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  1. Both are largely irrelevent in the world of 100% uptime MagneticAuras and scrapper/guardian bubble boon balls. They should give Warriors and Rangers a well/symbol VacuumCleaner utility that utterly negates all groundplaced AOE fields. Wouldnt that be fun.
  2. No. That's my point.. make them both equally useful again.. or have them both be equally worthless rather than the biased mess we currently have.
  3. Would make people have to think about where they are placing the static time duration bubbles I would hope. The hit based aura's being deleted is the same issue as unblockable buff now has. Each person your shot passes through uses up 1 of the 10 stack of unblockable attacks (signet of the hunt as the example). So if you try and cleave through 5 people you get 2 shots(!) before all the bubbles and aura's remove your weapon from the game again. I cant recall if the bubble/aura itself also counts as 1 shot use. Dont believe me? go try it in SPvP on the golem gro
  4. Youre trying to solve the issue the wrong way. We cant just discard every projectile weapon from a game mode just "because" CMC/Solar. Projectile blocks and reflects have become too effective and too prevelent. Imo Time Duration needs to go and be replaced with hits absorbed. Bubbles need to be static like walls. Aurashare needs to be like stance share and last like 0.2secs... I get that it was all done because an Anet dev got pinsniped whilst commanding 4 years ago... but hey.. that's war for you son. Protect your leaders better.
  5. this auto attack speed cant be right? surely???
  6. just play mech the new rifle auto attack is like LB rapid fire on steroids with quickness. and ITS. A. KITTENING. AUTO-ATTACK.
  7. Here's an "apparent" quote from the discord some of the balance devs post on. Source:
  8. "and they were never seen or heard from again ..." - Morgan Freeman narration
  9. 1/10 For the attempt at making Engy Rifle better.
  10. Well... I think if shared is currently 6secs to team with a 1/4sec interval = 6 x 4 potential strikes After patch it will be 4 x 1 potential strikes. 24 vs 4 = 84% reduction? but they increased the dmg coeff by .32 NeRf SoUlBeAsT tO mAKE UnTamED BeTter! - Anet Dev work ethic.
  11. Ranger Spirits Spirit skills now affect 5 allied targets. Spirits no longer apply effects when an ally in the radius strikes an enemy. Instead, each spirit applies a boon to allied targets in the radius at each 3-second interval. The Nature's Vengeance trait increases the base duration of these boons by 50% and causes spirits' activated skills to apply alacrity to allies in an area. Spirits and their applied boons are as follows: Water Spirit: Regeneration Sun Spirit: Vigor Storm Spirit: Fury Stone Spirit: Protection Frost Spirit: Might Beas
  12. Probably does a bit of dmg vs bads/bronze when you get the jump on them. The skirm/bm/sb glass build with OWP and Sicem is good for that. Versus any decent roamer that combo is played out and predictable and you get absolutely rinsed because it sacrifices so much for that damage front load. Or anything with reflects and block up time. How you doing with it vs cele virts or scrappers and weavers?
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