to Gold exchange and what's your opinion of a fair exchange? Given Karma isn't something you gain by the thousands at a time, I believe a far exchange would be something like, 1 gold per 3000 Karma. Giving players another way to make gold in-game besides hours of boring farming would only make players enjoy the game more. Personally, I do nothing with Karma. I find it a some what weak currency by itself, so adding it as a gold exchange would only give Karma more value in-game.
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