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  1. ill put it this way, soulbeast when it first came out was godlike and it still wasn't as good at the level of what bunny thumper was -- if this class were to get anything remotely close, it would be complained about into oblivion and it would be nerfed within a day's time. you're basically wasting your time petitioning for something similar
  2. there's like 1-2 teams of experienced players, the rest try just enough to show something so they can collect their rewards after finishing. it's basically 80% collecting gold, 20% players tryharding with scourge comps. this is why AT's are boring as kitten, because if you're going to succumb to boring kitten you might as well make some gold from it.
  3. It uses Glicko-2, which is used in a myriad of platforms. Would you be concerned about the RD (deviation)? <Ratings> <Rating default="1200" min="100" max="5000" max-change="300" profession-ratio="0.0"/> <Deviation default="350" min="30" max="350" period="3d" max-periods="20"/> <Volatility default="0.06" min="0.04" max="0.08" system-constant="0.5"/> </Ratings> RD is defaulted at 350 from GW2's configuration, which is standard for Glicko-2. µ = (r − 1200)/173.7178 φ = RD/173.7178 This assumes a player would play 1 ranked game and induce a deviation of 0.06 volatility over time, of course these calculations aren't updated after every match (that would be dumb). µ = rating Playing against n opponents with ratings µ1, . . . , µn v =   Xn j=1 g(φj ) 2E(µ, µj , φj ){1 − E(µ, µj , φj )}   −1 Reverse engineering RD from Glicko-2 is basically: rating change = function (game result, RD, rating difference) To visually see this you can do this in a sandbox, just npm glicko2's javascript package based on GW2's configurations. Make dummy matches based on the deviations -> New Player -> https://codepen.io/superkaratemonkey/pen/JjNdgME On paper and in the sandbox you can see the ratings work fine, and are good, if the population is good. With an inconsistent population, the matchmaker is forced to find and search players from different rank divisions to accommodate for the lack of rank you currently are at. This search is done on both ends, if you are in gold 1-2 and manage to find yourself in a match against top 5's. Or you are with top 5's and a few gold 1-2's and find yourself against all plat players like I mentioned. The elo system is mathematically inferior to glicko-2 on paper, and they both obviously reach the same goal but Glicko-2 is designed to reach that goal faster, which makes sense given the amount of time a season is compared to LoL's Elo system vs GW2's Glicko-2 system. Faster rating computation is technically better for quicker seasons but comes at a cost with lower population. With all of this, I would say the matchmaking itself is indeed fine, and works as it should. With the given population, within the pseudo-code is where the issues arise due to lack of population. def tryMakeMatch(target, queue, config) It will attempt to match against qualified opponents, and then will use padding and a filtering process to find whatever they can after the fact. I could be wrong on this though. I generally feel the padding is indeed more prevalent due to population concerns more so than adjusting to find you a better match in the matchmaking protocol due to being an "outlier". With that I would say the system itself that's in place is fine, and works fine on other game platforms as well. But those games have populations that span far greater than ours with exponentially more members within their rank divisions to accommodate for the matchmaking algorithm. You'll constantly find in this game being matched with players that shouldn't be anywhere near you in the matchmaking algorithm especially during specific hours throughout the day/night. A lot of players will abuse this and que at night, because they know padding and filtering from the example code above will work in their favor to help farm up rank.
  4. its a decent matchmaker, its just there's virtually no consistent rank population in this game, its scattered, so often times you'll get 2 gold 1-2 players as a plat2 while your other team may have almost all plat players it's a coin flip in this game, having a duo helps a lot though because it helps stabilize that rng
  5. maybe make poison twice or 3times effective on ressing capability while keeping the same alive healing reduction and dmg the same or remove full res utility or make cast times much longer for the reward given. i think its the only way without adding dmg or removing alive support capability.
  6. then why are you here LOL it's actually more tormenting to sit on the forums and rant about the game while confessing that you don't play it than actually just playing the game and ranting about it anyway. you obviously either do play still or don't and are so addicted that you need to get your fix by complaining about the game in the forums, either way you're lying to yourself. and let's be real, you're no where close to being in top competitive anyway so the idea of mAT finals is literally irrelevant to you regardless if scourge is busted or not.
