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  1. You can do all that (including getting pretty far into fractals) easily without ascended armor. This is not a game where equipment is going to carry you, and only max-tier equipment is viable for endgame. On the contrary, at start ascended won't save you if you don't get a grasp on the combat system, and once you've got that grasp, you can easily do open world and story content including most (if not all) achievements in that content with sub-optimal builds of exotic and even lesser quality. Get exotic armor, try getting a hang of the game, enjoy open world and instanced content
  2. If you want to salvage a stack of something (e.g. crafted potions) for research notes, there's a "salvage stack" option on the research kit. If you want to consume a stack of research notes, there's a "consume all" option on the stack. The only situation where you have to click multiple things is if you want to salvage non-stackable items like helmets or jewellery. There's no way an auto-clicker can help you here. Right now it's a trade-off between optimizing price for the cost of having to click tons of low-note things, or optimizing time/effort by research
  3. Putting one item into another category doesn't change the items properties. What you're asking for is like putting a picture book onto the shelve that houses the blueray disks and expecting the pictures to then be displayed as a movie (or at least slide show) on the tv automatically. For any object in game to be dye-able by players the object itself needs to be prepared. Every mount skin is prepared to take dyes in specific places (dye channels). Chairs aren't prepared for user dyes, and changing them so they accept them is far from trivial.
  4. Sorry, but that's not how rng works. There's people that buy a lottery ticket every week and never win anything substantial, and there's people that only buy one in their whole life and hit the jackpot right away. But that's not what I tried to say. What I tried to say was: random activities fell easiest if you don't concentrate on them. Don't count how much bait you used, don't count how many days you tried. Don't expect to finish a goal that involves rng in a set timeframe (much less asap). Instead, put that kind of achievement on your mental "nice to have" list of things you kee
  5. My opinion: you're trying to force rng results, which imo is a recipe for frustration. I'm not quite sure what information is on the wiki, but I can tell you that I caught them all simply going by the information available on the fishing achievement tabs in game (that is favorite bait, time of day, region and type of fishing hole, and minimizing conflicts with other potential catches). I did not however try to catch them all in one go. I enjoy fishing, but only in small batches. I rarely fish for more than 10 holes in one go, often a lot less, which makes the whole thin
  6. Sorry, but there are thousands upon thousands of cases all over games with player-to-player trading that prove that this is false. There's "confuse the buyer until they no longer thoroughly check the trade and get scammed", there's "scam the new/inexperienced player that doesn't know how to properly check the value of the item that's being traded", there's a multitude of other ways being used all over the internet to rip off people in player-to-player trade. Personally I vastly prefer this game's trading system over any other game I've played because it ensures fair pri
  7. Chaos Crystal Cavern Not So Secret Coddler's Cove just to name a few. I've seen people miss the last jump(s) on all of these before.
  8. What breather did you try this with? According to the wiki, the crafted ascended breathers can in fact be stat-changed (although only to stats that have crafting recipies available in the first place if I'm not mistaken).
  9. You'd have a point if most maps that fail would be doing the mechanics but fail anyway. I can only contribute anecdotal evidence here, but from what I've seen (as outlined in one of my posts above) all of the maps I've been on have failed have heavily messed up or even ignored the mechanics that likely would've enabled them to win the fight.
  10. Am I understanding this correctly? You definition of "dps check" is any fight that has a time limit, however loose or tight said limit is? So something like Dragon's Stand, that has a time limit (90 minutes in case of that meta if I remember it correctly) is also a dps check in your book? If so, then our definition of "dps check" is very different from mine. I'd still argue that the Dragon's End is not a dps check but rather a mechanics check, because if you do the mechanics you'll likely succeed even on a map doing below-average damage (as long as they do damage at all). It rem
  11. This is a statement I'd like to contest. From what I've seen (and I've spent time in a fair amount of failed instances due to not enjoying lfg-hopping and simply jumping in when I'm there and feel like it, mostly just to practice mechanics or introduce friends to the fight), dps really is the least of the problems in this fight. All of the failed instances I participated in (maybe around 20 in total) mainly didn't make it because people ignored mechanics, even if they were explained in chat (both what and why). People would die by the dozends to Soo Won's aoe attacks, p
  12. Can you imagine the kitten storm going off every other hour when people trying to get into the same instance as their map meta event squad have to compete for map slots with dozends of people chilling in Arborstone? Maps that have both a "chill here" hub and a squad-sized meta event are really not a good idea. Personally I find I use Arborstone a lot more than EotN, since to me it's more conveniently located inbetween maps I'm likely to port to, where EotN feels like it's in the middle of nowhere (or at least only in the middle of maps that each have their own teleport
  13. Sorry, but no. You don't get anything. You've already put a ton of (wrong) assumptions into these few sentences alone.
