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  1. Hi, is it possibile to make golem dodge/block while we dodge? Problem with golem death will be solved, and that will be put some dinamic in fights. I've notice huge proglem with targeting by golem. It attacks all on map, without any command.
  2. Raid isn't so hard. Low number of player is ArenaNet fault. You made entrence barier for new pleyers, like Li or KP.Even raid players have problem to play new wings. Li is not enough now, you need to have KP from last boss to run raid with others.Fuk dissaster.PS.I have more than 300 Li now.
  3. Pls stop this scrapper madness.
  4. Boring cuz you can't do it? Don't be mad, just practice more with your extremely well-geared and experienced players.You have dodge, buffs from another players and special key ability to avoid all aoe. Easy.
  5. This sticky threads was so messy. Pls don't bring it back. If someone need it tagged, tag it youself.
  6. Look on PoF, the only thing useful you get buying this expansion are mounts.
  7. The hardes thing is to join and do raid with 10 LI on account, when LFG leader looking 250 LI + KP
  8. In my opinion game grown to much. We have lots on meta events, lots of new maps, lots of everything and not enough players for that.Anet will end currnet story in seson 5 with big BOOM at the end, and next we will get new game.All know Fashion Wars is GW2 meta. Devs will implement all sets of armors and weapons into the new game so change will be painless.And fun will start again.
  9. Hi,the only usable mount in water is Skimmer. Is it possible to implement one improvement.After we jump to water, game will change mount on bonded button on Skimmer. Just like weapon sets.
  10. It' s really nice to hear that you admit on forum that you trolling to reach bronze. Your target is to lose, rest 4 players probably are grateful.
  11. Np it normal making laught at someone ideas when you have no arguments.If you need somethis close to paintball, join Winter events next time.
  12. Sorry but i can't agree with you. The only thing you said was that won't be good. Please give me some examples.Explain why farming Halloween content is so popular. I will tell you why. People like running, killlking mobs and opening chests.
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