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  1. US servers also have Korean and Portuguese speakers, but since they've never been split off and there's a more significant timezone difference, it wouldn't make sense to do anything differently there. European servers did originally have separate languages so I see the merit in splitting those up; however, if the number of servers per language is any guide, there might be significant balance problems with some of them.
  2. Aside from the setup cost, that would divide population further, which might mean there's a shortage of other people to play with on the new servers. Not a major problem for small instanced content, but for things like Dragon's End and WvW it could be.
  3. Do the positions advertised actually mention a MMO title anywhere? It would make more sense to me if this is a spin-off project in a slightly different genre - it's very risky to abandon the existing GW2 content and start over just for the sake of a different engine.
  4. For me, strafing shifted on launch day, since AD have always been the right keys to use.
  5. Aside from stacking guilds with dummy accounts, guilds would also try to lose their own server's assets so they can flip the rewards. This could be done through various means - queueing a map with their own guild members and not showing up to defend, paying enemy commanders to double-team them, draining the supply on useless flame rams, wasting all the tactics, and so on.
  6. Side stories and repeatable quests would be at the top of my list.
  7. To quote a badly translated Anakin Skywalker, "Do not want"
  8. I couldn't actually care less whether they handle the situation well or not; the changes were not of the magnitude where they could ruin the game, so I have no problem adapting where necessary. I'm sure there are some legitimate complaints in some of those "feedback" threads, but I got tired of scrolling past all the angry toddler noises to find them. Their design process has some pretty significant flaws (didn't need any leaks to figure that one out, either) but it's resulted in only incremental changes over the years, whereas the big problems that affected my enjoyment of entire game
  9. I got that one through a random pick as well, which I only decided to chance because I like nearly all of the skins in this set but none are real standouts. I generally don't like the glowy stuff though, so I'd rather have had one of the other two skyscale variants. That said, dying the glow with Shadow Abyss turns it down to a shimmer that I'm much happier with. Still looking for the perfect skyscale, but this one is not bad for the meanwhile.
  10. I'd like to see better rewards e.g. Tequatl for it. It's an interesting meta, just not actually worth doing. If it was somewhere you could regularly get ascended gear and/or significant high-level crafting materials, I'd go there.
  11. The amount of salt is incredible. If you hate the game that much, just leave. It's not worth it.
  12. The idea of providing more rewards for attempting to defend is a good one, as it could make the existing game mode more interesting to play. But I'll agree that the existing game mode is stale even at the best of times, and could use something to break up the routine.
  13. This seems like it'd be contentious amongst players in guilds whose alliances are skirting the cap, but as long as you have a meaningful player limit on alliances, I think that will be unavoidable. What happens to players who want to choose a WvW guild, but there's no room for them in that alliance? Do they end up on the same shard if possible? (If so, wouldn't this risk a stacking problem?) If they don't, do they have any choice where they go?
  14. The small wings are actually the reason I decided to pass on these. Very close to a Skyscale skin I like finally, but not quite there.
  15. Did some for the ambergris collection rewards, since that's an effective way to get it for a legendary weapon. Unless I end up needing more, there's no other reason I'd consider doing it again. It's mind-numbing content worthy of botting.
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