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  1. Wrong frame of mind. Your question should be "What am I doing wrong?" rather than assuming the game is too hard. Spoiler: It's not.
  2. Is calling it an expansion false advertising? Mmo expansions usually get reviews
  3. Not a single official game criritc has reviewed SOTO, and the player average is 6.3/10 on metacritic. This doesn't bode well for the future of the game, does it? What is going on?
  4. I'd get the company to focus on fun and challenge above all else and stop catering towards toxic casuals who are driving the core playerbase away.
  5. Unfortunately, after 10 years I've decided to uninstall. There is just no challenge anymore. Power creep is insane, all pve endgame is faceroll. Open world is like a afk mobile game. Soto was final nail in the coffin. Also profession and elite identity and fantasy has been obliterated now that all elites can use all weps. It isn't fun and there's no feeling of overcoming challenges anymore. Heart of Thorns was the peak of guild wars 2. Which is funny because heart of Thorns wasn't balanced at all but it was by far the most satisfying gw2 ever was. This game just isn't for me anymore, sadly.
  6. ???? Exploration is not hard especially with skyscale
  7. Just do it arenanet. No harm no foul. We will forgive if you act swiftly.
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