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  1. There was a banner with the schedule which stated late February and also on 28th January they'll show Kaineng City: https://d3b4yo2b5lbfy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/c0b3bEoD-ContentSchedule-EN.jpg
  2. Fact is that WoW and FFXIV both have traditional MMO gameplay which is sluggish boring and it feels ancient. I can't stand those games. Especially if you come from 2000 games like God of War, Devil May Cry etc. Never understood why most MMOs feel so sluggish. That said, both those companies have multi billion budgets and can display huge ads. I remember back in 2019 while in Tokyo, Japan there were huge FFXIV banners in Shibuya, no one could miss it. Also, FF is a very well known franchise, I played most of their games (single player games). GW2 lost its momentum about 2 years after the initia
  3. Yeah seems like another sunspear sanctuary with no real function after some collections. But hey, maybe there's more...
  4. It's true, I expected something like opening the Dominion of Winds helping the tengu after 10 years and then helping then leading to cantha. But then again you still can't go through the door in ebonhawke which leads to the crystal desert... Anet is just not a master of immersion and world connection. Other games do this soooo much better. It's missed opportunities. The maps itself are so well designed but connecting the dots in a meaningful manner isn't their strength.
  5. lol you sound as if the release is 7 or 8 months in the future. No, it's pretty much out in a bit more than 2 months. I doubt we will be able to play in the new map. We could play verdant brink and parts of crystal oasis like 5 or 6 months before release.
  6. Take it easy, true there is a lack of additional features which aren't 'shallow' side stuff like I really expected new weapons or UW weapons on land etc. But nothing, or a new race with dominion of winds as a starting area (yeah won't go into this). So we have some fluff stuff like fishing and skiffs and a new mount. It's okay I think. As long as the nostalgia is here - which until now - I feel, it's okay. Don't expect too much, play other games or enjoy life in other forms.
  7. If you don't speak English these days in any ways that you can't play this game, I highly advise you to learn the basics - it's not hard. Is that even a topic? You'll miss out 90% of the content on most popular platforms.
  8. I forgot to say holy kitten the music during Urn and all the angelic voices and 'music' is cool when you use the skills - especially on the Kurzick side - but you may not have even noticed that. This is also great flavour. I just tested it a couple of days ago and I really like it. Animations are cool anyways, recycled or not. This is next level style for an MMO. Other games don't even bother. This is stuff you may find in single player AAA games or well I think I played a champ in LoL (Bard) which had a similar feel.
  9. I wonder though: when the heck do we see the map? Where and how is it connected to the rest of the world map? I remember during PoF we could go there and explore a small part of the Crystal Oasis. EoD arrives in less than three months and we didn't even get a glimpse of it. I mean the world map.
  10. You are right of course. I am a bit biased since I grew up in Western Europe in a rich country with high wages. The discrepancy is abnormal to be honest. Our flat alone averages between 1000 and 2000 EUR which people are usually able to pay.
  11. You'll buy it anyways. And if not: then you have spoken with your wallet. It's that simple. They don't make the game for you, they make it for the community. You have your opinion. I am really not that into 'it has to be the best or whatever'. I like to play casually from time to time and make a legendary here or there. The maps look okay and I have strong sense of nostalgia cuz Factions. Of course I hoped for new weapons or the Tengu as a playable race, more graphical improvements. But it seems they don't have the resources to do that. Live with it, or don't. But don't act like a child w
  12. You know everybody hated Mirage back then and look how people coped with that. Just get used to it and you will like it. Calm down, don't feel eligible to get 'the best'. As far as I have tested without any expectations, I liked most new subclasses.
  13. What the hell are people complaining about 'reused animations'. What the hell dude? This is a game, you reuse old animations from time to time. Have you played vindicator? I think it's cool with all the little details (ethereal music playing while urn up or all the reality cracking sound effectgs etc.). I don't know other MMOs doing this this well. Holy kitten these threads are so nitpicky and over the top complaining. I would NEVER ever notice stuff if I would not read the forums from time to time. Just chill and eat your apple and kiwi from time to time. CHILL dudes.
  14. It's 30 bucks, I pay that for a food delivery meal for one person which I do like 2-3 times per week. Is this even a discussion?
  15. How do people even notice such stuff? I would not know where to look what you mean. It's so irrelevant.
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