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  1. I can only hope Warrior is more fun to play, especially Spellbreaker, which I find to be rather...underwhelming. Oh and also plz buff Guard Hammer, thanks.
  2. This isn't a question where there is a correct answer (unless Anet dev steps in), but I would like to ask what kind of headcanon you all have. Say, you have a character, that character is The Commander, the Dragon Slayer, The Scion of Aurene. But what about your alts? Unless you're Snargle who only plays a single character, everyone is bound to play multiple characters at some point, which brings me to the question... How do you see your alts? How relevant they are in the stories? Who ARE they? Are they also The Pact Commander? Are they from the same world as your main? If
  3. Basically anything that involves Balthazar. The guy's motivation is to kill Kralkratorrik, which is cool and all, except you are not supposed to do that because it would result in the world going boom-boom (due to lack of dragons), hence why he has to be stopped. Makes sense right? That is until IBS kills both Jormag and Primordus, which ends up invalidating this whole stake we have in PoF. Why did he have to be stopped if killing Kralky won't cause an issue down the line, especially if The Pact was going to do the same thing anyway? Why did Aurene need to replace Kralky when he wasn
  4. I have expressed dissatisfaction with the game before, especially with the IBS and now EoD, and I could also say how I want some of these things to be changed as you said. But then you forgot that anet consists of real people. Let them have vacation, alright? Say what you want about their game and how they don't deserve your money or whatever, but if you insist on having them work on the game during holiday then it really does show how little respect you have for them. That's not okay.
  5. I have an idea for a new skin: A tank top (or sports bra for female, or just tank tops too I guess) with the "jacket" tied/hung around the waist. Simple but practical, and pretty cool too.
  6. I guess they could look at individual attributes and adjust on that? Say, a certain combo is too strong right now, look at what makes it strong: power, precision, or ferocity, or other things.
  7. Hi. As of 2021, there are...many stats combo out there, and most of which sees very little to no use, while common ones (Berzerker, Vipers, etc) get all the love. It is a shame many stats aren't used, but I can see why. But then I thought to myself why we even have "set" stat combos in the first place. It's a really weird system if you ask me, given how inconsistent each of these are. Some stats are locked behind expansions, while others are so easy to get, it's a no-brainer to have it. Diviner's are so hard to get and expensive, while berserker's cost at best 3 golds.
  8. Supposedly that's the main reason each world fights one another for pretty much eternally in the Mists. With the way story's going though, it might be easy to assume in average Tyrian eye's that all the threats are gone, and thus Mists War is no longer necessary. Why would they still fight in the Mists still, then?
  9. Let's just get straight to the point: I'm biased, so this is by no means, an objective...rant...discussion...whatever it is. Aurene is a stupid character and I have a reason to believe why. She was born with a single purpose in life, as if someone at Anet told her "go be a dragon", granted that isn't a bad thing in itself, but more on that later. She ate Joko. Okay, Joko was more of an idiot for not seeing a literal dragon flying right into his face when he was doing this stupid but factual monologue thing. Still, she just flied into him, nomming away any chance o
  10. The story took a big L, as if it wasn't already taking enough of that. I swear at this rate they will have enough Ls to buy me the "I'm rich, you know" title.
  11. During the ongoing story of Icebrood Saga, I came up with an idea to make some kind of side-story for my own characters while The Pact Commander and Co. are fighting off the Elder Dragons. Here, one of my humans going by the name of Jayson Rosebert, uses the Charr Civil as a stepping stone to promote anti-Charr sentiment, rousing separatist sympathizers and the like to join his cause as he crusades against Ebonhawke to tear apart the government from within. With this in mind, Emilie Chan Silverlake, a Krytan would-be hero, is summoned by the Queen to put an end to this, with the aid of a few a
  12. Right, allow me to post this page of mine I have created then: Here it is.
  13. I would post my characters here, until I realized I have like 15 of them. I'm not sure if this place will serve well to give recognition to my characters, but at the same time I do want a bit of publicity. Can anyone give me a suggestion on what to do?
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