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  1. https://api.guildwars2.com/v2/items?ids=94948&lang=en Concentration Infusions still says +5 in description. It gives +9 AR.
  2. Today i've noticed that my stat-swapped infusion started to provide 9 AR instead of 5 AR. But description is still wrong. Concentration Infusion says +5 AR, but gives 9. Checked API page, description section and provided stat section are different from each other, description section kinda needs some fix too.
  3. Today i did Champions Meta achievement for infusion. Original Precision stat did not interest me, so i did swap it to Concentration. Now infusions show this: Original infusion had +5 precision and +9 Agony resistance, concentration version gives only 5. I did write a ticket from in-game menu. But this might help and warn others.
  4. Yes, i suffer from that too. It happens like this:I go to Cursed Shore - 100-120 ms ping.Then i go to Malchor's Leap - ping spikes up to 2k-3k.Then i move to Mistlock Sanctuary - no lags again. When last time it happened, during one of today's Tequatl, i did check Speedtest to see if i am under DDoS attack, test showed me maximum Download\Upload speed. Other online games do not suffer from lags. Only theory here, problem somewhere on the route to server, or it is server itself.
  5. WHEN? WHEN?? WHEN???P.s. I don't want to remove legendary trinkets from character templates because it allows to re-use single infusions in all templates, but hell i hate the cosmetic aura effect! Please!!! Add hide\unhide checkboxes!!!
  6. Same here, no DX12.Had to 'Use the Force, Luke' during that phase.
  7. Again ( and again and again and again ). PLEASE give us option to DISABLE visual effects of LEGENDARY TRINKETS. I am myself, and i think so does many other did craft those not for the sake of visual effect it brings, but just for quality of the item.I did craft them, and i use them not for fancy aura effects or nothing, all i wanted are properties of Legendary item. With Legendary Trinkets i've been able to spare Agony Infusions with stats, and use single one in all templates for respective infusions slot. But visual effect those items bring are not important. Before someone starts the argumen
  8. -Ability to disable cosmetic effects of Legendary TrinketsBackpacks have that checkbox option to disable it's model and cosmetic effect, why other items in same panel doesn't have it?- Hotkey to show\hide HelmetWe can use checkbox to show\hide Helmet skins on our characters, but for that we need to open character window and uncheck it, hotkeys will be easier to perform helmet removal. But even more interesting will be to add setting similar to GW1 together with hide\show hotkey. For Example, it can be setting in options like:Hide Helmet SKin:NeverIn Non-Contested Zones ( Capital Cities, Sanctu
  9. Please add more Equipment templates to 8 or 12. 6 simply not enough.Also consider to separate Weapons into independent templates.Equipment templates will hold Armor + Runes, Weapon Templates will hold Weapons + Sigils. Both Template version can be activated independently. For a long time i have big problems with Thief. With all possible weapon variations, sigil variations and specializations i have no choice but abandon certain specs+weapon+sigil combos, because of templates it is not easy anymore to equip\switch weapons from inventory.
  10. Allow us to use Legendary Weapons in both Weapon Sets.Example:I have Thief with Weapon variation Dagger\Pistol Pistol\Pistol to get that combo without adding 3rd pistol i use Dagger\None Pistol\Pistol.My both pistol are Legendary weapons. But because i have Dagger\None, it denies me ability to use sigil in off hand. I can add 3rd ascended Pistol, but in this case in other template i have Dagger\Dagger both of Legendary quality too. I won't be able to re-use infusion and sigil into Ascended Pistol from Legendary Dagger ( they will stay in ascended ).
  11. Ok, but will there be punish system for false advertising too?It is not everyday thing, but it still happens.Player joins party with T4 daily + Rec description, but this party already did two T4s. Player leave, because he\she looking for full T4 run.Why this should be punished?In the end player who leave party in half way throught T4 daily, possibly been victim to false advertising, and leaving group half way it's just a means to complete missing T4s.
  12. Pretty sure that no one looks this Discussion for potential QoL suggestions, but last try. Make it so if player left-clicks in empty space while having a target in focus, that left-click will not remove the focused target, unless ofcourse that left-click points on another target.Left-Click is used in this game to change camera angle. But also that camera angle change makes you lose target when you unclick the button. Also, please add hotkey for show\hide helm.
  13. Shattered Observatory should be and must be end-fractal in every tier, because it is final conclusion of why fractals even happens and why Dessa tries to fix so called Instabilities.Sunqua Peak's end boss reminds me more of Twilight Oasis, with all this AOE mess all around ( i can only imagine what it will be to play TO on level 100 ). But problem is Twilight Oasis is in lower tier, and Sunqua Peak should be aswell in lower tier rather than level 100.I honestly think it was designed to be in lower tier, and it was just a last moment decision to put it in level 100.
  14. Add stacking duration mechanics for all non-ascended foods and utilities maximum up to 2 hours ( example Lucky New Year Firework).Increase duration of all Ascended foods from 1 hour to 3 hours.Incrase duration of Flask of Metabolic Primer and Flask of Utility Primer from 2 hours to 5.This will help players to get rid of annoyance that is using food every 30 mins from inventory. And when you do something... intense, either in wvw or pve, you can simply forget to renew food and lose benefits.Also it will help Ascended food and Primer Flasks to have more value.Single portion of Ascended food will
  15. Can we please have a fix for Sneakthief Shoulderguards, medium armor shoulders skin. It' been like this for years.You can clearly see that Shoulderguard is flying near character, not really connected by anything.I did some skins changes on my ranger, really hoped that this bug been fixed and wished to use that shoulder skin...Maybe it's possible to push it closer to character? Screenshot taken from male sylvari character. Female human doesn't have that bug, shoulderguard seems to be attached to shoulder properly.
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