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  1. Indeed, that said, I'd add 3 other things to these differences: The ease to provide boons (the vanilla game relied a lot on combos for boons) The "new" boons (quickness, alacrity, resistance and resolution) The lost boon: Retaliation (The fighting experience when facing a boon ball with retaliation was a lot worse than when facing a boon ball without).
  2. Balance in this game is hopeless, they don't fix issues, they hide them by tweaking coefficients.
  3. As far as I know you can't use anything else than the AA and your stun breaker while taunted.
  4. To strictly answer the title of the thread, we have boon balls in WvW since 2012. Guilds specialized in WvW have always been exploiting boons as much as they could.
  5. I think you are looking at things from the wrong perspective. The main concern of the devs isn't the "need" of the players. 99.9% of the ideas/opinions of the players will be ignored while the 0.1% left will be cooked through their own recipe.
  6. Let's just change all "block", "invuln", "aegis" and "strike damage immunity" to "barrier", this way everybody will be a necromancer and nobody will complain about unblockable.
  7. They remove 3 Alac source out of 9. The best out of the 6 remaining will just become meta. Ain't it nice that they coincidentally rework renegade's legend's skills to be compatible with WvW gameplay?
  8. How about a boomrang? I don't see why someone would be confused about this. Boomrangs are weapons after all. It can even be a main hand weapon or an off hand. Due to it's nature, it even come back which mean potentially 2 hit per throw on each target. I think it's full of potential.
  9. Your conclusion don't make sense. In fact your whole argumentation feel disturbingly off. I don't care about the devs streamlining things or not. It's a ship that have long sailed. What I care about is that the more boon sources there is in the game, the more there is a need for boon strip. There is currently 7 out of 9 professions that have access to boon strip and all 7 of them should be equally good at boonstriping (be it in ease to strip boons or number of striped boons). What I care about is that boons are indeed everywhere while boon strips are isolated on strategic skills. The issue is that the TTK is superior to the window of opportunity that the strategic skills (boon strip) open. And that is when the strategic skills are strong enough to open a window of opportunity. What I care about is that in the current game, the mere fact that the devs are taking actions against boon strip is disturbing. Do they think that the chinese boonball that tank everything that goes their way without moving an inch is the direction the game should take? Edit: There should be a relic that reduce all boons duration on foes by 1 seconds whenever they are struck by your fire fields skills.
  10. Necromancer's GS is what it is. If you don't like it, don't use it. It's not like there is no weapon choice.
  11. The problem is that boons are cheap and easy goods that are so omnipresent that you barely care about them while Boonstrip is an unwieldy luxury for most of the few that have access to them. This inegality reduce class diversity.
  12. After looking more closely, it bring us to July 18th, 2023 for your "recent" buffs. It will be nerfed in March 2024, was nerfed in January 2024, in November 2023, October 2023 ( core necromancer nerfs), September 2023 and August 2023 (nerf to core, buff to reaper). July 2023: a round of buff! June 2023: Mechanic rework mostly perceived as a nerf by the Scourge's playerbase. So, out of the last 10 game updates it was buffed once in July 2023 and then got 5 patchs nerfing it. Sarcasm "on": Yeah, sure, Renegade has never been called "Renegod", it has always been a poor little thing that other professions could bully.
  13. They seem to be putting some nails on the scourge's coffin with the march patch, thought... I had to return as far as september 2023 to find a scourge buff (and it was PvE only buffs) and in between the nerf bat has been falling ruthlessly again and again for scourge in PvP and WvW. That's close to be half a year of nothing but nerfs for Scourge and March patch is yet another round of nerfs, you could give it a bit of slack...
  14. Full berserker ascended gear provide you with 50% crit chance (let's say 55% if you take the trait Right hand strength). From there you just need good sources of fury and resolution to stay at 100% crit chance if you take the radiance traitline. Since that's something that your group's support should be able to take care of, then you have your answer for PvE group content. As for solo, it's up to you to find the right balance that work for you. Assassin gear will make it possible for you to stand at 75% crit chance without boons (85% if your foe is burning), allowing you to weave between fury and resolution. Marauder gear can bring you to 65% crit chance without boons (75% on burning foes) but you'll have a nice cushion of health. As for berserker stats, you'll struggle to cap crit chance with these (it will be even more difficult since you seem to want to play LB). There is room for creativity. The reason they recommend GS as 2nd set is that it's a source of resolution while MH sword is a source of fury.
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