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  1. Ah! Didnt realize it was an ironically necroed thread!
  2. No cleave whatsoever? Take a very good look at the Reaper's greatsword skills.
  3. The op is reading far too much into a simple trailer. I saw absolutely zero hinting for something to be playable. The tengu is just one of the local canthan races. Core tyria have plenty of races that isnt playable either.
  4. Agreed, people needs to get out in the world, not hiding from it.
  5. I think its because its a less complicated spec, compared to Core, Chrono or Mirage. It certainly have made me a lot more interested in mesmers.
  6. Vision is far more obnoxious than Aurora. *looks at the 3000 kralkatite ore needed from Domain of Istan for Vision*
  7. Silverwastes and Dry Top is Maguuma Wastes. Dailies can send you to Maguuma Wastes, which leads you there.
  8. The mission is bad, but its quite overreacting to not want to play again. The wiki is a good guide to get over it.
  9. I think people doesnt realize that Vindicator is a cleave damage specs to groups, not single target damage. You have to let go of the fantasy that greatsword will supplant sword/sword as the premier single target weapon. When it already cleaves so well, and would be OP if it was super single target too. You are not going to get enough of a damage buff to render swords obsolete in single target damage.
  10. Revenant players was begging for Greatsword for years when there couldve been so many other much more interesting choices. This is exactly an example of be careful what you wish for, and you might just get it. But far from the expected head-canon desire.
  11. Good thing to know this achievement can be safely ignored. I find the tower jp insanely difficult.
  12. I am finding my garden to be frequently black https://imgur.com/a/0dlF4p3
  13. You do -not- want to use dual daggers. Mh dagger is terrible from what piddly damage its doing. And OH dagger is one of the poorest offhands we have. You will be much better off with warhorn, which have both breakbar damage and a speedboost Axe is a better power weapon, in particular axe2. Stick with power damage, which is much easier to aquire gear for. A full exotic berserker kit from trading post at 80 is a worthwhile investment. Regarding greatsword, it can be used as both power with berserker gear or condi with a full set of condi gear. But I strongly advise sta
  14. Yes, elementalists shows exactly this idea would be broken as heck. Plus it would be much more work for anet having to create more and more elementalist skills due to new combinations with future espec weapons. And exactly why it will not happen.
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