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  1. Add recipes for making Ascended Potions that function the same as food feasts.
  2. They've also built mechanics into the game that they didn't have previously, such as dealing less damage per hit after a certain amount of strikes. They could just apply that to damage negation for the pet too. When targeted, the pet should take 100% damage, but when it's just running randomly through AoEs and melting, it shouldn't just vaporise in 2s.
  3. While Druid is decent, there's no other reason to play Ranger in WvW. If you roam, you will get destroyed by anyone decent. If you havok, you will be focused first 100% of the time. If you pin snipe, projectile hate negates you. And all the while, you are balanced around your pet which is next to completely worthless. Untamed has some great potential for zergs, but the pet insta-dying on entering combat really kills it.
  4. Yeah, the entire point of the spear (sorry) is to create distance. So unless it is thrown or not being used as a spear would traditionally, it's not exactly thematically correct.
  5. That's not the point I was making. I'm not even referring to effectiveness at all, I don't play like that. People will play different things, IF they are different. And, that's my point. From a development point of view, there are better things to spend time on than making an eSpec for a class that already has that function covered. That's why there doesn't need to be any more eSpecs, the bases are covered, within the limits of each classes core mechanics. They can now just add weapons without adding more mechanics. Think of them as seasoning and garnish to an already full & completed menu. Ok, give us an example.
  6. Like I asked previously, what's the point in having another playstyle that is the same as the ones you already have? If a class already has a way to do all the actual possibilities, what else is there? There is only going to be different animations with different skill icons that have the same effect and result as what already exists. That's not a good use of development time.
  7. That playstyle being useful is only based on the niche it fills. Is there a point to adding another fun way to play alachealer to Ranger or Guard? What about another fun way to play Ranged DPS to thief or Ele? What about a super fun new way to play melee power DPS to Necro? It doesn't matter what the fun new playstyle is if it's the same niche as something else the class has. Because, it will either be worse than a current build, in which case it's not going to be used, or it'll be better, in which case the old one will not be used. It's literally pointless. So, once there is a way to play each niche (Ranged/Melee/Power/Condi DPS & Support or hybrids thereof) there is no point adding other ways to do those same things. But, you can add different weapons that fill gaps within those niches.
  8. I have suggested before, but I'll do it again. CharrTech/Steampunk mount set. Raptor - Mech (Siege Golem legs), Jackal - Charr car, Griffon - Faulty/experimental Jet, Skyskale - Charr helicopter, Warclaw - Mecha Siege Devourer (EoTM), Turtle - TT6-B Devourer (IBS), Skimmer - Hover board (Forged Glider), Springer - Jetpack (Decorative Molten Jetpack).
  9. Deep Wound would/could just be like negative barrier. Which would be a great mechanic.
  10. I doubt they will make staff skins available as spear skins.
  11. I can't even buy a decent 6 pack for $25 and that only lasts a few hours. Did.... Did you just claim Pong is better than SotO? lmao
  12. How many different ways do you need to play each class? Once each class has a Power DPS, Condi DPS & Support spec, what else is there exactly? The only thing they can add at this point that isn't going to either be power creep that makes a previous eSpec obsolete or a lesser specimen of a previous eSpec is weapons that can be used with any eSpec.
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