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  1. I joined a trading guild where I get 60g for 420 Spirit Shards, converting sets of T5 mats to T6. Got from 22K - 7K Spirit Shards and alot of gold in return. Not worthless, at all.
  2. I have made seversl 3D engines from scratch, and know how important it is to develop and structure them in a way that makes changes manageable, so yes - it shouldn't take ANet 10 years to make this perform better. Not by a long shot. They have advanced profilers that shows exactly where the bottlenecks are. If the engine developer can spend a year implementing a DX9->DX11 layer, he should be able to fix this also in a reasonable amount of time. They are not amateur indie developers. But won't discuss this any further with you, since you're not providing anything construct
  3. They haven't refused anything, it's probably just not something they deem important enough. If they really cannot change it, how professional are they really.. People defending ANet with "the code is a huge ball of twine" are a bit out there, if a studio with professional coders did a whole game this way they shouldn't make games in the first place. But you seem eager to argue and nitpick every word, instead of providing anything meaningful to the conversation.
  4. It cannot take years to improve. Don't understand why so many is satisfied with the current performance in big groups, meanwhile I see people leave the game because they cannot play it properly in events such as Tequatl, Auric Basin and so on even with lower settings.
  5. Yes, but people make it sound like if he works on this along with his DX11 upgrade, the entire game development comes to a halt. There's alot of other people working on all the other stuff. So we can absolutely have both.
  6. Yeah will have to set those to medium when doing large zergs, I guess.. But would prefer to enjoy seeing other players in their full glory ❤️
  7. No, not rewrite but find the cause for why especially rendering characters and effects causes it to choke. Can't take long to fix. Funny how people often reply with "I'd rather they spend time on something else", as if working out these issues would make everything else stand still - do you think they only got one developer?? It is very much possible that the person working on the DX11 upgrade can also take a look at this at the same time, with lower priority. And yes, since I'm not the only one with "fancy hardware" the game really ought to perform much better. Sure, the DX11 upgrade ma
  8. My hopes for a true engine upgrade is very low, it seems like they're content with the "solution" they are doing now 😐 ESO went for a true DX11 multithreaded upgrade/overhaul, and it run 144+ fps no matter what I do in that game, even in cities with many people and such. If the code isn't easily upgraded, the engine wasn't properly structured to begin with. Which I'm sure it isn't, probably hardcoded alot of stuff everywhere, instead of making functions that structure it all and keep it in few places for easier edits.
  9. It seems to me all you did with the DX11 update was to ducttape a storebought DX9->DX11 extension to your engine. I run a 10900K + RTX 3070 and areas with many people (like Tequatl) still drops down to sub-20 fps - a leyline event actually dropped below 1 fps for several seconds, when everybody started attacking. I have a suspicion your engine does skeleton animations, cloth simulation, particle systems and alot of other stuff on the CPU, and not the GPU as it really should be - because it's put together from pieces of the ancient GW1 engine AFAIK. It's the only thing that can explai
  10. Join a guild. Really. If you find a nice guild it will be very much possible to run dungeons the proper way. With randoms, you can list "relaxed run with cutscenes and no skips" all you want, but there's a high chance you still get a speedy player who tries to take control over the group and yell if ppl won't adhere to his ways. I do dungeons with guildies, always allow them to watch cutscenes, never skip trash or use the old school stacking methods that quite frankly are just bad habits from the old days, and not any advantage anymore! It's much nicer to play dungeons proper
  11. Yeah, hope you have fun in GW2 again 😃 Only wrote it so you, and others, know what went wrong 😊
  12. Those two files you mention are part of arcDPS, the issue here is that you didn't keep it up to date 🙂
  13. It just seems to me that maybe you want "the easy road", because Teq doesn't require any skills/effort.. But asc gear isn't meant to be so easy to acquire IMHO; put in some actual work and get some fractal exercise going.. They're really not that hard to get done daily with a group that know the basics. Hell, I did T4+recs today (with T4 Sunqua) as healer on my CFB/HFB celestial gear hybrid build - had so much fun ❤️ The team knew mechanics, and we cleared all dailies without hickups - plus a lovely and fun party chat while doing them... Most people are really nice, which makes it a fun thing
  14. Tedious..? What do you call doing Teq in hopes of asc. drops then? You also get asc mats from fractals on a frequent basis, to use in crafting.. Plus the gold and stuff you earn from dailies, which can be translated into asc weapons/armor.
  15. Have you considered doing daily fractals, or just farm some gold or mats to craft them directly? I do T4+recs daily and I'm swimming in ascended weapon+armor chests.
  16. If you use a VPN first thing would be to disable it.
  17. Isn't win7 more of a security concern with lack of updates etc, than win10? You can disable all metrics and all that, win10 isn't a big privacy concern anymore as it was when it launched. To me, the easiest solution is to just use win10. You cannot expect ANet to continue supporting win7 forever.
  18. So DX11 beta makes your game run much smoother, even better than the Hook thing you mentioned(?), but you want even more..? I would argue that any ReShade addon cannot make the performance better, only worse - since it performs additional post-processing after GW2 sends the graphics to be displayed. It cannot remove fog processing or anything from the render pipeline, it can only adjust the final frame sent by GW2 - nothing else. It's like putting an extra layer on top of a cake, and think that it's now less tall than before..... What is that "nasty fog" that gave you performance issu
  19. What I don't get is why ascended gear is suddenly obsolete though.. What's wrong with keeping ascended gear on toons even though you got armory..? Do you really stat-change that often to make it obsolete..??? You worked for it, piled up alot across toons - and just because you can now use leg. gear for all toons why do you need to salvage asc. gear just to gain extra profits? Ascended salvage kits droprate shouldn't be geared towards people suddenly feeling like they need to get rid of all ascended gear, just because they can now go full leg. on all toons... It's really a luxury "probl
  20. https://ibb.co/XLkkYp9 Make no mistake, that bunny is +10% DPS in fractals!! "Evil Gaze: +10% dps when wabbit stares at target. Stacks with fear."
  21. https://ibb.co/TYpPRNN Seems to work fine here 😮
  22. But.. Oh man.. Cannot explain much better that I already have 😞 You do know that if I run my Win10 in 2560x1440 @ 144 Hz, and run a game in fullscreen borderless/windowed mode - it will use the same refresh rate as my Windows desktop, right (because it displays a window stretched to the entire screen area, but still puts it through the Windows canvas render engine, which is tied to the refresh rate chosen in settings)? So far, so good.. Ok, I run my GW2 in fullscreen windowed mode, so therefore GW2 runs at 144 Hz refresh rate. I know difference between frames rendered, and frames displaye
  23. Re-installing a game typically won't remove cache/temp files etc - the man is just trying to be helpful, don't bash him for that - really...
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