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  1. Simple solution for this situation will be: Character model limit - Load only targeted Character. Or: Character model limit - Squad\party only. Easy. Just to be clear. I am in that state at this moment where I don't care about fashion. All i care about: My character and my Target which i need to kill. As for my Allies, i can see their name plates, and if they are in party - i will know what profession it is and how to cooperate with this character even without character model.
  2. The one module i want for Jade Bot will be Food\Utility Management, Player can equip chip or module, Food and Utility slots will appear in Jade Bot menu. You can place stack of non-Ascended Food and Utility in bot, and then each time you get Malnourished-Diminished Bot will use(eat) single portion of Food and Utility. Thus removing necessity to open inventory to refresh food duration. But now after Jade Tech nerf, i would go with chip or module which will reduce Jade Tech boon cooldown.
  3. Well i guess recycle situation will not be adressed. Just reminder about simple options: - Recycle inventory button when Recycle chip is active. Just like Deposit all. - Recycle all junk in inventory when junk is looted (you can even make Junk-Bags like 32-Slot Hamaseen Pannier to be the part of sort and filter)
  4. YES PELASE! 25% movement speed increase in relic! Many professions or specs doesn't have movement speed increase. Thiefs have signet, chrono have trait but mesmer as core doesn't have movement speed like thief's signet.
  5. I really like how boss Poops under the chracter after the Dash Attack.
  6. If you have game on HDD, move it to SSD and check your HDD. And RTSS not good thing at all for GW2. Use Vertical Sync to limit the FPS usage.
  7. I cannot see green AOEs in fractal and i cannot see the vomit instability indicator of my allies when i have "Hide All" on skill effects.
  8. Can confirm. Been doing fractals today CM + T4. I can see my Green Aoe, but can't see Green Aoe of others. Also same goes to Portal Weaving. I can't see the pre-casted entry point.
  9. Well, my Charr turns into... something... when i use Jade Zip LInes. Glad to see i am not the only one.
  10. If you have legendary armor you need to change dye going template by template. Only if you have same piece of ascended armor or below quality you can change it once and it will be changed for all templates where that armor piece is equipped..
  11. Blizzard been saying same thing during Heroes of the Storm. Quote: DX9, DX10 and DX11 have same amount of particle effects. BUT! Then some people did research based on protoss characters with their wrist blade weapons. The higher DX was, more particles these weapons had 😉
  12. DX9 has less skill-particles and cosmetic effects graphic noise. You force people into more sparkly DX11, then atleast give "Character Model Limit - Do not show other characters" which have been asked for ages. Eye killing graphical noise you have in-game already pushing away many.
  13. FIX Jade Bot Recycle already!!! Make Jade bot to recycle junk items looted from loot-bags. Or at least add junk recycle sequence to Deposit Materials button, it will recycle all the junk in inventory which doesn't fall under recycle restrictions. P.s. Yes, jade bot's recycle doesn't do anything for junk received from loot bags ( which players open from inventory ), recycle works only for junk from dead mobs.
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