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  1. Nothing can defend it? You're a pretty experienced player so I'm sure you don't really believe this. As noted above, if you're riding a pony and a Sic em soulbeast looks ready to open up and you're up for a fight, dismounting is about the best thing you can do. Breaking line of sight, as you mention, is an easy and free way to prevent the burst if it's an option, but so will any block, evade, dodge, reflect, invuln, etc. Even if you can't dismount before the burst starts, dodge twice after rapid fire starts and you'll negate most of the damage. If you eat it and the ranger discounts you,
  2. Dodging actually denies a bunch of the damage, and you can often stay on yer pony if do it well. I generally just dismount when I see what looks like an lb soulbeast planning to pew pew me... that makes a big difference.
  3. To be fair, unless it's changed in the last couple of years, you only want to land the first hit of Flurry to apply the root, regardless of whether you're running condi or not. The remaining hits do garbage damage, even compared to auto. But a 4s immob can be good. So there's no need to remove the root because you only want to channel the skill for 1/4s.
  4. As a casual observer, and former warrior main for years, it seems to have some serious burst coupled with good sustainability if played right. Aside from the occasional meme build (which aren't really viable now), warriors' main game has been the stunlock beat down with a less common tanky af attrition fighter. In the past week I've come across bladesworn that string together massive bursts without putting themselves in much danger (like, ahem, yolo zerker). Not necessarily op, but stronk... as in, in the top tier of new specs that I have to be extremely careful fighting against. Some of
  5. That's exactly where I'm coming from (warrior and ranger) and the build I most experimented with. I found cele renegade almost has a reverse logic to it than playing a power warrior or ranger, and my game play improved a bunch by slowing down, picking my dodges more carefully, and being mindful of exit options via shiro port (up cliffs, distance targets, etc). In other words, it's more stand and deliver than stick and move. Cele renegade can drop so much damage on someone, I had better results maximizing my opportunity to do that, than by trying to zip around, move cleverly, etc. Well, th
  6. Thanks for that. Looks like I basically have all the gear and it's just a matter of trying out Ventari which I haven't even looked at) instead of Jalis. Definitely worth a look seeing as there's no cost to it. 😀
  7. Soooooo... basically everything that's endemic in wvw? 😁 I do look forward to moving to power Herald soon. I'm still finding my stride, getting used to the mechanic, skills, etc. Just today, I learned that I really stuck at using ports as a defensive mechanic, so I should probably get that down using safer builds before moving onto power herald. I'm just using the celestial shortbow now, which is super forgiving and allows me to get used to both Shiro and staff. Then I suspect I'll switch to vallun's "fallen angel" Herald to get used to Glint, then I'll go to power Herald. The game
  8. Thanks for that. I've got three builds loaded up for experimenting, with the celestial shortbow being the one I've tried most (seems to be the most forgiving while I get used to the skills and class mechanic). While I have been able to melt camps and out fight people (1v1 mostly) even with my limited skill, I know it's because the people I'm fighting are far less experienced with fighting. Getting used to having less mobility and stunbreaks is probably the biggest adjustment for me. Being able to ramp up 25 might in seconds while dishing loads of direct and condi damage is nice, b
  9. You seem to have missed the point of the 1vx question. 1vx is inevitable when solo roaming, the question was what tools rev has to deal with that (if any) or if it's just a bag waiting to drop into x's inve tory. Some classes are better suited to fighting outnumbered that others, some have good escape options, etc.
  10. I haven't heard of that one before so will check it out for sure. He usually has pretty great explanatory videos of his builds, so that seems like a good place to start. Thanks for the tip!
  11. Thanks for the vid. One thing that's clear from it and the limited time I've taken mine out is that I need to get a better handle in by defensive options and heal management. I do well offensively, but I don't handle pressure well yet, especially when I'm up against one of the stronger dueling classes or I get +x'd. Your vid shows it's just a matter of me better learning the build/class. One question: I noticed you often stay camped on your hero, even when you run out of energy, whereas I'm switching as soon as I get in that spot to gain energy to power more attacks, the swapping again w
  12. Thanks for the clarifications. As for skill, I mean, isn't it always skill when you win but you're fighting a broken OP build if you lose? That's what I tell myself anyway..... 😉 But, yeah, as a glassy type, it's unlikely that I'd eat all of that unless I was seriously outplayed and burned all my cds. Tbh, the smartest moves a guard can use is to stick as close as they can to me, especially when I try to create distance (because I have high melee burst too), and to use that annoying ring fence skill when I've burned my stab. It's not a guaranteed recipe or anything, but glass players real
  13. Thanks for your comments. The guards I've spoken to who I've seen (or fought) roaming certainly seem to like it, and most do tend to endorse DH as most fit for roaming. It was actually someone running an old Glacial Blow build who just wrecked me in a series of duels that got me thinking about guardian in the first place. I know it's not seen as meta or anything anymore, but I had no answer for it as he stuck to me like glue and the damage output was amazing. Based on the experience, and our conversations, it just seemed really fun and something to try out as he was roaming too. But the 1
  14. It's a good idea, but I've been exclusively played wvw for years. I've mule characters hauling all sorts of things I can use while I sort put how to play. Conversely, I can count the number of times I've been in fractals on one hand. 😀
  15. Hey, thanks for that. I'd originally thought I'd be going for guardian, and only recently figured I should open it to rev. Based on the feedback, I think it's going to be rev and I just bought a couple of slots tonight to get started on it. Seems like cele renegade is the best place to start, and then I'll stretch out to my power options. So a big thanks to you and to everyone else for all of the great information!
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