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  1. There can always be improvements. The guy admitted he wasn't adequately prepared for POF. If the post was something like "So, I just got a full set of ascended from fractals and I got to crystal desert and I keep getting agroed! The enemies take forever to kill and it's really frustrating!" I would have a different response. For the record, those who have issues in POF open world usually don't have decent gear, a decent build, or know their proper rotation, etc etc. It's not a game design issue. I melt everything in POF elite and below quite easily on my power chrono.
  2. I got No hero left behind and migraine. What others are there ? Just kinda looking for some fun/rewarding challenges. Thanks.
  3. I struggle to understand posts like this. Maybe instead of complaining that the game is wrong, maybe you should look into what YOU may be doing wrong? I greatly enjoy POF zones. They are varied, unique, interesting, and have tons of things to do. If you are getting hit too hard maybe look into updating your gear or learning your rotation/build. this explains it: https://i.imgflip.com/61q94x.jpg
  4. I for one am hoping a delay til April. Fingers crossed. I want to play elden ring without distraction!
  5. Tough love is fine. I just think that there needs to be a bit of perspective. Even with it's flaws, GW2 is still by far the best MMO on the market.
  6. Crap, am I supposed to be hanging onto those? I trash em after I read them haha
  7. I did point that out, which is why I swing back every year or so. Coming from gw2, a lot of my thought when playing FFXIV (outside of story content) is how much I wish the world felt alive like it does in gw2.
  8. If you don't like the conent then don't do it. The skyscale is optional and you don't need it to complete anything. Time consuming collections like this one is meant to give the player a sense of completion. If they just handed it to you on a platter for doing nothing, you'd also complain.
  9. To be fair, character level in gw2 means nothing. If you haven't got some masteries, a few legendaries, and completed the gw2 story up to this point, then you should probably come back. Again, character level means nothing. Also, as a married guy with kids, this is the best game for me because I can do things at my own pace and nothing becomes outdated.
  10. It's really flabbergasting how entitled a lot of GW2 players are. You want to know pain? You want to know boring? Play almost every other MMO. FFXIV, for example which, beyond my comprehension, is extremely popular. I just finished their newest expac and guess what? Almost nothing to do after you complete the story(the story and music is pretty good tho imo). They do NOT have meta events. They do NOT have fun group content. They give you FOUR arena-style 8-man fights every 6 months and one easy-mode 24 man every 6 months. And unlike GW2, the previous tiered fights become immediately outdated
  11. Do you people really think that the new masteries will only be fishing related? Come on, man.
  12. Since this thread was revived, I just want to say the way builds are implemented is predatory and wrong.
  13. Yeah I don't think a general marketing blast to bring in new players that focuses on EOD would be wise. I think a good 2-3 minute trailer just to spark interest of new players that is well put together (No crappy CG trailers like the EOD trailer) kind of similar to their old manifesto (ArenaNet's MMO Manifesto - YouTube) trailer may do the trick..
  14. If I knew I would hope ANET would hire me. You think no solution is better than any solution at this point, though?
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