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  1. No PvE grind needed to use elite specialization in PvP. You can create a level 1 character, go into the pvp lobby, and use the elite specs no problem as long as you own the expansions. People who bought the base game back in the day got to play it for years and it is only 15€ to get both expansions, they come on 50% sale quite often and buying PoF gives you HoT for free.
  2. Most zerg Commanders will kick you in no time... From the times I do join the tag I see them ending up top/close to the top in damage.Something like this: https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Guardian_-_Burn_Guard Also I cannot think of a core class I would rather have in zerg fight.
  3. I would say play what you want to play not what others say is good. I for example run a core revenant even though no website lists it as good and I’m doing great with it. If you do want to run a from the internet build here are some suggestions: WvW zerg: burn guardianWvW roaming: thief, necro, guardian, warrior, mesmer.PvP: ranger, necro
  4. This game does not follow the triangle of tank-dps-healer appart from in some modes that require a healer and specific encounters that has someone play a tank role. I would say if you want light armor try the 3 light armor classes and see which ine you like the feel of.
  5. Try the guardian, they have quite a few builds going for them. Power dps with core or dragonhunter, condi dps with firebrand, quickness firebrand, healing firebrand.
  6. It doesn't matter that they're 2 different skills. I don't care what they call it. It needs a CAST TIME! Then I want the dmgYou have longer cast range instead. Fair trade given that rev sword 3 often fail to cast cause people move out of range.
  7. Since this is an action based MMO support players cannot (in most cases) make people who don’t dodge key attacks immortal. Suppors heal the party so they do not die from the attrition of the fight and bring utillity to the group. For example a support could apply aegis before a big attack (if that attack can be blocked) to block the hit for the group. Open world gameplay is not well-suited for this kind of combat because as you mentioned there is a lot of people, and if they die they can just waypoint. You will enjoy playing your support much more in T4 fractals, strike missions, raids or why
  8. PvE uses megaservers so for PvE purposes swapping from one EU server to another will have no effect. What might have an effect is swapping from EU to NA. However I have no idea if it would be better or worse. Maybe there are some australian guilds you could join to get into contact with more people in your timezone to do stuff with.
  9. You are one player, you get 1 spot on maps with limited capacity. In PvE if a map becomes full another instance of the same map opens. That is not the case in WvW. Personally I would like to see multiple accounts being used not allowed in PvE either due to meta events etc.
  10. Personally would have liked if it had no visual effect at all.
  11. I can only talk about the WvW part. WvW guilds do in my experience advertize in WvW teamchat quite frequently. There are several sites for WvW builds, some harder to find than others. WvW guilds usually have a list of these sites and often their own guild builds. The high WvW ranks people have come from years of playing WvW. One can use xp boosters and play during events to earn them faster however there is no secret method to skyrocket in WvW rank. The good news is that WvW ranks do not matter much. Warclaw and gliding is the most important and after that most WvW masteries are just siege use
  12. I can't tell if this one is a joke. It actually looks intersting but you took Masters Fort in Weaver which requires a sword and are using d/d. Might just have to try it myself though. Master's Fortitude grans the +120 Vitality no matter if you have a sword or not.
  13. The male and the female characters (even if they are the same race) have different skeletons. An outfit/skin made for one skeleton cannot be attached to a different skeleton without breaking/looking horrible. For your wish ANet would need to put in double the amount of work than they do now when making the outfit for, I can only speculate, an option a minority of players would be willing to pay extra for.
  14. With the exception of dwarf most of those have very low opportunity costs. Dwarf generally isn't used on the problematic build, it usually uses dragon as that's much better for outnumbering people. The cleansing potential isn't problematic, the transfer potential is, espec as you can let the stacks grow while you have resistance so there's no real risk to it Rev almost swaps on cooldown, because that's how you use energy the most efficient, making cleansing get relatively close to maximum effectiveness on rev, as opposed to builds that swap a lot less. The condis that the actual rev do are
  15. Axe 5 applies like 1 stack of torment for 1 second. That is like what? 200-300 damage. It is also very telegraphed, a huge black tear in the world. Mallyx leap costs 30 energy, which is a very large amount of energy. If you are going to complain about that skill you should definitely complain about spectral grasp from necromancer that can pull 5 people from 1200 range while applying a chill twice the duration of call to anguish. I have ran core condition revenant for over half a year before this patch made it more popular. It got nerfed like any revenant build by losing empty vessel and if you
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