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  1. but some mess is here . if you already have rune and agony on swap stats yoyu will lose it. So anyway need tool to extract it and only after that swap stats, and salvage ... It looks like bug and it is. Still on 2021 July 18 . More that one year
  2. I have ALL leg trinkets. All was done chill and easy. I like gw2.
  3. the any leg item in gw2 is easy getted - so this is why we like this game
  4. what is is "performance" ? anyway fist we need reduce standard boss hp twice or 3x, make it possible to run with open world celestial set, soldier and others combination. For people who performance associate whit dps there is a dps golem, they can make squad and run race themself and not disturb community play GuildWars2
  5. I am sure we need some event each 8 week make one week with boon that make dps 2x-3x more. In this that is can be guild content also.
  6. it it, let is be as is. I have 100+. Don't see any reason panic or ask some changes for that
  7. may be it is bug, but may be not. I like that idea in practice.
  8. My thoughts on the upcoming changes - nothing changes. Still not possible continues apply tonns of condition
  9. can we be sure that all types of leg armor can be used by armory? or only raid armor? can we be sure that all leg weapon can be added, or only gen3? can we be sure that legAr use same armor templates that we use now, or it will be one more teplates row above whit default 1 or two equipment slots? to many input parameters .. let see how it will be implemented .. Devil always in small details.
  10. yes, just check now, it it still not possible complete Chasing Tales: Wossaul the Giant for persons, who not have additional progress bar for "Acquire the heroic spirit of Wossaul: deed #3" Lets hope some new update will trigger that part to update state
  11. so there is many ways not care boons, nerfs and etc: 1)always have more people than opponent 2)avoid fair fight 3)jump on other board more and use non prime time and not prime days for jump on board to get dominant count and many others. So in that way you can not care bout yours problems, and convert problems for profit. Also you need change class to any that look more good for you. And ofc still keep wvw rule nr 1
  12. I like that celestial boost. It make make open world set also more valid on wvw now.
  13. achiv is not bugged. you need come to instance, start cm, and complete it. Any dc/gg/leave/invite will break it.
  14. before find wvw guild you should write that languages you know.If only English - I think better way for you change wvw server.I say it as Blacktide member
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