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  1. It doesn't fall on deaf ears at all. Anet did look into this potential feature years ago and decided it's not worth the work. There are too many systems bound to the race and the risks that one or some of them kitten up is too high. Plus changing everything to support a race change is - as said - too much work for the little gain. A very simple example: What happens if you wear cultural (race bound) armor and change the race? It would completely kitten up your character model. Okay, let's say race change is only available if no cultural armor is used -> what if a player simply unequip their armor and change the race? They can't equip it again and they can't change the skin (as a character have to wear it first). Exotic and lower armor are lost forever this way. Ascended armor requires a character or the old race in order to equip it and change the skin. Not everybody has a character of all races and all weights. Also not everybody has a free character slot to create a char for this purpose. And even if, it's an overall dirty solution. Racial skills and the personal story that has to be resetted are much more complicated problems. And yet you haven't noticed Anet's answer to this request or simply ignored all their reasons?... And who is "we" btw? You are speaking for yourself, nobody else. That's literally combat tonics. We already have a bunch of them in the game. Including at least one for each race. Aside from playable races, combat tonics also include Watchknight, Kryptis, Kodan, Awakened, Shadow Warrior, Olmakhans' sand elemental and embiggening/miniatur transformations.
  2. "In open-world maps, the time remaining before a player who has not manually moved their character or performed any skill inputs is returned to character select is now reduced to 5 minutes if the player enters combat." What's confusing about that? Just don't afk farm while waiting -> problem solved. It's not hard to not enter combat while being afk.
  3. IIrc it was stated for the table you get from the deluxe version, that you don't only get the table, but also unlock a recipe to craft additional ones. So at least learning a recipe by gaining a decoration is a thing.
  4. Also new players stay at the game and old ones who left come back. That's a totally normal behaviour within a game. Player try the game, some like it, some do not, some try it later and like it, some do not. Nothing special. Who is "we"? In general GW2 is a very popular game, not avoided at all. Again, who is "we"?... Are your "we" watching the newcoming and leaving players enough to make a representativ statement about it? Ehm... what are you talking about? I mean, just look where people require KPs (and therefore demand kp.me). Strike CMs, Raids and Fractal CMs. None of these contents are visited by newcomers. Your argument is invalid. Who is "we"? . . . Compared to MMORPGs the bugs in GW2 are in a normal state. Everyone who play an MMORPG knows that these games in general have more bugs than other games. Is this something your "we" decided again? GW2 has much variety, collecting is only one way to play the game. Simply not true? Lol? I have a lot of fun even without playing anythign "elite" related. So you claim that the fun of the whole game disappeared and your only argument is the change of a single item? No. PS. Since OP doesn't respond to anyone, I guess this thread is just rage bait.
  5. It's a magical item/artifact that helps focussing your magic (hence the name), making it easier/possible to cast certain spells. Nothing. Magic does not exist in real life -> therefore no focuses. Because the game has magic and it gives the wielder certain abilities. As mentioned above, focussing magic -> accessing certain magical abilities. In other words, it's used to cast magic. Just like scepters and staffs for most classes. What's the problem? Would be weird to use it in mainhand attacking enemies by constantly booping on them. We can't look into Anet's head. But Focuses have a long tradition in the fantasy genre. Let it be orbs, books, ancient artifacts or whatever; if there is magic, there most likely will be focus like items. Warhorns / horns also are widespread in the fantasy genre. To give signals, control animals, motivate allies or daunt enemies. However it's mostly only used for such supportive task, never as the main weapon. Therefore having it for offhand, but not for mainhand only makes sense. Well, main theme of Thief is being stealthy. Even Deadeye with their big rifle are stealthy attackers form afar. And Daredevil who use to fight in close combat have a staff as weapon -> a rather light and easy to weild weapon (compared to Greatsword and alike). Greatsword being big, heavy and slow probably was the original reason why Thiefs did not get one. But again, we don't know. We can't look into Anet's head.
  6. No, simply no. IF Anet were going to implement a new playable race, that would be the very first thing they are going to announce.
  7. You want GW2 to turn into a completely different genre?..
  8. As someone who has a solo guild hall for decoration himself, let me tell you: Guild Halls are not meant to be run by single persons. Whatever we invested/spent to decorate our guild hall, we did in on purpose and with the knowledge that everything is scaled for a lot of people. In other words, we have no right to complain that we spent so much gold for it. We knew what we do and we did it anyways. Why do you think so? Do you loose anything you bought/crafted in your guild hall when homesteads releases? No you don't. Do you loose any "visitors"? As for me, not many players visited my private guild hall anyways. And it didn't matter because I decorated these things for me mainly. Do the homesteads hinder you or any of your friends to visit your guild hall? No, you can still visit them as before and do everythink as before. Yeah, those "threats" never work... Have fun without the expansion. It was not the only option to do everything solo though... And I mean, if there is one chocolate bar you buy for years and then a second, similar chocolate bar comes out, you don't go to your super market and demand as many new bars as you bought old one over the yers, do you? You bought the old ones, end of the story. It doesn't matter that a new options appears now, you did what you did. And let's be honest, you wouldn't have spend all that gold for a solo guild hall if you hadn't fun with it. In other words, you already got the value of what you payed for. You now literally demand decoratiosn worth hundreds of gold for free. Some definitely would. And very few are already enough to make your idea so bad it shouldn't be in the game. Best solution is simply adding guild hall crafting recipes to the homestead crafting profession. Not giving any exisitng guild hall decorations to any player for their homesteads.
  9. The main point of that item is the mastery exp, not the vendor value anyways.
  10. We don't know, but it's likely that they will work at the same pattern as Strike's crystal shards do: The newest expansion will always have the one currency (unusual coins / green shards). And the older expansions will share the other currency (ancient coins / blue shards). With JW release, unusual coins and green shards from Soto will be turned into ancient coins and blue shards. Just like EoD's green shards turned into blue shards on Soto release.
  11. You waited? So you wrote nothing, asked nothing, had nothing to say? Do you see the problem? 🙂
  12. I mean, think of it. What's better for them and the players; to have UW skins for each set that barely anybody uses or even buys or instead having more land weapon skins players use all the time and other popular skins? It's not that we got less UW weapon skins because Anet cut them. Anet cut them because we players didn't use them. Legendary weapons are a good example I think. Look at how few people actually crafted an UW legy (before JW announcement), even though they have one of the cooles skins among gen 1 legies. And then look how many players crafted a legendary land weapon of your choice. From the 440,000+ users of GW2efficiency, only 1.6% unlocked Frenzy. 2% unlocked Kraitkin and 2.6% unlocked Kamohoali'i Kotaki. For comparison 6.2% unlocked Eternity. I mean, this decision was made 10+ years ago. Don't you think it's a little late to complain about it now when they started adding spear skins again?🙂 And I mean, you haven't even recognized it for all the years, until we told you.
  13. Because this weapon set was introduced before Janthir Wilds (with land spears) were announced. Anet started to add spear skins to weapons ets again after the announcement of JW. Short after release new weapon sets started not including underwater weapons anymore. I think the Tequatl set is the last one released with underwater weapons. As said, they recently started adding spears for new sets again (because of JW), but not the other underwater weapons.
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