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  1. I wanna see who will want to take a druid into a raid comp after this nerf as the only thing its useful atm is the 10man 25might and the not so great spirits that a soulbeast can take also. The healing is also not as great as the other healers so i can see that ppl will rather take a hfb as it will do everything that druid basically does but better and can spam stab and aegis.
  2. im in love with the harbringer, i love the playstyle with the pistol and the traits are very well done (shame the willbender doesnt have at least a similar traits like harbringer in terms of choosing what you wanna do condi/direct dmg or support) the movement in shroud is refreshing and gives the class a very fun playstyle. i like the thought of reducing the hp and elixirs tho you could have beet a little more creative and make different shapes for them cuz engi has nice icons. what bothers me is that you have a very strong sustain in pvp, with this setup https://imgur.com/a/ao8U19T i wa
  3. the willbender feels like a no no go in pvp, even a firebrand is stronger than WB in pvp. first of all: all the mobility skills feel very underwhelming, harbringer travels more with his 2 leaps in shroud than a WB with all his virtues together. also almost every skill that it has is mobility but nothing else. one cc that does nothing more? harbringer has cc on pistol and does more that WBs cc. Id say any class has a better cc than a guard but thats another thing. the off hand sword skills are so useless that id rather take a focus with the block thats not so great either. hell even a torch
  4. have the same issue tho mine stoped od 46 baubles and i was just passing thru the baubles, same happened to my bf.
  5. i got issues with the infusion also, it does not work when you have legendary skins (tried only with heavy armor from pve). when you enter combat or just draw your weapons the infusion covers only the skin of the character. looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/efcfwiNnot sure if its intentional, if yes then its a shame imo, i was looking forward to having the whole armor turned to stone ^^ (my armor is black and red, also tried it with another set thats white and blue, did not cover any part of it)edit: just saw the comment from another person pointing this issue with lege armor out ^^;
  6. i reinstalled the game, cleaned the pc from dust (there wasnt much of it) and cleaned the files. so far it seems ok, hasnt crashed yet, maybe its gonna be ok. thanks for all advices
  7. at the moment the temp is aropund 50°C for cpu (have chrome, discrod and gw2 launcher open) gpu is at 45°C. im not sure what temp is good and what is bad. Last time i cleaned the pc from dust was in august this year xD tho i dont have much dust there. Must admit i do not trust the softwares like CCcleaner and others cuz they look kinda.. not professional, dunno how to explain it. so im afraid to use them but i do delete old stuff from my pc, tho i guess that does not help much. i did reinstall the game and so far nothing happened, but im afraid there will be problems after some time again. wi
  8. update: reinstalled the game, look ok so farHello, i couldnt find anything similar to my problem, wanted to ask if any1 knows what might be the problem: after some time my game started to do weird things like all of the text dissapearing both in UI, options skills achievs even what i wrote in chat. After that usually the whole esc menu dissapears and i cant close the game, when i want to end the process in task manager whole computer freezes and i have to restart. this happened at least 3 times already in the past 2 weeks. Before i thought it might be connected to graphic driver update, so i
  9. are you saying you wanna ruin the game for other players just to get a title that is pretty much useless and means nothing when people wintrade and have those titles and still you can see that they play badly even when they have one of the titles form top 250? :D and then there are decent players that wont exploit the current system and will never have those top 25 etc titles cuz they wont ruin the matches for other ppl. there arent many players that play the pvp in this game and yet there are those that will keep ruining the experience for others...
  10. i think both 2v2 and 3v3 should stay as an option to play in spvp, other games have at least 2v2 option too. i think this game needs more spvp options to choose from, not just 5v5 thats still there. maybe even a bigger mode, something like 10v10 with a spvp oriented map, not a wvw oriented map.
  11. i was able to log in and get into the new map in the morning, now it wont let me log any of my characters :( i hope it will get fixed soon
  12. same happening here, i tried it again today and its the same...
  13. The first classes i ever tried in a free weekend (dont remember which year it was) was an engineer and mesmer. I really dont know why i didnt go with engi when i bought the game :s . Altho my second most played character is guardian i only play him in pvp and wvw. Third is a mesmer but how can i compare 115 hours to almost 800 on my necro?Btw the post is really nice :).
  14. THIS. This is exactly my problem. I choose to main necro from the very start and i kind of regret it. I love my necromancer but when i try to play other classes i have a tendency to make them "tough" which i understand as: see group of mobs -> pull all of them -> stand in red circles, dont evade, heal a lot and kill everything without really doing something. When i try to play more offensive (glass cannon) builds i die a lot and i get so frustrated that i just return back to my necro. I know how to dodge, i know how certain types of mobs work and i know that if i want to live i gotta ki
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