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  1. In PvE I need immersion and the music in the maps are varied. So I usually listen to the game music, there are some very intriguing pieces. It is a shame that in PC gaming culture people don't appreciate the in game music. In the console world - especially in Japan - there is a lot of fuzz around the boss battle music of a certain boss or other stuff. That said, in WvW there are like 3-4 pieces of music repeating every now and then hence I just listen to music. Generally underground electronic music (Retrowave/80s goth/post punk etc.) stuff or underground metal (thrash, death, black
  2. It's easy as a gamer if you know single player games like Zelda etc. But there are a shitton of non-gamers or casuals who can't do a thing. Anyway, this map was never an issue in my experience so no idea what they are complaining here.
  3. Chance we get the exotic breeds mounts again? I really love the Primordial Raptor skin: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Primordial_Raptor 😍
  4. Yes, it's just bad marketing. They must add these somehow as people get angry. It's not a problem of value, so offer a full package with all living world stories.
  5. I use the ritualist heavy armor on my female norn warrior and it looks awesome, others said that too to me. So clearly your opinion and hence irrelevant.
  6. I heard they minimised the time gates etc. It took me 2-3 weeks to get it back then. Now it takes 2-3 days or a week max I heard? What is your problem? If you don't want to play a game, read a book or go skiing.
  7. Completely fine with it. Don't see your problem. There are so many, and the xp 'grind' happens naturally anyways.
  8. Legendary is NOT for everyone. Well it is but not if you are not willing to put a lot of time and energy into it. It's that simple.
  9. Rofl, they even changed it and you can get it in a couple of days? Is that true? WTF dude why are you complaining, this is ridiculous.
  10. Did it on EU servers a bit for some collections and it was always ran with commanders etc. Never had any problems, but then again I never had problems killing Soo-Won. And it seems more and more an issue of EU or NA servers, it seems. Are they less populated?
  11. Get this: you like WvW or PvP and you just play normal without any challenge and you eventually get your legendary rewards. Then there is PvE and raids where you have to find a group, trying bosses for several times, dying over and over for hours without progress. And you call that evened out. But forget it, you'll argument to death to be right.
  12. I do the WvW armor and I like the game mode, but there are people who despise fighting against real players and I can understand why. And hence there should be an open world PvE armor.
  13. I like the idea. If you are a WvW player you are rewarded more or less passively by just playing this game mode. There is no challenge, you just earn it over time if you play regularly. In PvE this is not the case as very few people do raids.
  14. Is there any point in playing this game, is there any point living, you will die and all you remember will be gone and all you did is irrelevant. Dude, just live your life and live what you like. You can ignore the rest. I am pretty sure though there will be some additional stuff to fishing in the future.
  15. Average at 2.5h of AVERAGE play for one game. Sorry, this is way above average. I'd say average is maybe 1k hours. Holy kitten this is my 'main' game and I play a lot and i have like 5700h. I never played a game more than this. But I have my breaks of a few months or even a year now and then.
  16. I work on the legendary wvw set and it takes 29 weeks for one set. Oh to the OP: welcome to MMOs.
  17. Lol reading through this comment section feels sooo detached from what I experience in the game: usually it's successful, sometimes with 4-5 minutes left. People really improved. The one issue is that you don't really get cool stuff from it.
  18. Ah there is it again, the double standards, instead just let your children learn these words, it's really no that bitter and ultimately they will know the manyways. Just be more chill like Europe, we show nudity and profanity and still have a high standard of living.
  19. I have the really cool Forest Scout Cape and my axe (Astralaria) constantly clips when idling. Just accept it, it's just not possible to prevent that with so many skins/features.
  20. Is this still a topic? I don't know I casually went to this map landing on a commanded thingy or joined via LFG tool and my personal success rate is maybe 7/10 serious attempts. Ever was, since release (though didn't do it into one week in I think). Even more so these days. But since about 1-2 weeks doing WvW so I don't know what changed but it seemed to me that most map resets and serious attempts have a success rate of nearly 100%. I am on European servers.
  21. I strongly agree with point 2 and 5. I was on fishing 775 with my boat in mount maelstrom and ran out of supply. Then I lost my nearly 50 stack of fishing party since I needed fire bugs or how they're called. Well guess what: fishing party's over. kitten annoying.
  22. I made 10+ legendaries over the years and still have around 4'000 shards. So no, I have no problems with that. Oh and tomes stack up and I can't use them, since I have never levelled any character since 2015 (revenant).
  23. Imo the concept/idea is cool but Anet seems to be prejudiced by the idea of 'realism' in such items since the introduction of mounts in 2017 had a great response. Fact is: it is no fun to move around and to make a u turn or to play as the driver. Also the concept would be far better if there was a single player mode. The only thing I as the kitten owner of this mount can do is stomp during a fight. Wow... That said I use it from time to time but they can do better. And please, PLEASE for the sake of the holy trinity and mother maria (I am just bring dramatic italian vibes though I am not)
  24. I don't know, but usually when I find a half-full or more or less full map with a commander during the day or evening the chance is like 80% that we finish it. I even can tell you even before the main event how serious a group or a commander is. There are signs and generally I am right. The closest kill was with like 20-30s left, but we also managed with 3-4 mins left.
  25. Rush through with skyscale. Redone it on tempest, it's a kittening joke 5mins mission.
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