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  1. Everything you said is true and any one with decent intelligence will notice that. But to the average person, everything you said looks like nonsense. I wouldn't waste your time.
  2. A good portion of the pvp streamers are very toxic, but they hold attention to the game which keeps revenue. Thats the only thing thats important.
  3. This is true. Guild Wars 2 is a very easy game. Much of the skill is just proper decision making at any given time rather than execution of your class mechanics. There is a variance is input to effectiveness depending on what you're playing but after a certain point its all trivial. So yes by all means, just about everything is brain dead. The main difference between gold and plat is a bit of experience and the willingness to learn. A lot of the community is quick to anger (neurotic) and are more willing to sit in denial and lash out at others rather than look at what they're doing wrong
  4. Depends on how you perceive it. Illusion magic isn't exactly unique, the group that touts mesmer as a unique design is probably not well versed in fantasy rpg elements. Within this game, mesmer is a large problem in every game mode. In pve its defenses is largely buffered by clone generation. AI typically goes for whats closest to them and clones are usually that. Considering the very short lifespan of clones and the ease at which they are generated, mesmers can avoid a lot of damage passively by just attacking. This issue is exacerbated further by mirage and its infinite hori
  5. In pve it has a variety of strong builds in all content. In wvw mirage and virtuoso is very strong in roaming but not all that necessary in the wvw zerg roles that the game mode is designed around. In spvp, virtuoso is a very, very strong and hard to kill duelist but its lack of speed and consistent pressure makes it fall under better picks for competitive play.
  6. In high plat you consistently see 1 support (usually support guard) and a variety of other classes. I imagine you'll see what requires the least effort for the most payoff at low level play at your elo. Find some good players, learn from them, rank out of gold and the game becomes much better.
  7. Yeah, when I started out guild wars 2 pvp I was in the same boat of looking at certain builds and thinking "wow this is severely overpowered, I don't know why arenanet even allows this". Nowadays since I've became a lot better and learned how to properly play I see people going through the same issues with builds that are of no concern once you know what you're doing and worse yet knowing there is far worse they haven't seen yet because they're gated away from the players that have the skill to utilize the builds that are far more powerful than what they're complaining about. The p
  8. Work your way up to some plat 3 games and oh boy will your perception change.
  9. Since wvw is entirely focused on zergs, I don't think they care.
  10. Harbinger still has the problem of absolutely crushing low skilled players while lagging towards the bottom of EOD specs in high end pvp. Much of its viability comes from hugging support as is tradition with necromancer.
  11. It would be cool if npc enemies in pve emulated pvp builds. There's a bit of emulating classes in cantha now but its bare minimum
  12. 1. Sounds like a personal issue with mirage rather than condition damage itself. 2. That would mean that you have this short period of time to play before you get CC locked into death considering the core gameplay of WvW is zerg vs zerg and roaming is a side thing. 3. Refer to #1 4. Ah so you are a roamer. Refer to the last point of #2. 5. Ignoring all but the last point, realistically, all of the specs need a rework considering the core ideal of guild wars has changed from unique MMO where the trinity is discarded, endgame isn't a grind, build diversity is encouraged, and
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