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  1. thanks a ton electro blue is that match I was looking for! Now I just have to spend the 15 gold on it 😞
  2. I agree I made a post they other day about how many specs will be enough and it got a lot of traction (mostly with folks disagreeing with me and wanting more)? I’m with you in that I like a lot about the new specializations but what I don’t like is how the old ones just seem to been forgot about and don’t get any updates or improvements. A lot of the core specs I enjoy more than the new stuff but it’s hard to play them when I know the newer specs just do most things better. Its a bad to continually just build new and improve and leave the old stuff people enjoy behind which is wh
  3. Need help matching this color on the restored boreal weapons, I been trying to match it and I just can’t find that exact color blue in the dye system. maybe its just they way the light shines on armor compared to the weapon but nothing looks quite right I’m starting to think it’s not a color option. Can anyone who is handy with this sort of thing help?
  4. This post came a little to late for me 😞 I just spent a bunch of currency buying all the scrolls and tomes for the 3 living seasons . Oh well hopefully I’ll get some use out of them. Good info!
  5. Thanks I’ll have to look into the arc dps I’m only running the base game but that makes sense along with the combat text. Guess I’m weird for wanting to see me character fight something in a game Judging by the couple confused look emojis I have pulled already 😄👍 you guys are great keep contributing with your confused looks!
  6. Yea I get the buff aspect of being in a pile. I just want to know how you know you not in the pile with your back to the mob or something . I’m guessing like a said other combat text and such. Just seems weird every time I jump in one. Compared to when you have the luxury to have your own space.
  7. How do you enjoy playing melee in meta events? What I mean is how do you even know your contributing for the most part when you have 50 people standing at the same spot of the thing that needs to die feet and can’t tell if you attacking or not by looking at your character through the blob of people? Do you look at your action bars to see if attack chains are going off? Do you look for floating combat numbers? I prefer playing melee in small groups but in large events I find this a problem so I mainly stick to classes that can range as well but I miss my warrior and want to know how others dea
  8. I understand they keep things fresh again don’t deny that. But at the same time it takes away from the game in other ways. Homogenization as someone else said it better than I did. Plus I like the idea of most of the core classes but they only get left further in the dust with no updates to visuals or performance. It was just a topic to discuss if you got out of that what I said is sooo wrong then fair enough. Also This is coming from a person who’s been married 20 plus years hasn’t moved many times and has had the same type Job all my adult life so I’m not one to need
  9. I doubt it, as long as the game remains profitable ( I see plenty of people playing that have pretty skins so I think they doing ok) there will always be another expansion unless they do the gw3 reboot. That would be like McDonald’s saying this gonna be the last cheeseburger we ever make. Ain’t gonna happen with people sitting in the drive through. i just think they would do well to add to the world not the classes but I understand they keep the game fresh side of the coin. Just worried about the bloat in the long run but guess this is the nature of all mmos they have done
  10. I wish I could get into crafting as I have been saving mats for it . Probably could craft an ascended set for what I have saved but I just don’t see it worth the effort over exotics that’s freely available for minimum loss for the casual content I do. It is a goal To work towards though, just wish it was a little more gain for the effort. But I understand why it’s the way it is.
  11. I’m sure this has been brought up before but where is the ceiling when it comes to class specializations? Don’t get me wrong I understand it keeps the game fresh for people who never take breaks and brings the ones back that do but when does it stop? Every expansion we just gonna get more and more until every class can use every weapon? That’s a lot to balance when other existing specs and weapon skills could use some love without adding new for the sake of shiny. Thoughts?
  12. As I mentioned in another post I’m finally caught up on the story after years of playing on and off and would like to know what’s out there in the world that should be collected before the expansion? All the mounts is an obvious one, The quality of life mastery’s like auto loot and no stamina gliding (all though my griffin has pretty much made glider obsolete in my eyes unfortunately). Another one I’m working toward is all the portal scrolls for the living world seasons in case I want to switch classes. What else like this would be helpful to have I might have overlooke
  13. Strange question maybe but I been playing a condi ranger and really enjoying it! when I hit something with a short bow or torch N dagger the bleeding and burning stacks really stack up to say maybe 15 stacks or more if I hit some utility buttons. I stared a condi scourge thought it would be similar but his torment and bleeding stacks only get up to like 5-8 stacks. The mobs die just as fast it seems but really just isn’t as satisfying to see the stacks ramp up as high as on the ranger. I’m I doing something wrong or do different professions and abilities apply different amounts of condi s
  14. That’s some dedication! I don’t know how you did that story so many times.
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