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  1. Let's just get straight to the point: I'm biased, so this is by no means, an objective...rant...discussion...whatever it is. Aurene is a stupid character and I have a reason to believe why. She was born with a single purpose in life, as if someone at Anet told her "go be a dragon", granted that isn't a bad thing in itself, but more on that later. She ate Joko. Okay, Joko was more of an idiot for not seeing a literal dragon flying right into his face when he was doing this stupid but factual monologue thing. Still, she just flied into him, nomming away any chance o
  2. The story took a big L, as if it wasn't already taking enough of that. I swear at this rate they will have enough Ls to buy me the "I'm rich, you know" title.
  3. During the ongoing story of Icebrood Saga, I came up with an idea to make some kind of side-story for my own characters while The Pact Commander and Co. are fighting off the Elder Dragons. Here, one of my humans going by the name of Jayson Rosebert, uses the Charr Civil as a stepping stone to promote anti-Charr sentiment, rousing separatist sympathizers and the like to join his cause as he crusades against Ebonhawke to tear apart the government from within. With this in mind, Emilie Chan Silverlake, a Krytan would-be hero, is summoned by the Queen to put an end to this, with the aid of a few a
  4. Right, allow me to post this page of mine I have created then: Here it is.
  5. I would post my characters here, until I realized I have like 15 of them. I'm not sure if this place will serve well to give recognition to my characters, but at the same time I do want a bit of publicity. Can anyone give me a suggestion on what to do?
  6. Greetings. With the recent thread about RPers getting trolled receiving a rather mixed result, understandably due to the nature of the idea itself, I want to give out my own ideas that not only could benefit RPers and possibly non-RPers, but also relatively simple to make (in theory), and that is custom bios/backstory. Basically, it's more or less just an in-game document page for players to edit/write/do whatever in there. This would allow us to express our characters better without having to rely on external addons, which people may not be aware of. It could also be used to tell about you, t
  7. You guys are getting rps at all? Honestly, I'm fine with the current status as is. If there's anyone to troll rpers you can bet they would also laugh their asses of at their pitiful attempt of trolling. As for special rp chat, yes I can see it being useful, but also manipulable. Squad chat works, but only if they are not using it for say, dming or writing "event emotes". I like the idea of blocking character models, but if skills are still visible to the others I see it as pointless more than anything. Overall, it's hard to say what the solutions are, given we don't even know who is the one in
  8. Frankly, RP and the visuals. That said, I'm trying to run "fun" builds that are still effective on my own, discovering what I like to play and what not. For example: I'm running grenade zerker engineer which I shall nickname her "Chuckey Monkey".
  9. ++++vitality Ok that was a joke, but I do want a pure condi build like viper but without power Something like: Condi, precision, expertise - berserker but condiCondi, expertise, concentration - condi plus boonCondi, precision, vitality, expertise - marauder but condiAnd maybe something like: Power, precision, toughness, ferocityPower, condi, precision, expertise
  10. You can turn them globat chat off with chat panel if that's going to be a thing, so really I don't think it hurts much.
  11. I like to extend this a bit and just make idle animations based on your character's personality. Just idle animations because doing all would be too much work, that said I would love to see "bouncy" animations on one of my characters.
  12. I would prefer an offhand sword because then you have dual-wielding sword thief that not only aesthetically pleasing, but also is within the design choice (things like blade dancers come to mind). I suppose if you were to talk about gameplay it could be a more aggressive one where you have utilities to not only keeps the enemies within range but also for greater mobility at the cost of lesser range and damages overall. Sword already has similar skills that fulfills most of what I described here, so to have it being off hand weapon that expands upon that would be great. Oh and throw some more s
  13. I would love to have my alts as a (slightly more useful), I mean, a sidekick that I would bring everywhere.
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