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  1. Please! Allow us to have an ability, setting, or whatever it might be to fully disable other players' character models and their respective skill animation models and effects. Example: Full map attacks Ley-line Anomaly, model of Anomaly either not loading because of high amount of other character models, or can't be seen in all those particles from skills. In not really necessary to see other characters or their skill effect in open world\pve. To notice players around, name tags can be used, it's even have hotkey.
  2. When you copy legendary armor attributes from one template to another, or perform full copy and paste of one template to another, dye settings of legendary armor doesn't copy. Please fix it.
  3. Not sure about what kind of stutters is this about. But... Some people in this game love to have over-infused ( alot of cosmetic infusions ) characters and harass people placing their characters in other player's camera view to cause FPS drop, which also increase GPU load and heat. Today in Mistlock i've noticed this: https://i.imgur.com/Yq3U87V.png It was over-infused character with tonic. Simple solution to deal with that: Character Model Limit - Target Only Character Model Limit - Do not Load other character models I hope arena will consider it.
  4. As far as i can say, crashes are related to the presence of beta characters and theirs character model loading. I had few crashes by left-cliking on beta character while that character's model wasn't loaded\shown for my view ( Character Model Limit - Lowest ). Targeted Character model has priority over all others. Sadly there is no option to fully disable other character models to be loaded to your view. And in big crowds your game will constantly load\reload closest characters, including beta characters. P.S. i would pay extra for Character Model Limit - 'Target Only' or 'Do not L
  5. Not in Ascended items, which is maximum for aqua-breathers. Only if Infusion placed in Legendary item it can be re-used in another template in another Legendary item. If you place non-legendary rune\sigil or infusions into Ascended item, it stays there, and only there. No re-usage.
  6. Thats also means you will have to add Infusions in all Breathers for all Templates. With Legendary Breather it can be one Infusion for all Templates. I, for example, add atleast one +20 swim speed per character. And it will not be cheap to add 6(atmost) per character.
  7. Arena doesn't even do Underwater weapon skins anymore. They didn't even add Legendary Aqua Breathers. And i would love to match my Helmet stats to Breather stats in all templates. Underwater stuff pretty much dead. But i do not dislike it.
  8. Add Slumbering Vision and Slumbering Aurora - or any other Legendary Trinket as a reward for players who have both: Vision and Aurora unlocked. Whatever reasons you have which stops you from adding effect checkboxes for Aurora and Vision, there is a good alternative: Once Player have Aurora and Vision unlocked, that player will receive two Tokens to buy Slumbering Aurora and Slumbering Vision. If not Slumbering versions, just add new Accessory of Legendary quality without Unique tag which will go into Armory and serve as non-cosmetic alternative. Conflux does not have Uni
  9. Implement Wardrobe Templates! I understand that Equipment Templates can serve as Fashion Storage too, but it's primary function to store stat\rune\sigil\weapon combinations, not fashion. Few reasons for that: Now with Legendary Armory skins on Legendary Items are independent from each other in every Template on any character, just like Ascended Gear. If player wants to adjust Fashion, it should be done for all templates on character, one by one. Wardrobe Template will eliminate that problem. It will be one Wardrobe Template - appearance - for all Equipment Templates. There will
  10. 100 PvP Rank points for every 5 mins of queue time. + bonus if someone didn't accept match ready. Have alot of 15 mins queue in Unranked - 1 match timer.
  11. As someone who crafted 8 sigils and 7 runes prior to Armory, i had no problems in re-equipping my characters. Armory itself said: Shared Legendary Items. Infusions are not Legendary. Black Lion Salvage kit and Ascended Savlage kit can return you your upgrades, after that it can be re-used in your Legendaries. There is also Upgrade Extractors, i think Black Lion Statuette vendor sells them. What bothers me more: Where is our Legendary Aqua Breather?
  12. Give us ability to set Basic Character Models for PvE ( kitten!!! ) With release of Armory there are even more eye-eating characters around you now. PvP and WvW handles that very well, give it to PvE too. Lowest Character Models setting is a joke, since it disable visuals only for Armor skins. Infusions, Weapons, Backpack still appear with full force with theirs nasty cosmetic effects. Or even better give us new Character Models Limit options like: -Target only -5 -10 -15 -No Limit
  13. Give us NPC which can show what we have locked\unlocked in Legendary Armory, similar to guildhall upgrades NPC which collects items. Add Copy Rune\Sigil\Infusion from one tab to another. Convert Cosmetic Effects of Vision and Aurora into Cosmetic Infusion and allow us to remove it, as an alternative to checkbox. Let it be first Legendary Infusions.
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