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  1. All the tiers of crafting below max is completely and utterly worthless and a waste of gold and time. You will have absolutely no need for any of the non-max stuff you can make as you skill up.
  2. Its a joke that they advertised the special eye infusions, and to mix and match them with how incredibly ultra rare they truly are. Theres 8-10 of both eye gems on tp.
  3. Exactly, completely unneeded. Takes so little time weekly to do this.
  4. Yes, Migraine is for Mordy, it has completely nothing to do with any of the LS.
  5. Sitting on 23 spare tyria mastery points with everything maxed. Would just be a timesink to get it done with.
  6. Revenants didnt get greatsword to make them stand out from guardians and warriors. You are setting yourself up for disappointment if you think it will come now. Kalla originally used a greatsword with her original statue, but it was altered to a bow. Which caused no end of QQ from all the edgelord wannabes aching for a dark knight with twilight.
  7. There will always be another game you could launch 'competitively' with. Wow get the same conspiracy theories all the time too.
  8. the game can easilly be completed without either skyscale or griffon. They are just conivience mounts that you are not meant to instantly get.
  9. OP must be joking, Reaper is a low damage espec compared to what other proffessions can put out. Its the hope for next espec that it does a similar mechanic to Scourge with the lifeforce bar so we actually can get some damage and not being held back by being too tanky.
  10. Raids are definitely unneeded, unless anet implements easy mode like lfr. Theyve said there its not feasible to develop more raid content when so little of the player base sees them. Blizzard had the same argument for lfr easy mode, the alternative was no more raids. Its clearly the later anet have chosen. Raids should never have been in gw2. Especially since there is nothing more special save cosmetics. But yes, new professions for sure.
  11. As I said, I had tried to change maps. No dice. Edit: Returned to Silverwastes to check it again. Not a single ore visible.
  12. I am stuck at 84% ore harvested for the achievement no matter the number of times I try to change maps. Others in the maps have the same issues, ore is just gone. Plants and wood gathering completed fine.
  13. I meant damage sponge as in becomming accepted by groups as a worthy tank.
  14. I would say that Reaper would be much better if redesigned towards a damage sponge tank role, especially if the third espec is a -proper- dps.
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