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  1. It's going to be like rush hour traffic. Lots of people wanting to play driver, no-one in the passenger seats.
  2. There was plenty of information if I'm looking at it objectively, but most of it was about things that don't really interest me. I am interested in the storyline, but they obviously can't spoil too much of that before release Environment design was okay but not the best I've seen from them I don't see the point in siege turtles or fishing I don't play strike missions and doubt this will change anything Mesmer spec doesn't look like it's going to revive my interest in the class WvW alliances finally being completed was already announced earlier So most of
  3. The people who are still on XP are more costly to maintain support for than they actually generate in revenue nowadays. It's a waste of time catering to them.
  4. Pretty much always using WvW infusions because of a never-ending supply of WvW currency and I don't play Fractals.
  5. It's actually not the colours that concern me most about the GW2 version, but the scaling. Why are the tiles on the roof over bridge gateway so much bigger than the adjacent building (which is actually in front of it)? It reminds me of the trees in the Elon Riverlands being taller than the surrounding mesas - ever since HoT the trees have been all over the place in scale - and the Necropolis in Vabbi being so oversized it'd be physically unable to remain standing with the building materials they've used. At some point I'd hope the art director would tell the environment
  6. Interesting geographical concepts here. I'm guessing that the Urals form the boundary between Not Europe and Not Asia then. The main reason there is not a Russian-language server is the game was not localised into Russian. Language-specific servers were only provided where translation was, and the available languages have not changed since launch on the international version of the game. Unless GW2 becomes a lot more popular for some reason, I doubt they ever will.
  7. Aion classic? I wasn't aware of a significant playerbase who thought the original Aion was worth going back to (I certainly didn't). Does NCSoft think that because it worked for WoW, it'll work for Aion? ...come to think of it, that pretty much sums up Aion.
  8. I skipped all the IBS sets myself, but given the boundary of laziness is inherently subjective, I'd omit the "objectively" bit. I actually find the lower-tier versions of some weapon and armour series to be preferable because they're a bit cleaner. Sunspear over Spearmarshal's set, Elegy over Requiem, and so on. Likewise with tiered weapons, most add gaudiness and particle effects which I prefer to leave out - including some legendaries where their precursors look better to me. I imagine I'm not the only player out there who is happy they've included more than just the highest-tier
  9. This is not a problem with too many level 80 zones, but a problem with too many zones in general. Not making more of them would probably be bad for player retention, so there's a couple ways to address the issue that I know of. The first is rotating incentives so that people return to each map periodically, which is already happening to some extent with the LWS3/4 maps. Secondly, they could implement measures to improve the experience while the map you're playing is underpopulated. This is my preferred approach, because it can also help to address another major design f
  10. The obvious reason why this might be happening is excess quartz supply from the population boom in Dry Top.
  11. The charr cultural sets frequently do this as well, and it seems a bit weird to me for exactly the same reasons described in the OP. It might make sense to take some inspiration from horse barding, but given that charr also stand up a lot, the armour should ideally accommodate both postures.
  12. Nearly half of these options would require different animation rigs, and most of the remainder should still have a different rig to look any good. Of the realistic ones, I feel cheetah would be more suitable for a jackal skin (what's the point in a slow cheetah?) but a heavily armoured warhorse might be an interesting choice.
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