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  1. Where do people get theres ideas from?
  2. Ere, not really. With that set up, Most of the time cnd steal and bs will kill down the person. Though if that fails then things become interesting
  3. Too much in discipline to really drop, to not take it tbh. war spirit just removes all immobilize, condi clear on weapon swap as well as adrenaline. Burst mastery isnt too op but it's still a lot better than most traits and it also works with full counter.
  4. Focus is crazy strong, very defensive with strong utility
  5. Imagine being that bored you have to necro a 1 year old thread that's meaninginelss to begin with.
  6. Apparently, wsr gang bang now transfers to fsp/arb
  7. Ere, yeah... no. Ok vs bunker crap or tanky stuff but what doesn't?
  8. Its things like weakness on dodge, stacking -30% dmg reduction on top of 3x 600 range dodge. Ofc daredevil is op as fk and anyone who says it isnt is very biasd indeed. Edit: not to mention 1 of the traits that gives -10% dmg reduction also gives vitality bonus so you can skip maraueder and go more berserker stats
  9. I wouldn't go near wsr as they tend to jump ship each re link and all they do is cloud apart from 1 zerg they have
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