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  1. Not sure if flagged already, but I’ve submitted numerous error reports since every time I try to load into Crown Pavilion the game crashes. I now have 2 characters stuck in there with no opportunity to move them out. Pretty disappointing.
  2. Even if you don't, Erise.5614 is correct in so far as it requires more than an hour of your time. I actually haven't had a failed run since week 2, but this is only because I get into a map which is actively organising before the next round of Preparations even starts. One hour before the escorts events start organised groups seem to be filled (at least on EU) and then it's a "cross your fingers and spam join in the hope that a random in the map leaves". You're therefore in the map in excess of one hour before the main escort events even start. At best, my DE runs tend to be two hours, whi
  3. Make the weekly such that you get a key reward every Tuesday if you completed all 7 “daily completionist” achievements in the preceding 7 days. Other than that, I’m pretty satisfied with key acquisition. You have Lvl 10, 30, 60 story, one in Season 2 story, one in HoT story, chance on map completion and random drops. Another weekly key would be a nice cherry on top but not absolutely necessary.
  4. A birthday specific legendary underwater headgear or gathering tool (2 glyph slots?) I could get on board with, but no, not a precurser. I'd rather see an Anniversary Mounts pack where you get to choose one anniversary mount skin for each mount each year until you run out, a bit like the weapon and armour skins.
  5. The Dominion of Winds could open up as part of the Living World prior to us heading to Cantha. I could see this happening as an "Epilogue" episode to close down the Saga story arc and set up hints at the new Campaign. I could also completely see a Tengu, at some point, joining Dragon's Watch; this could help ease the guild into forming alliances within Cantha, provided there are any Tengu remaining there... of course the story could just have us ally with Canthan humans because Kasmeer is there to assist in Diplomacy for the Queen. Don't forget that the Dominion of Winds has been historical
  6. Not saying that the game isn't too easy once you're all kitted out but over lockdown I completed 2.5 full world completions. My experience of the population on the old maps was that there were people playing pretty much everywhere. Genuinely surprising numbers of people completing hearts and banding together to do the big events; frankly, everything I hoped the core game would be eight years down the line. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I found myself in an area of the game where there weren't other people doing their own thing. I think it is therefore misleading to
  7. A Whisper in the Ice, first half of Bjora Marshes, simply because I'm a sucker for feels, and that map feels amazing. From the ambient sound, to the low hum of the music, to the dark foreboding feeling, to the occasional whispers and the remote feel; it's got it all for me. The map events don't tick too many boxes for me, but the map more than makes up for that.
  8. In terms of the "next new map" rather than "next episode" I'm tempted to think back to the Saga trailer. I recall a section whereby Centaur were whipping their human slaves and wonder if, given the proximity to Drizzlewood, the next map would be somewhere north of Harathi Hinterlands. Will we get to see some Icebrood Centaur perhaps? Centaur have so far seemed to escape the clutches of all elder dragons - I wonder what their secret is.
  9. The wiki is missing some points. I have 9 spare points. From what I can tell, the wiki does not account for multiple mastery points being available from the same achievements track. Case in point: the Moral Breaker achievement, which goes up to 50 completions of the Cold War strike, rewards 2 mastery points, 1 at first completion and another at 10. This is not accounted for in the wiki. Not sure which other achievement is missing. The spare and total amount of mastery points have steadily been increasing with the release of more episodes. Making it easier to acquire sufficient mastery points a
  10. Fair point. But iirc they confirmed that in the gen2 there will be no underwater weapons,but with the addition to the skimmer being "maybe" a hint to underwater revamp it would be nice if we can get gen 2 underwater leg weapons too! Yes, this is exactly it. I was referring to the underwater weapons. I hope that what you say is right, that ArenaNet are aligning themselves to some real underwater content with the skimmer addition. I hope that the ability to use skimmer underwater, however, will not mean that an underwater mount is entirely off the table. I feel like there's so much potentia
  11. Bangar is a puppet on display, Ryland is now a Champion of Jormag, Smodur is dead, Efram seems like a good guy but he leads the Flame legion which was the enemy until not too long ago, so i don't think they will choose him. Plus he's now the only dude among an all female leadership. I get the feeling that they are going to pick Crecia for the job, but we shall see. I replayed the episode the other day and was struck, second time around, by a lot of the language used by Malice. Malice diplomatically sidesteps important questions. I got the feeling that perhaps Malice's Ash agents working beh
  12. But for a full story experience I would definitely advocate a "complete package" being available to buy at the outset and maybe more explicit marketing from ArenaNet. No-one likes to feel like they have bought the whole thing only to find out that they haven't. I don't disagree with the model of "paying more for Living World seasons after their free period" but think it should be clearer to new players.
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