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  1. Hello, I'd really appreciate an addition of an account wide "tacklebox" or something that allows players to store bait and lures to be able to use across multiple characters. I'd like to be able to fish on more than one character without having to move over every type of bait and lures I'm carrying around. I'd also happily pay for this service.
  2. I left the game for a few months and came back. The game only used to lag for me in massive 3 server fights with 50+ blobs on every side. I have experienced that same lag with just 2 servers with full squads going at it. The latency is getting more than just ridiculous at this point. Please do something!
  3. I want Caithe's crystalized aurene effect as either an outfit or as options for new Sylvari looks. Will pay gems for said things! Also I would still love to see Guild slot expansion(s).
  4. The queue's will be insane during the week all the people wanting to come out and insta grab the new mount. Please I hope they've gated it behind some rank at least 1.5k+. But still overall I feel Anet is out of touch with its WvW community. A mount is nothing we wanted. We want proper balance for our individual game mode not just whatever you decide to give us the PvP or PvE balance. We were promised a new map a couple years back. Would be great if 1st,2nd, and 3rd place in each tier had its own map. Events during the weeks/weekends for the players. None of that equates to a mount. Gliding al
  5. Guild Slot Expansions, I know of several players will full guild slots that would purchase this item to be able to join more than 5 guilds. Put them in for 800gems. Also I'd really love to see Caithe's new look from when she gets all crystallized from Aurene be introduced either as an outfit or for sylvari to use, it was so pretty.
  6. I don't understand if this has happened before why weren't steps taken to make sure it didn't happen again? Once again a PTR would've caught this prior to patching. Oh well.
  7. They saved all other specs now firebrand renegade can shine No they didn't. I am fine with each spec bringing something to the table. Here's what a lot of people from the posts I am reading aren't considering. Okay so you've killed boonshare chrono, now the others have to pick up the slack. Which means less optimal dps classes, less optimal boonshare classes. Diversity does not make things shine, it brings out niche builds for certain scenarios, which makes it harder on the community. Because now your rotations have less slack, have less room for error, which makes it HARDER on everyone. By al
  8. New stat combos won't fix that fact you killed an elite spec.
  9. Guild Slot Expansion. Can be a BLTC item, gives you 4 more guild slots for like 800 gems. So you can be in up to 9 guilds. I know of people at least in the WvW scene who want to be in more guilds than they have slots for atm.
  10. Top account for kills is at 1 million, 250k is achievable it will take you months/years to do so.
  11. They did, and then anet breaks them up when relinks happen. Its how BG went down to T3.
  12. Also a big problem for the WvW ppls is Voice Coms. This isn't an issue on the server I am on personally; but I hear a lot of servers struggle to get people into a VC of some kind. WvW is a team sport, people need to be running proper builds, and be able to at least hear calls from commanders on where to move and such. Even if its just to listen to calls it helps a TON.
  13. I love that bar graph because it's 7 months going on 8 months old at this point. So still entirely accurate.
  14. BG is MANUALLY LOCKED by Anet, it has nothing to do with our pop. When we dropped down to T3 after the most recent server relinks we had about 28k as pop, which is HALF the pop of the main servers with a link. So please keep telling servers they open up by decreasing pop, JQ tried it with a blackout in WvW and they failed. BG has high activity and low pop. We queue maybe 1-2 maps on reset night, and are up against servers that have about twice our pop. But you know players outside of BG that hate us because of seasons don't have an unbiased perspective. Anet won't open us because we are the po
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