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  1. Bumping for this great guild. Super friendly and welcoming... And quirky and fun. All events are accessible to players. There is raid training that's not sweaty and strikes, convergences, dungeons, etc with instructions one what to do if you are new to the specific event. Worth checking out for new players and vets alike!
  2. I believe this kind of sums it up. This was my experience at times. I stick with open world RP. The "city chatter" and ERP is a bit much. I did just make a new character with the intention to build a backstory and such then just role play as I level.
  3. I feel like this is going to kill old, core maps since there are no more map dailies. No reason to have veterans going there, mingling with new players. They will become barren.
  4. Just thinking about if GW2 had an aquarium and stumbled upon this thread. Here are my thoughts 18 mo after the last post. LOL Honestly, the easiest way to do this is just make the aquarium interactive and you can select from any fish you've caught (like the jade bot stations). There's a maximum number depending on how big the aquarium is. Like if they reuse the asset for Orrian shells home instance node, you can see like 4-5 fish swimming in there. Basic uniform decoration but the player selects the fish. If they want to make it a true HI node, you could select one fish type to get mats from daily.
  5. If you are looking for a fun, quirky and friendly group of eclectic adventurers to visit all Tyria has to offer, Slackers is the guild for you! Super chill fractal groups, raid groups and weekly get-togethers via Discord. The guild very accepting unless you are bringing hatefulness toward others. Be kind and you will fit right in!
  6. Bump for a super chill and friendly guild. Want to learn raiding without being grieved? Slackers. Chill fractal groups? Slackers. Learn Strikes? Slackers! "Old" content (bounty trains, dungeons, HP trains)? You guessed it! Slackers! There's no pressure either. Fun and informative guild chat and Discord conversations as well! Bring friends!
  7. There is much to see and do across all of Tyria. What could be better than experiencing all that’s out there? Experiencing it with cupcakes! We eagerly anticipate the updates and look forward to seeing new faces among our ranks in all game modes, like @Tyse the Black.6789 shared above.Also, there are still new players who would like to see the vintage content like dungeons (that’s me!!) and world bosses and so on! I plan to be doing some open dungeon runs in the future for masteries and currencies. Come along for the cupcakes, stay for the fun!See you in-game!!!
  8. Bump for an awesome guild and group of eclectic weirdos and a few normal people (they’re the weirdest of all!)
  9. So I had to run from King Erisk for a long time for posting early. He almost baked me into one of his famous cupcakes.This guild is still awesome and only getting better with all the activities coming up and currently going on. Check us out! We can’t bake everyone into cupcakes so bring a friend to sacrifice! :-)
  10. Bump for an awesome guild! Slack hard! Check other comments! We do a lot but nothing super serious. I mean, we are slackers, right?
  11. League of Extraordinary Slackers [XTRA] is a good guild for what you seek, as well. Super chill. Do weekly guild missions, T1 fractal training, open to all walks of life. Trying for but not focused on Raids as well. We do guild events, raffles and giveaways and fashion contests. It’s a little goofy and a lot of fun. Mostly PG-13. I’m not an officer, just been around for a bit. Good luck with your search.
  12. Most of my game play is solo due to time constraints, but when I am in need of help, Slackers come out to help always. I try to make Guild Missions weekly, which is a laugh-riot if you can get into voice chat. We have an eclectic group of wonderful people from all over the world. Discord is pretty active as well. We are still growing but the Guild hall has made huge gains of late! You will not regret slacking with us! :)
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