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  1. Depends on the structure where you can defend with it so I'm just doubting you.
  2. Il do you one better. Take it back to Pre HoT. When the game was actually fun 🙂 Even silly builds could be played. Now theres just to much bs ontop of bs.
  3. Trade offs in general is a good idea. The problem though is that anet only gave it to a few classes. Not every class and not even equally. I was happy to see them moving to the sort of balance but its half done and if that's going to be the case it's better to just reverse it. Sucks to do a full power burst build only to have supports laugh in your face and return doing just as much damage with a bunch of conditions added ontop.
  4. Just give a boon and condi duration revamp and a lot of issues would be solved. Or idk. Balance the game. Not everything needs to be crapping out a status effect. Fighting multiple guardians is just impossible cause of all the blinds blocks and ports with incredible sustain.
  5. My server was losing towers to 5 players. And keeps were taken like handouts. Both teams just ktraining the heck out of our side nothing we could do since we were outnumbered. All this on EBG lol. Honestly anything being done would be awesome. If it's a horrible change atleast I can uninstall without regrets.
  6. It is against the wall and doesn't require los to be grabbed by it lol. Can't even see the radius it will grab you from which is sometimes further then it actually really is due to where you are on the server side. We are probably talking about 2 different scenarios when it comes to its use. Think a lot of you are just lucky enough to not be on a outnumbered server 80% of the time where there are multiple pulls happening to have this not be a issue where you are always 1 of the few always effected. Or probably dont play WvW at all. The just dodge the line answer doesnt work whe
  7. Them getting rid of it would be nice. We got build templates for people to run mobility builds to get back to their teammates. But yeah its such a bad addition to the mode the way it is. Sadly its here to stay. Mode suffers for it.
  8. Nothing is stopping them from bowling over a fraction of their numbers. Fair game.
  9. Warrior if you have decent teammates. Scrapper if you play alone.
  10. Support SpB Shout Warrior that uses Mace/Shield & Hammer. Just focus on staying alive and ccing enemies. Used to be able to launch myself into a zerg, throw out a bubble and escape with ease, now I dont even make it into the zerg lol.
  11. More like outnumbered servers unable to defend due to poorly aged abilities and questionable balance decisions.
  12. Man this is me too. How the servers are I get opened up on while they are still in stealth and I see them after about 2 or 3 hits in which my hp is already gone. Then the laggy desync ports make it worse when I try to fight back. Not sure if it's my ping or what (60-100).
  13. Nope, dont see it ever getting better either tbh. Just keeps getting worse somehow., its amazing.
  14. I'm just using it to tag and pressure revivers and hopefully separate the pack with earth 4 and air 5. Sometimes I see a difference especially when there running away.
  15. Yeah that's understandable, I didnt really go fully in depth with an explanation at all, just stuff that urked me about the spec when first trying it out for a few hours. I get that its easy to use but the way it flows in combat is just very strange to me personally. Still think something more on demand would be a better idea without it really taking away much.
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