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  1. It's not moving the goal posts when I'm effectively restating the same argument that you've previously replied to, but evidently misunderstood. But suit yourself. In any case, the changes you want won't be made, and if you're a defender type of player, you'll probably regret if they are.
  2. No, you're missing the point. The proposed change (that I don't have to go out of my way to avoid because it's not happening) would make it easier to take structures even though it's seemingly being proposed by defense-oriented people, all to keep waypoints open when structures aren't under attack. To your first point, we're talking about keeps, right? Where are these spots where you think you can setup far enough that NPCs won't react to you but you can still hit both inner and outer with the same cats? Outside of hills, where the archers on the wall only occasionally react, I'm a
  3. It's certainly a steep opportunity cost, but it's viable. Take a look at the poison ,aster builds out there... I think Vallun has one on YouTube. You rely on Predator's Cunning a fair bit for sustain, and you slot Bears Stance to help with the condi management, but it can get pretty gnarly. By the time I discovered it, I'd moved onto power builds so I can't say I have as much experience with it as I do the bleed build. But I had a bunch of success with the bleeds. High pressure mobile power builds can really ruin your day though. Watch out for thieves, sic em soulbeasts, etc. And h
  4. Really? If I was a decent sized group, or even a motivated small group, I'd specifically have one person occupy the guards without killing them (in Quagan for, for bonus points) while we set up all the cats we wanted on any of the keeps where we can hit both outer and inner. With 5+ cats and a 30s head start before people can even start to think something was up, my chances to flip the T3 keep would be way higher. Sure, people can set up farther back now so as to not trigger guards, but not normally in a way to hit both sets of walls. The exception is hills, provided the guards on
  5. You're missing the real end game - Anet endorsed bot control, so the game plays itself for you. Just soak up the loot and participation ribbons....
  6. He's not wrong though. And I say that as someone who would benefit from no downstate because I'm usually trying to burst down people in larger groups where finishing the job by getting through a downstate can be a death sentence if I commit.
  7. The trigger has actually changed over the years. Activating the guards may have even been the original trigger, but just tapping the gates was at one point too. I don't recall killing guards being a requirement, but it honestly wouldn't be an impediment for tying up a WP. But here's the thing, though I think your three suggestions wouldn't tilt things too much, beware of unintended consequences. First off, waypoints are (and should be) connected to structure contesting - if the structure gets swords on it, the WP should be contested. If you make killing a guard the minimum threat r
  8. Yeah, the Iboga is pretty sweet (until you have to run). I think you might be underestimating Krait runes a bit. The combo with Hidden Barbs and the incredible amount of bleed stacking you can put out is what makes it sing, and it's also what makes Sharpening Stones so valuable to the build. People don't realize how much bleed you've stacked on them until it's too late, and you can burn through clears pretty quickly.
  9. Well, that's the other thing. Not only did it used to happen a lot more, the consequences were higher since people didn't have mounts and builds were generally slower too. The one exception is that you used to be able to use the waypoint for a sec when the contest timer restarted, but that was years ago and no we have emergency waypoint. It's practically a non-issue now.
  10. It can work, and like Dao Jones (lol), I've played a really similar build. Consider trying out this to see which you like better. It's basically a rehash of an old build, but I relies more on bleeds than poison. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwAUh/lFw+YesO2JWcPlvzSE/EA-zVJYkRNfY0VChZg/HJI2DPA-w It might have less damage than what you've put together, but it may not. The Krait runes give a big boost to bleeds, and also brings additional cover condis. You get marginally better condi protection by training in Second Skin and taking on the extra Survival skill, which frees
  11. Wouldn't that give a pretty huge advantage to defenders who no longer need to respond because they can see on their map whether or not their keep is "under a real attack"? And tapping a keep is, and always has been, part of legitimate strategy, whether that be to wear down a defenders propensity to check swords on a keep or to delay response time to a completely separate structure. Frankly, I'm surprised people don't do it as much as they used to.
  12. It's been part of the game since the start, and makes for a more interesting game. Waypoints are already a huge advantage, which makes sense given how long it takes to get them. But making it so they're always usable? Nah... Go check the keep like you would if the waypoint wasn't there.
  13. That's a cost:benefit imbalance problem, not a choice mechanic problem. The problem is burst skills were continuously downgraded, so expending for the burst was often worse less than holding for the sustained benefit unless you were confident you'd recoup your adren quickly. Rather than working on the expend value proposition, they loaded everything into it on the gamble that it would make for more exciting gameplay. To some extent it did, but it also dumbed down the class even more and made outplaying warriors that much easier, seriously hampering their threat AND sustain with a s
  14. At least there was a strategic decision to be made. After they made the change, it was just, "Go there, meat bag... hit that guy and get candy!"
  15. I preferred the old system that Anet abandoned, where warriors had to make strategic choices about spending adren and holding it. Their philosophy shifted to having to spend and connect to get a benefit, but traits like Berserkers Power used to give standing buffs based on your stored adren.
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