  14. I know it's not the majority, but something changed over the years. Even I haven't dared to try the new strikes yet, due to not having any aquaintances I'd dare run them with right now, and I used to be very much into instanced content some years back. Those of my friends who never did much instanced content to begin with pretty much avoid that kind of content like the plague by now 😞 . It's not that they don't want to (or can't) cooperate with others. They very much do so all the time, in open world, guild activities, (smallscale) wvw and the like, but the steps to get (back?) into fract
  15. I guess it's best if we just agree to disagree at this point, since I have the feeling I simply can't get my point across.
  16. Nope, EU primetime. Point isn't whether he'd be able to change or not. Point is it only takes one bad apple (or one stupid experience) to sour somebody on that type of content for good. He's a grown man in his 50s and doesn't appreciate being treated like some middle-schooler that doesn't measure up to the expectations of those that think they're the cool kids. For him there's zero incentive to try again. He just went back to wvw and hasn't looked back since.
  17. A while ago, I went into a no-req Shiverpeaks Pass strike with a friend. It was his first time, he tried to do damage as well as understand the encounter. Once the boss was down, he was kicked from the squad without warning, then got a whisper ridiculing his dps. Needless to say, I never could talk him into trying to give strikes another go. If that's what you took away from that thread, then I think there's more bias in play here than you realise. Most of the answers I read in that thread came from people not even considering farming as a way to play the game. They play to enjo
  18. Thanks for the laugh, op 🤣🤣🤣 Wait ... you're actually serious??? And that is a problem because? If you don't enjoy the game, you are free to find other activities to spend your time (and money?) on. There's no need to totally ruin it for everybody else by replacing enjoyable (for us) gameplay with repeated busywork and/or a serious real money investment.
  19. To add to that, I did an experiment a looong time ago (in the lul before the release of HoT, so neither mounts nor gliders nor guild hall portals nor teleport to friend). Unlocking all core Tyria waypoints on a new ranger took around 10 hours. With roller beetle and stuff available these days it should be considerably quicker.
  20. Judging from what I've seen on the forums over the years, for every person asking "give me a reason to go back to old maps" there's another person complaining "why do you force me to go back to old maps". GW2 is actually doing quite a bit of re-using old maps and environments. EoD for example has collections that send you back to basegame maps, collecting flowers, finding npc to get specific information, and so on. Legendary trinket collections, when they were introduced, required people to go back to all maps of the related living world season to do different things. All the way b
  21. You know, I've been playing a bit of ESO lately (much to do still in EoD, but too much real life going on to concentrate on it), and I was remarking to my husband just the other day how quickly ESO got monotonous despite me starting a new chapter (expansion) i hadn't played before. It feels like "go to quest marker, do something, go to next quest marker, do something, go to next quest marker ...". I'm a player that loves exploring. I've been playing computer rpgs for more than 30 years, and exploring and figuring things out have always been on top of my list of enjoyable content. I
  22. Speak for yourself. I've played (too many) video games since the mid-80s, and I vastly prefer GW2s reward system of keeping most rewards accessible to everyone via in-game trading to the system many other games have where you have to grind and hope to be lucky to get the cosmetic (or whatever) you'd like. Account-bound in-game loot in other games, especially with cosmetic components like mouns, equipment skins, and similar, most of the time is tied to very specific content (this dungeon, that boss, or that other small area you can run circles in), often with random drop
  23. The problem was (as usual) players gaming the system. For a while we had serious problems in open world with players surfing from event to event, barely participating, then moving on to the next event and so on until they got a fat load of rewards for tons of events they barely participated, while other players that stayed with an event to see it through only got a fraction of the reward (due to not "participating" in that many events since it takes time to properly finish off an event). This "playstyle" of leeching events did get to a point where it was vastly more rew
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