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  1. Appreciate where you are coming from, since let us be honest here, they are not going to "fix" ranger. But lets not tell them what to nerf, even if our intentions are to mitigate being uber nerfed.
  2. Just gonna link this thread here... because that is all I have to say
  3. -Do ambush skills feel rewarding and/or impactful? They are impactful but clunky, therefore not rewarding. -How easy/hard are they to use consistently? (Managing the CD and/or hitting the oponent) I wouldn't say they are "hard" but they certainly are not smooth fluid gameplay. Too many things happen when swapping stances just to use an ambush skill and then swap stances back. Honestly just making it so it happens regardless of stance, or even have 1 ambush skill/timer for each stance so whenever you swap you have an ambush skill, they could even be slightly different. -Do you feel
  4. I agree it should be changed, I had to turn on locking of ground targets to current target, but even still it is kinda janky. It shoots 3 projectiles with a weird spread. They need to all be closer to the target, have a faster travel speed. or just shoot 1 projectile with a faster travel speed and larger explosion, maybe even a poison combo field? It needs to be improved either way.
  5. I was very excited when they announced druid - I thought having a dedicated support class would really open up doors for ranger and change the game for the better. Seems druid is pigeon holed into being a healer but they can't do it as well as others. I would love to see druid changed to a support focused role instead of healing. Maybe even a full rework of Astral Form, maybe steal some inspiration from Specter spec (emphasis on "some").
  6. whelp.... that didn't work crashed almost immediately when I loaded the instance. Going to do something else for now, but kinda need this achievement.....
  7. Per advice of someone in map chat, I am going to attempt repairing the client and see. I will report back my results. Kinda funny this chapter is called "fallen hopes" because mine certainly have. 😵
  8. Ugh... I've tried a bunch, same issue. If I have to listen to Kas and Marj talk about their feelings one more time I am gonna lose it....
  9. Okay this is specific to ranger pets but mainly on Untamed - If you have 2 of the same type of pet and use a pet skill, swap to second pet, that same skill is on cool down. I understand if you are using 2 of the same weapon for each weapon set having the skill on cool down, but why is my Alpine wolf to tired to leap at a target if my hyena just leaped? I understand this could be abused in gamemodes like PVP with tailswipe. But in all other instances I think this is silly. It would really open up pet combinations for untamed and allow them large burst or CC potential. Maybe I am way off ba
  10. While in the instance the game randomly crashes to desktop. Only this instance and seems random how long. Happens on 2 different computers.
  11. I'd be okay with that change, but I'll be anxious about it until it happens.
  12. Leveling use a tanky pet like bear and use longbow and greatsword. Id suggest berserker gear for that setup. You can check websites like metabattle for builds or just some inspiration. Also a few good youtubers who are rangers, check out paper roll’s channel. Once you level more you can start messing with builds and come up with something all your own. If you are feeling squishy, you could always use short bow and go for trailblazer or dire gear.
  13. I tend to stay with pet unleashed state and then unleash ranger, use ambush, and treat it like a burst rotation, then back to unleashed pet as default state. I am playing more of a condi build though so unleashing ranger doesn’t yield me much dmg increase just access to the ambush skill.
  14. I hear ya... Every patch I get excited that my class will be improved or have something new and it is either: A. A bug fix I wasn't aware needed to be fix because I never experienced the bug. B. A bug fix that I was aware of, however I am STILL experiencing the bug, AKA wasn't actually fixed. C. A nerf................................................................................................................................. I don't want to complain or be negative. The ranger sub forum has enough of that (rightfully so...) But I do totally understand where you are comin
  15. I've been playing untamed in PVE open world, mostly to give it a chance and "figure it out" so I can provide constructive criticism to the class. It certainly needs something... The one place it really shined was PVP, and although it still seems good there, it did just get nerfed in that regard. On a positive note - Untamed "CAN" be very powerful as a solo class, especially in celestial gear. But I find other ranger builds can do it better. Untamed needs something that defines it as the best version of a ranger for X role, and ideally that is more than just PVP. I was very excited whe
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