  7. Nothing about DH or reaper promotes spamming aoe skills to stay alive as it's form of effectiveness in a conquest game mode. This isn't about class effectiveness, it's about what it takes and the gameplay necessary to get effectiveness. Scourge's mechanics quite literally encourage spamming to bunker a node in a game mode where that very mechanic is exploited. It's transitioning PvE barrier application mentality mechanics into PvP where it shouldn't be, and it's the way you're getting effectiveness that's troublesome and the gameplay it promotes to get that effectiveness. Reaper actually takes a brain to play and has next to no aoe outside of staff marks in plat+ otherwise you get farmed by thief and purely auto-focused in group fights without a support. You're arguing that classes are busted at expansion launches, of course, I mean you can list a number of other classes there alongside guardian and necro like druid and thief for example. But PoF launched in 2017. You'd have a point if PoF launched a month ago.
  8. so you're saying you made the valk core build and you're a top player? i mean no doubt you're in the plat level and are good, but top player? nah. anybody who's decent knows this. but i think we both know you didn't make this build, it's been around far before you even picked up ranger. it just got better over the years due to axe buffs, marks weakness addition and amulet changes. you are good though there's just a big difference between plat good and top level good -- but this is a conversation that essentially has no meaning i mean i think seriousness for this game's competitiveness flew out around 2014-ish - 2015ish. in the long run most of plat will even have gizmos because the actually good players already have almost all of them and are bored so if you want to claim to be a top player, now's your best chance buddy. aside from that though, admittedly i think you're right about the placement of the valk core build, i forgot we're talking about ranked carry, and for carrying with the valk core build it doesn't have enough impact. id place it actually at B or maybe A due to the fact that relying on teammates in ranked while you handle far is volatile. so good eye on that.
  9. ? Ranger gs has 1 block and 1 evade and an evade on dagger 4. but if you're running dagger 4 how are you taking 30% dmg in a quick time from range? winter's bite is the one thing a good warrior looks for and that's the only thing that can deal a lot of dmg to him and apply weakness - as soon as a ranger goes to axe/d you wait out the winter's bite. There's no evades on longbow, and if you run shortbow with greatsword then you already are losing. I think you really just don't understand the matchup at all when it's actually good players on the node between ranger and spellbreaker. Just a note: Cmirage doesn't outdmg spellbreaker, it just baits the Mending and uses mantra to rupt, the only thing on cmirage that counters SB is mantra - ranger can't do this efficiently. If it could it would be a 100-0 insta-guarantee win. SB simply counters the meta valk core build is what im saying because it runs entangle and it would have a better chance to run RaO to help counter spellbreaker's Rampage.. I also don't think you understand if you're stalling a 1v1 with a warrior you need to play on point, otherwise you're wasting time. This is where warrior beats ranger. If you're doing 30% dmg from range to a warrior on a full capped point then you're literally wasting your time, core valk is a duelist build so it needs to either stall a neutral or kill something or hope a +1 comes and kite it to relieve pressure on the map. Let's not also forget that if you're talking about the valk build, any good player will knows to wait for opening strikes (where your crit damage comes from) and dodge that and then continue pressure. Opening strikes is essentially a big part of your valkyrie damage. Soulbeast is diff anyway you would roam more on soulbeast than take a 1v1 side with a SB. This is typing strictly on actually good player matchup scenarios though, if you're silver then disregard.
  10. for ranked carry these are the classes to run, there's really no question about it.
  11. warrior literally counters ranger, esp valk core meta duelist... it cant keep up with the CC lock. and yea, cmirage is a hard counter to warrior only because mantra is ridiculous
  12. If we're talking ranked: S - cmirage, d/p thief, dh, core ranger (valk variant),. nade holo (its hard to decide if this is still S or down to A now) A - pherald, soulbeast, core nec, weaver, renegade B - reaper, spellbreaker, pmirage, crev, cthief C - scourge, tempest (in ranked its more oppressive than support guard with the fields, etc) D - core mes, support guard, core rev, druid F - berserker Hard to choose where core nec is and where reaper is, in ranked its all about stomping pugs so damage impact is reaper but idk.
  13. Why not challenge Boyce on his soulbeast vs your druid? This is where you actually test builds and prove something, against good players. Asking randoms in forums to duel for gold or whatever isn't a testament to build quality. Most of these people barely scrape gold.
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