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  1. That's because GW2 is a game where support come naturally alongside damage. People thus look for the optimal set of professions in order to benefit from a "flawless" support. In the process the different support component are "valued" from essential to unnecessary and the professions with unnecessary support end up with less value than the profession with essential support.
  2. You don't understand how people can't see how gross scourge? But can you see how gross FB/scrapper are due to quickness, how gross mirage/chrono/renegade are due to alacrity, how gross ranger is due to spirits...? You're shocked because it's a new entry within the end game, yet it's barely "meta" material, it's just at "casual safety net" level.
  3. That's because there is no support class elite specs, only support builds that take advantage of what elite specs might offer. People will always complains that something is OP whether it is or not. Scrapper is OP (quickness), FB is OP (Quickness/stab/aegis), Scourge is OP (barrier), Mirage is OP (alacrity), Renegade is OP (alacrity), Warrior is OP (banner), Ranger is OP (spirit)... etc. Some of the thing that are OP are there from long ago so they feel like a given while other are newer and as such feel problematic, yet aren't really. It's a matter of adaptation of the game's population, of f
  4. It's a matter of healing (renegade) vs boons/might (mirage). If you don't need healing go for mirage, otherwise go for renegade.
  5. You're not really accurate in what each heal bring thought... Technically heal Scourge can bring perma regen (staff#2, dodge if BM), a nice amount of might (BiP, Dessicate, Ghastly breach, abrasive grit), barrier, life siphon, condi cleanse and have the possibility to add some amount of prot (spectral ring)/stab (trail of anguish). - Pros of scourge is that barrier work well against hit that damage player based on a %age of health pool. - Cons of scourge is that it doesn't actually heal the actual health pool that well. Druid's main appeal was frost spirit and
  6. Well, no it isn't. Fire aura: Elementalist, engineer (streamlined kits trait: flamethrower), berserker (king of fire). Shocking aura: Elementalist, engineer (Gadgeteer trait: AED) Magnetic aura: Elementalist, engineer (streamlined kits trait: med kit) Frost aura: Elementalist, holosmith (coolant blast). Frost aura and chaos aura can be given to allies by blasting the proper fields. Dark aura, chaos aura, fire aura, frost aura and light aura can be gained by leaping into the associated field. Magnetic aura and shocking aura are the only auras that do not have any ass
  7. Sunspot: I don't think fire magic fit quickness thematically, if a traitline fit it it's air magic. Sunspot/Electric discharge/healing ripple: Granting boon on element swap smell like arcane traitline. Earthen blast: AoE Immobilize on a minor trait? Really? Overall, I think it's a dangerous endeavor to strengthen minor traits. If you want to target traits, I suggest you to focus on major traits like: Earth embrace, Diamond skin, Stop drop and roll, Final shielding or Gale song. Those are traits that need change. - It wouldn't be a bad thing for elementalist to
  8. I don't think adding an F5 would do any good to the elementalist. Auras are to elementalist what minions are to necromancer. They are nice feature of the professions, you could even say essential flavorwise, but they are not the focus of the main mechanism. If anything, tempest is the e-spec that focus on aura, granting the elementalist the ability to produce an aura for each element no matter which weapon is used. Personally, I think most auras effects need to be changed. These effects are just either to situationals (shock aura/magnetic aura) or to weak (Fire aura).
  9. Do you perhaps use superior runes of the mad king? If it's the case, the 6th rune bonus might be the answer at your question.
  10. Let's make it simple. Bleed formula at level 80: (0.06 * Condition Damage) + 22 damage per stack per second at level 80. Sigil of Bursting take the result of this calcul and multiply it by 1.05 This is valid for every damaging condition.
  11. BB isn't even a source of support, it's pure selfishness, The only reason it could end up on a build in meta PvE would be by default. PvP is suffering from many things, among these things, the slow reactivity of the balance team is at the top. Players had discarded BB when it was released because healing themselve before having health loss felt "wrong". When they buffed BB players were only starting to realize the broken potential of the trait and the complaints about it were only starting to appear in sPvP. From discarded to the beginning of the complaints, t
  12. Because sigil of bursting coupled with nightmare runes give you more damage than sigil of malice coupled with elementalist runes in the end. For example, If you look at your bleed tics for example, snowcrow's choices push each individual stack tic to 140 damage while the alternative choice only push it to 137 point of damage. 3 point of difference seem like nothing, but with full might this difference almost double to 6 point of difference. With each stack of condition this difference is increased... In the end, the alternative build just deal less damages and thus is l
  13. Nope, wells with longer duration and larger radius are bound to be complained upon in both PvP and WvW. Just look at Scourge nerf thread history if you don't believe it.
  14. Wild speculation (Ritualist's edition): There will be a mastery track that will give all players access to a minion "spirit" whose main use will be to interact with environmental object (In the end we will just use it to interact with gathering nodes.). ANet will be able to sell thousands of skin for this "spirit", maybe the players will even have to equip the spirit with gathering tools allowing ANet's unlimited gatering tools sales to increase exponentially. Wild speculation (Assassin's edition): There will be a mastery track that will allow all players to have access to a kind o
  15. While I agree that Blood bank need to change, I don't think a trait dedicated to wells would be a good idea. Personally, I'd like them to replace bood bank by a trait that would proc "lesser Grim specter" upon entering shroud. This "lesser Grim specter" would only have one "tic" of the current Grim specter (which would be already strong enough in my opinion).
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