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  1. warriors sprint, burst mastery are still worthy of taking over something like arms if fast hands became bassline. well atleast for wvw/pvp.
  2. i set guild a day before reset and then logged in this morning only to find it was unselected. put in a ticket but i doubt they will move me to server with the rest of my friends
  3. hi i had already done the Gourmet Training 500 cooking but deleted the character (forgot i did that) do i have to re do the whole thing? even in achievement's it says i have it unlocked and can even use the title thanks
  4. What? Nono. I joined wsr when they was solo link, not the last link though but before wsr tanked. Then left because it was mostly 1 sided mu - quing for ages only to find nothing much going on
  5. Been on wsr for a few weeks. They avoid ppt to farm lower quality mu
  6. obviously, you guys are the spit at the bottom of the barrel. 2 weeks till new relink though
  7. is there any point to to build for 100% crit chance as a war for roaming/dueling. i ask this because i look at my combat log after a fight in wvw, whether it is from a zerg or a cloud or just what ever and 90% of the dmg numbers are red (crit hit) so should wars arm for it too? i made somthing up that gets 100% crit chance with 5 insight stacks. is this pointless. what are your thoughs. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKwAEh7lJwSYYMRGJOWX+vbA-zVZYbBhJG1chEBZUKhFCZWAdmA9GB2eAEYP03pApRALbAA-w
  8. dunno if its just me, but this morning and thru out the day game closes after entering this map for pinata evet. no "illegal operation" it just closes down as if i alt f4. anyone else have this?
  9. i dunno why people get so hyped over stuff like this, they can't even manage 9 year old stuff.
  10. f1 dagger is so bugged. i can't hit anyone with no boons and when they have them its still random as hell, not to mention the leap it self leaps on the spot half of the time.
  11. there is nothing impressive about gun lame.
  12. Don't people run strength anymore as splb?
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