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  1. Ok, but we're not talking about looking back, we're still getting achievement points and rewards, so I don't see the point to leave some milestones (every 3k mainly) without a single skin.
  2. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Achievement_point_rewards This is how the system currently works: you get a total of 2 weapons sets and 2 armor sets you get a weapon skin every 1k APs except at multiple of 3k, where you get an armor piece skin. you complete the first weapon set (Zenith) at 28k APs you complete both of the armor sets at 42k APs you complete the second weapon set (Pinnacle) at 56k APs The system doesn't have any rewards tied to armor skins (every 3k) after the one you get at 42k APs, are you planning to update it since it's b
  3. Not really, I used to gather a lot on some maps for orichalcum (got the glyph for alchemy on permanent tool) and I've always noticed the same group of "players" in the same spots, everyday. I've stopped bothering and reporting them for botting since the company doesn't care apparently.
  4. I don't care about explanations, I just hope that the expansion will have the content properly developed since we got this "living saga", and even if someone is still defending its finale, we all know that content and story-wise it's not far from some of the LS1 releases...
  5. First of all, if they go on the build templates path, there will be a massive outrage on the forums considering that: legendaries still have their cost, and probably many casual players use gem conversion to gold to obtain some of them build templates by default are limited, and something like the legendary armory is useful to people who multiclass and play multiple game modes, not to everyone Both of the two, like many people already pointed out, are already generating money and they'll generate even more with the new system in place, if implemented right. The reas
  6. You're right, the only problem is that the infusion is like split in two, otherwise we weren't having this discussion i guess 🙂 But my opinion about giving a long them (or ultra rare if you want) reward to the event remains.
  7. Actually i think they've made the right choice, so the instance won't die in 1 month, but people can go for it like for Pinata and TD to have a chance of getting a really valuable item.
  8. You'll surely understand why the op posted this kind of thread with quotes: we have examples in the past, and our prejudice it's obviously based on those. Looking forward to see if everything related to this new feature will be completely free 🙂
  9. I am quite surprised that you are continuing to experience lag. I have been in the same maps as recently as last week and found that the lag was not present, although I do admit it was outside of peak hours. I would highly recommend getting in touch with the support team. They are quite helpful and thorough. No surprise at all, the problem on EU server has reappered recently: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/126805/eu-connectivity-issues#latest
  10. You will not be able to: accounts created on Steam will be on different from the ones previously created, and for what we know (and they said), a porting won't be available.
  11. I encourage you to open a ticket about it anyway, I did it and they asked me several settings of my pc, connection (even if the problem is clearly on the servers or some dns, not on my side), so maybe they can speed up the things for everyone.
  12. Exactly the same thing for me, with the difference that I was in an instanced content (PvP, DRMs) and I coudln't change map like that sadly
  13. Hi, in the last week or so I've got several lag spikes (from 40ms to 3500-4000ms ping for several minutes), lasting something between half an hour and two hours, mostly in the evening.Since I'm not the only one reporting this, are there any known issues with GW2 servers routing recently reported?
  14. Did you get the DRM CM Mastery Points and the needlessly expensive weapon collection ones?Many people don't have these and thus are stuck with insufficient Mastery Points. Not all the weapons (only one set from the 1st part of the champions episode), but probably all from CMs.The CMs are available for everyone without spending money, and the masteries are mostly related to that content. You just need the will to do them tho.
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