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  1. I understand how this suggestion is good in pve but for pvp using f1 without a target and still getting the dash is important for mobility and for disengage. Removing the dash if no target would be a mobility nerf for wb in pvp.
  2. OP spoke the truth and nobody listened until it was too late
  3. I think it's about the opportunity cost. Taking feel my wrath means no renewed focus. Timewarp means no moa or mass invis. There are better alternatives. But in the case of power rev, the pvp build already used draconic echo so it's basically free real estate.
  4. The real hilarity is that the person who accused you of being a bot will probably eventually make a thread here complaining about bots in pvp.
  5. WB can solo 5 people in sPvP? You can do that on full trapper dh and on core burn guard if the enemy team is low enough skill rating. This isn't the reason why WB is OP. People really should consider not making a thread on the official forums every time they get stomped in sPvP and are in need of a place to vent. At the very least, if you're gonna make a thread to vent because you got stomped in sPvP, try not to disguise it as a balance issue. WB's problem is its caked in team utility (virtues variant) on top of the damage and mobility that edges out power rev from the meta. Killin
  6. Are you sure they're not talking to someone you blocked?
  7. Man that scourge rez meta was crazy. Glad that's gone.
  8. That's all this sub forum is for really. A place to vent for people who've had bad matches in pvp recently. But we appreciate your honesty!
  9. FB nerfs? Scourge nerfs? Rune of the trapper nerfs? Lich damage nerf? Blood magic nerfs? Guys I got a revolutionary concept. Maybe the issue isn't that Anet doesn't nerf guard or necro. Maybe the issue is core traitlines designed around the limitations of certain professions (guardian boon access/AOE effects vs low hp/low mobility, necro boon corruption/high hp vs low mobility/low stunbreaks) compound and break down when you add elite specializations that remove those limitations and leave little downsides (willbender and harbinger remove mobility handicaps but
  10. Of course you should be reporting these people. But how effective Anet's response to these reports is the real question.
  11. It looks like your suggestion mostly just creates more incentive to do ATs. It also seems like your suggestion really isn't about getting rid of ranked, since you're essentially turning unranked into ranked in all by name. The only real difference is that you're removing visible ratings and badges and putting the tickets in ATs. Which, I will afford you, will decrease toxicity since people get mad about their rating. The biggest impact from your suggestion is a negative one, unfortunately. And it's not because you got rid of ranked. It's because you have split the game mode into
  12. The good pvp discussions happen on the discords. Nowhere else.
  13. Tempest replacing core guard as new meta support? (due to harb counter) Double harb better than double willbender? d/d cata beats bunker vindi? Specter still meta? Warrior? Still unloved by meta? It may be more likely than you think 🤷‍♂️
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