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  1. I find when they say things like "we want to increase thief build diversity" the exact opposite happens. Build diversity is worse then before.
  2. They threw an extra bleed on the d/d set for the #1 attack and thought that would be a thing. A Condition thief can not stand toe to toe with any class and expect to get many attacks off thus that death blossom spam in the d/d condition set. No game designer seems to understand how a thief works. The adds to INI costs even as they remove damage from something like malicious sneak attack shows a fundamental disconnect. If thief has higher INI costs they have to rely on #1 more as INI affects all other skills and if #1 gutted it an exponential decrease in damage out.
  3. It is interrupt but I have found that it triggers often enough and especially in situations where it not 1 V 1. SB received significant tweaks. I have found since changes that I am switching to SB more often then I did before. The #1 on SB has that bounce. That 3 second poison field adds more poison. I have found that when comparing p/d to SB , SB Tends to do the same or better with Torment damage , more overall poison damage but less bleeds then P/d. It hard to make a concrete assessment as to which delivers more damage overall simply due to the fact that SB has that bounce and th
  4. You use Pressure strike In SB and then a whole lot of the enhanced 3 second poison field for the daze. Each initial shot of the sb will get the same 2 stacks on a daze plus poison. Bleed is now there on #1 and there poison access. SB poison field hits multiple targets so you can apply more torment overall and if you use Pressure strike with torment runes you getting multiple heals. I am talking WvW. Now if you want to keep SOH , much harder to do with the revamped deadly ambush, pressure strike can also apply torment on those steals. You can certainly do tho
  5. If you want to get torment new version to do meaningful damage use p/d b with pressure strike and rely on the build of torment with the poison on s/b. S/b does significant damage in condition now and coupled with p/d and torment runes makes all of bleed/torment and poison meaningful. Don't ignore SB. Overall it might be a better torment dealer then p/d.
  6. Good link. I have a few differences. I am actually using pressure strike out of trickery and then absorption sigil on the p/d set. This is coupled with draining sigil. I then use Scorpion wire. This teamed with Tormenting runes as this coupled with the SA sustain adds nicely to ongoing heals. Scorpion wire allows for interrupts over and above the steal in p/d and this allows me to steal more boons then just bountiful theft overall with the sigil of absorption. On an interrupt I steal 3 boons, apply two stacks torment, heal off the draining sigil and get the heal off the torment runes and with
  7. If one focused on percent adds in WvW You can go DE to get the 10 percent to Iron sight +10 for eagles runes when target under 50 and 20 for Executioner for the same. Obviously this predicated on health at under 50 percent .You can then add in force and night sigil for 15 more . Exposed weakness is in there as well but I would not consider it as more then say 4 percent. As to signets I find I use the Signet of shadows more. This allows me the eagles runes while still not hitting my land speed too much while adding another blind source with added vuln/weakness. This gives a little boost to w
  8. Here some other things to try. Sigil of Night plus sigil of force on one weapon set.Activating the Assassins signet price prior to backstab.Doing this with lead attacks maxed and or other percent plus adds (your target if a DE , executioner and the like look for those percent adds they are still there) Something like Runes of the eagle again with that 10 percent add to targets under 50 percent. Combined with executioner you can make some big hits on half health targets. I found those better suited then Scholars as Scholars loses a lot of damage if under 90 percent health. I also find you have
  9. This should be fixed some in the UI (I propose just giving you damage floaters above your own character), but you can actually see you've hit someone from:the combat log (ewww)skill chain icons cycling I have hit a number of thieves that have stealthed and immediately know I have hit them. You see a downed icon on your screen.
  10. My own daredevil has a high crit chance so eagle runes a bit redundant. I use Wyrm runes. This in Conjunction with Sigils that add power (force and sigil of night with an alternate weapon for the day) That said I have several builds and each use different runes. IE I still in leadership runes for boon duration on one and so on. Yes stealing boons is a thing with these.
  11. I kind of thin the Wyrm runes with no quarter can work well here if you stay in staff a lot.
  12. I tend to think CS a must in staff build It an underrated line. I much prefer it to DA. (oh and I like sigil of night..just get another staff for daytime)
  13. The funny thing is, lots of people (usually the non thief players in a zerg) complain about stealth on thieves because it lets them +1 an unaware opponent, but guild groups in WvW are doing EXACTLY THE SAME THING. The SA traitline isn't even needed to maintain permanent stealth, you can do that just with leaps/blasts in smoke fields on a DA/Tr/DD build and have significantly better combat utility to boot. So unless they bottle up and change what smoke combo fields do FOR ALL CLASSES (so engi and ranger would be equally nerfed) and balance stealth around cooldowns, be it on utilities or traits,
  14. A question on your barrier. I noted that with daggerstorm used in a smoke screen you get a while lot of healing off the blinds that the combo generates in the field. This is added to the damage that CIS does on blind plus the regular damage of the daggerstorm itself. It adds up quick and especially when there a few enemy. Have you noticed if the life siphon healing from Blind VIA CIS adds to your barrier when using Daggerstorm within a smoke screen?
  15. Just an update as to how I am going to approach this base template with a build that is a little different. The base is an s/p p/p build in wanderers gear with Leadership runes. This puts the boon duration at 96 percent if I stick with Bounty sigil. DE/SA/ACro. I need one of DE or TR for the INI and I am trying DE first. CIS a must as I am going to go heavy into blind. Assassins reward added. P/P works real nice with unload with that blind heal via CIS and assassins reward shooting out of a smoke screen field . Both weapons have spammable blinds and smoke fields. I go DE for the added stealth
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