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  1. Hello, a couple of us do wvw dailies after reset, it's my first time so I'm working on the warclaw then probably the legendary armor. I think maybe one of us does pvp. You can always try us out and see 8f we're a fit for you.
  2. We're still looking for more active players to have some fun with us.
  3. That's what it was. I completed it again and after clicking the daily boxes it ticked off the achievement. Thanx much!
  4. Thanx, I'll ret it again after reset.
  5. I'm working on the return to achievements and every time I complete the Wolverine shrine, it won't check it off the list. Is there something I'm missing or forgetting?
  6. If anyone else needs a home and is looking for a small guild, I'm still looking for more friends. New or old doesn't matter.
  7. Morning are a bit touch and go. There may be a couple on but most are active at night after work. We're not at strikes yet, we do have people that run fractals though.
  8. We're looking for only five more friends.
  9. @crowfall, no worries about your schedule. Real life happens and we have to live it no matter if it's work, school or anything else. We'll find a way to squeeze you into some activities with us. As far as rping goes, every once in a while I'll answer npc's or something a mob says through my character just out of habit. @touck We're always happy to make new friends. Invites sent to both of you, welcome aboard!
  10. Guild upgrades are coming along nicely, more friends are always welcome.
  11. We do have an interest in raiding and fractals but we're going to take a casual approach to it when we're ready for that type of content.
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