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  1. I was not seeing it, because I created my account through your link and afterwards was on the https://na.alienwarearena.com/page/gamevault webpage, but this is the North America Alienware giveaway webpage. To get the egg in Europe you need to go to the European Alienware giveaway webpage: https://eu.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/2011423
  2. I guess they filter double entrances out if you use the same emailadress.
  3. Well belgium has different rules than luxembourg or the netherlands. As far as I know only belgium has problem with the gambling in games..Also why is this gambling. We only get a ticket by participating and winner is drown. It costs nothing and you can't buy more entries. Those contests are done here often without it being illegal, maybe it is illegal if the contest us from outside a foreign country I don't know.
  4. Yeah and to deliver something to Germany it first needs to go through the Benelux. The Benelux should be included too.. :(
  5. Wondering if we will go to the Monuments of Nahlah and Dahlah in Istan found off the coast of the Mehtani Keys to the south and east to find out more about the spread and start of this plaque.
  6. Nice, hope everything works again with this new forum. Like the search function! :D
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