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  1. There is many way to be crit cap as reaper. Maradeur put you at 95% with just fury and death perception. You can use some runes with precision, you can use curse, you can use reaper's specific trait that increase crit chance based on vuln... etc.
  2. Nope, nothing say that the 15% crit damage are in shroud. It say that it increase crit damage by 15% instead of the previous bonus that increased ferocity while in shroud. It doesn't say that it increase crit damage by 15% while in shroud instead of increasing ferocity like you seem to read it.
  3. See bolded word. For me it mean that it's not limited to shroud.
  4. Yeah but it's a 10% crit chance and 15% crit damage buff out of shroud. At worse you'll use marauder gear instead of berserker gear.
  5. You missed the fact that picking up a banner no longer reduce the CD. Try reading again the banner part.
  6. At the end of the day you can't stack more than 30s duration on a boon so... Warrior won't be able to keep up any of the banner boons with the 60s CD. Whether it's 1 second or 1.5 second won't change the fact that using banners for boons is both cluncky and suboptimal.
  7. Seriously... Increase 1s duration boons by 50%...
  8. Just as expected, reality check shortly after the shot of hopium. The devs never fail to disappoint.
  9. Feel like there are things missing... RIP warrior, I'd like to tell you we won't forget you my old friend but... We forget easily in this game...
  10. Well... After 10 years of experiencing balance in GW2, I'm positive that they might fix those traits by bringing down all other traits to this level.
  11. I know that those are sneak peek and there is probably more to it than what they said but I can't help expecting the worse. Warrior will need a lot of number tweeks on top of this banner rework to be even close to be relevant anywhere in the game. What about the other "unique buffs" (empower allies, vampiric presence, strenght in number, pinpoint distribution, assassin's presence)? For me, It seem unfair to remove banner/spirit/spotter without touching/removing those traits (some are dead traits anyway but other can be cornerstone traits as well). We know to little and what we know don't
  12. My opinion: Elementalist: Well... Ok... This might revive a bit fresh air tempest. Engineer: They are going to make ranged trait clunckier... Sigh... Guardian: "Improving signets"... lol. Mesmer: Chrono giving either quickness or alac. Feel like it will be a fail. Necromancer: Wh becoming a healing weapon... Sigh... Ranger: Losing Spotter and unique buffs. I had hopes, they just got crushed. Revenant: How can updating centaur and salvation better support healing role? It's already one of the highest healing output combination in the game... Thief: Ah...
  13. Ah... Drugs... The devs just gave us a shot of Hopium and everyone is high. Now, when reality will crash back...
  14. The information is on the official page of the official site linked to this forum and they even add that they will give a full balance patch preview on the forum the 24th. On topic, this change favor fresh air tempest.
  15. That's kinda scary... I feel like we will regret this change.
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