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  1. I think your spouse can probably make any of the classes work. Maybe not great, but certainly enough to get by. My mom, who has at least one character of each class, is in the same boat. She's 92 and her left hand is useless due to a very bad tremor. All of Mom's characters are level 80 and she successfully solo'd all of them through map completion to get their Gifts of Exploration. That was doing it all herself, no waypoint purchases, no paying for runs... just her playing by herself. She said she died a lot and had to continually repair her armor, but she did it. She, like your spouse,
  2. Trading Post --- I'd love the ability to filter for skins I don't have when searching weapons, skins, miniatures, etc.
  3. I'd happily buy a Pocket Portal Device -- it was nice getting all the Season 4 portal scrolls into one inventory slot, but there's also all the Season three set and the boss portal device and the HoT portal device and the special places like Ember Bay and Royal Terrace. I'd love something that takes up only 1 inventory slot that I can open and have all of them in there. It would be cool if it looked like a wardrobe page with blank spots for all the unacquired scrolls and if when there is a new portal scroll released in the game, it automatically got a slot.
  4. Fun expansion! My favorite to date -- thanks! ProsBeautiful maps. I tend to play more in maps with beautiful scenery, so this is huge!Humor -- "Help the Choyas, or not" lolI can solo! -- better than previous maps & stories ... but... I'm not done, so?Beautiful background musicMounts for whole gameFun new critters.Optional achievement objectives on screen SuggestionsSimpler mount swapping.Talking and harvesting while mounted.Dismounting in place. (I'd choose precision over dismount graphic.)Mount before conditions stop.Different color for infinite hearts, HP, etc. Confusing now.Way to
  5. Gem store ideas:1) a small fenced area in home instance for minis with little cages at one end. Select 10 minis (or some other set #) to roam in the yard. Kinda like HoM display.2) a torch with dyable flame3) expansion to add 5 more slots for additional guilds4) a way to clear the mastery points and reassign them. (I'd happily pay real money to correct my stupid mistakes since I won't be able to max masteries.)5) a tonic that makes me look like a full-sized version of whatever mini I have equipped6) a ghost portal that lets me go into any map I've already cleared as a ghost -- a special inst
  6. I'd love a filter for locked skins. Weapons, armor, minis, dyes and skins all come to mind. I love new skins & it can be fun to add to my wardrobe. Sure would be nice if there were a filter for locked skins I could use before sorting on price. It would save the tedium of hovering over each item to find new skins. As long as we're dreaming -- what would you ask for?
  7. I would like item(s) that allow us to create our own dances. This could be done similar to the musical instruments. Instead of pre-set notes for the standard skill keys (and octave switch) each key could have a single movement associated with it. As long as each step returned to the same neutral position, this could be used to create complex choreographies, just like the musical instruments can create elaborate songs.
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