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  1. They more than likely don't care, they have far bigger and better problems to deal with, like the game it self
  2. Imagine being upset on an online game because of some name calling
  3. thansk for reply guys. and yes i have 0 compared to the other 2 https://imgur.com/a/0BxZpdk
  4. Thing is, people are blinded at their own builds. Was fighting a grp the other day and i got a whisper saying "sa d/p is so cringe" turns out the person who said that was plying super speed scrapper kiting whole throwing nades and motor over their heads. I mean, do you have any idea how cring that build is lol
  5. OK, gonna say I appreciate all of that text but I never said I have issues or i don't know what the thief player is doing because I play thief as well (7k hours I think, can't remember now) I also play ele/war/nec/guard. My point was, I can understand why people hate such a class that is very hard to lock down - squishy or not. In total, you get 30% dmg reduction from the whole trait line, 10% while at 600 range is it? From marurders resilience and to top it off you can ditch the mara armour stats and get more berserker stats, Another 10% while enemy is weakened although that's kin
  6. Always the same isn't it "you said something I disagree there for you never played thief" Honslty since kitten nerf I don't think I played much since then, but still there is already enough dmg with out going kitten/Cs unless you want to touch your self with big dmg numbers. Revealed training dosnt make much sence, I much prefer even the odds.
  7. Both, but mostly wvw, especially when it comes to d/p. First of all, you can trait very defensively with daredevil while being able to get -30% dmg reduction, as well as a vitalty boost (I know other classes also get something similar) while still being insanely slippery, dash is the most insane dodge skill ever and I am surprised it hasn't gotten even more nerfs to its range and the dmg reduction. Shadow arts is just icing on the cake for d/p. Just because sa is a stealthy trait line, doesn't mean you need to camp it. You can still play very aggressive with it and mos
  8. When you have shadow arts and daredevil, ofc people are really gonna hate it. The whole dd line is busted and shadow arts is well over due for a nerf.
  9. Ganking and cj 10 v 1 in wvw and acting all esport about it and flirting with girl gamers, showing if my impressive 10 tequatl weapon skins
  10. ok this is a bit silly in regards to ratio wise for each of the 3 fragments looted to make vision crystal. how can i have there's many bloodstone and dragonite compared to empyreal... i mostly do wvw with reward tracks that give my empyreal than the other fragments and meta boss events https://ibb.co/TgzbYDm
  11. Where do people get theres ideas from?
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