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  1. If they timegate stuff, people complain about it and accuse ANET of timegating so they can keep players coming. If they don't timegate stuff, people complain about it and accuse ANET of not having enough content for them to do. Only if ANET could make new WvW content each week... Right, guys?
  2. After reading the blog post about the legendary armory, I though that it will be super easy to change the legendary gear across characters and builds (templates) but the problem with the infusions remains. Some of my active characters (10), which I play on regular basis, have infusions. But the rest don't. Some characters need 18 power, 18 condi, 18 healing, 18 agony res (different builds). I have to transfer all the infusions across characters to min/max them properly. I can't even think about making 18 condi+agony res and 18 power+agony res and sometimes 18 healing + agony res fo
  3. Well well, 2 of my top 3 are gona be reality soon :) Now, only the new raids Anet, please
  4. Dx12 is a completely different animal, compared to dx9/11 It is like completely different language while the other 2 have a lot of similarities.
  5. Same, cant log in with launcher or in the website account
  6. Remember after HoT and PoF release? People that asked for difficulty nerf of HoT received the easier PoF content and then started asking for harder content :)
  7. I remember Anet basically said they won't release any until they've released all strikes AND if player participation in raids goes up. Do we know if player participation in raids is up? We don't know for sure but I have a feeling it is up.
  8. I like the idea. Similar like endless dungeon? With randomly generated maps / instances. The more you stay inside the harder the mobs become but the rewards also increase :)
  9. I mean, don't be shy, tell us what you want MOST in GW2 :) I want: 1. Performance upgrade (native dx12 support etc.) 2. New raid wing each 6 months. 3. Alliances :)
  10. After the legendary armory probably a lot of people won't go back to ascended weapons and armors, if they already have legendaries. How about, Anet give us, on salvage an ascended armor piece or weapon, 25%-50% chance to give 1-3 mystic coins?
  11. So why not: 1. Make a legendary -> unlock its skin 2. Salvage this legendary -> gain mats back 3. Make next legendary with the mats from the 1st -> unlock its skin 4. Repeat to unlock all legendary skins with just the mats req for 1 legendary.
  12. What happens to people that have 2 legendary swords but different and they want to keep both skins but salvage 1 of the swords ?
  13. Will you (and everyone else) give away your legendary skins if you salvage that weapon? I don't think so. Legendaries are half skins, you know? A lot of players are crafting a legendary because of its look. Since they have unique look.
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