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  1. Dont forget it cycles between days where you get dailies from a specific ls4 zone just like ls3.
  2. This has to be trolling, mh dagger is a weaksauce weapon
  3. Can never get enough obsidian. But I am -drowning- in bloodstone dust.
  4. Not entirely right. Every gen1 legendary later on got legendary journeys. But only the first 4 in gen2 got the journeys before anet declared it was not cost effective.
  5. Staff is definitely not something you are pigeonholed into use for pve scourges. The weapon simply does not know what it wants to be. Most Scourge builds uses warhorn on swap.
  6. There is far more use for the skyscale than there is for the griffon. The griffon only shines in areas where you can take advantage of its superspeed flying. Whereas the skyscale shines in tighter areas and vertical ascend, so much more precise without forced momentum. Personally I never use the griffon anymore. The skyscale is just far more useful.
  7. Do the Return to xxx achievements, you can get 500 map curencies for ls4 to help you out with the saddle. That is a major timeimprovement right there.
  8. Its like a legendary collection, theres nothing different from making legendaries. It is pretty much the 'legendary' mount as already said. You should treat it as a long term goal for an optional mount, its quite understandable you are looking at burnout if you want it right here and now. Myself I rushed it at release, and I admit freely that I used the online guide that quickly appeared to find all the needed stuff in Dragonfall. Seriously, people is making too much fuss about that part. It was one of the fastest done things. Edit: If you think the Skyscale is hard, you should lo
  9. And you can easy and elegantly cruise over the season 4 grind with the Return to ls4. As each part gives you 500 of the related map currency.
  10. Makes you wonder why they even included power traits. But condi is definitely where it is at for Harbingers.
  11. I am frankly disappointed they dont match the glow of Aurene or the Aurenelike skyscale skin.
  12. Lions arch is in the past, Kaineng City is the future.
  13. Dont be impatient, it was worth the effort. Plus its far faster to get now. And the Return to XXX achievements makes gaining the map currencies so easy.
  14. Could you elaborate on what which precisely is giving you trouble?
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