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  1. I just wanted outfit vouchers to be sold, and not even that. Will they ever be on sale again? Im already maxed on char slot unlocks and bank space, the other stuff like shared inventory I wasnt keen on anyway (they just get filled up with junk items imo).
  2. The tooltip doesnt agree with that. If you spec out of the pierce trait your dmg goes up. The new map bjora marshes has a lot of elevation changes and it shows the weakness of pierce compared to ricochet. I think change the trait to give 2 target ricochet instead or remove the dmg trade-off.
  3. I think bake the pierce into unload skill itself then re-balance it and think of something else for Deadly aim. Its really the only pistol skill you want to pierce outside of autos and then only in a condi build (maybe bake 2 target ricochet into autos) while others skills which have CC effects might benefit too much. Maybe deadly aim could give 5% dmg for every pistol equipped (+10% for harpoon) for instance.
  4. They said I bought it too long ago. It was prob a day after the cooking changes came out. I even thought at the time that if they changed it to not being able to get varietal seeds it would not be worth it at all.
  5. I got an email back and wasnt able to get a refund ah well.
  6. same as above. Hoping this thread is answered. Else maybe a refund is in order.
  7. I would like a refund also but I had mine since the cooking changes, and only bought it so to get verietal seeds from high level areas. I have 3 permanent harvesting tools as a result.
  8. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vVAQRAsd7fnkICtChVCBWBB0EhD5hKfitYMWjgsMAsZQL0oA-jxhAQBSV/AXV/xsK/AwTAYtKBhx+DQ7kAEPIAgqqqSKAeWWB-eI used your build and taking into account the fact you used 10 +5 expertise infusions, which could be used to boost condi dmg instead, with grieving you end up with much more crit dmg (~36%) and a little bit more HP. I think it looks better on paper.
  9. what if the 1hr debuff ticked down even while logged off (as separate from skills/consumables). That would make the item more usable given how long the cd is the debuff wont wear off if its used on alts you rarely play. On the other hand it works best with newly created chars and key farming. Or reduce the cd to 15min at most. To counter the argument of players saying they dont use TTF anyways so 1hr cd is not impactful; I never used my consumable bank access either because I knew if I did it be used up almost instantly thus I saved up on them to use only for emergencies. But now that I have p
  10. How can you predict what random mat anet would make worth something (you have to spend literally 1000s of g and potentially make a loss overall trying to cover everything). Else you coulve made 1000's more g from nullification sigils and nobody would even complain about them cause they knew it would be in a recipe. Anyway seems like by design because Anet knows something is daily capped or not obviously.
  11. You got much more VM from mining platinum than usual compared to other nodes. If I were to guess the volatile glyph was previously treating plat nodes similarly to harvesting which can only be harvested once hence yeild 3x the VM return per "strike". This didnt apply to all mineral nodes though cause checked a few others like orichcalcum. LS4 nodes give 5 VM per strike too but only them. Man that wouldve good info to have beforehand so I could farm VM faster.
  12. I think make unid gear account bound but have it affected by magic find. When the changes come into effect theres hardly a point in selling them on the TP anyway (what difference does it make to open them yourselves?). It also means long time players will benefit from MF whilst not totally disadv new players. As for double dipping in MF problem. Just have the rarity of unid drops not affected by MF since a lot of the time (from chest and bosses I believe) MF doesnt up their rarity anyway. Thats if double dipping truly an issue to begin with. If you want to make it so players dont have to play
  13. Well as someone who rarely plays WvW it seems like good news to me: I hate having to return to the battle on foot after dying which can take 5+min sometimes. I need to hear some arguments on why this is bad. Maybe bad for small group roamers? but doesnt it allow for you to take camps faster too? That thing looked liked it moved fast making it not necessary to have +movespeed/swiftness/movement skills when ooc but that could just be the video. Yeah there will prob be mount skins for this for sure hehe, I hope its not exclusive to WvW either tbh.
  14. ^Only cash in on karma from the pact scout when you get the better reward weeks (say week 5 with totems+charged lodestone). Do this to get gold that you can use to buy what youre after. Before the changes Istan was the most reliable way to get VM and you get trophies through the trophy shipments. Now since you can only open the Istan chest a limited amount per day its hard to say. Maybe buy them after farming gold from SW? Best places to get VM ive found is:+Instan once per day +Mine the difluorite from sandswept isle on multiple chars. I do this with Volatile glyph and roasted coffee and only
  15. Now that you brought it up, that legendaries may not necessarily be the best looking item, maybe allow players the option to freely switch between the 'legendary' appearance and the current skin being used just like outfits, so without costing transmutation shards. This is to offset the huge monetary investment.
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