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  1. I hate the nerf on Lush Forest. The whole mechanic is now basically waiting for your skills to charge up to max charge. Tying Lush Forest to the max charge only is a bad decision, and here's why : It becomes incredibly clunky for 3 charges skills : you have to use the charge once (down to 2 charges - grants a Lush Forest proc), and then be careful not to use it again, but rather have to wait before it's back to the 3 charges max to use it again in order to get another Lush Forest (because the 2 to 1 charge wouldn't proc it since it's a 3 charges skill)... So, the 3 charges are usel
  2. My top 3 maps ever designed by Anet are : - Silverwastes - Verdant Brink - Dragonfall
  3. I didn't try it on the competitive side of things (well, I did in WvW but that's hardly a great way to compare to PvP) so I'll go along with what you say on this, and I think it should either be easier to land or be really deadly if landed. I also agree on build diversity as a whole ; I just think the new mechanics are a way to bring up reworks in these trees eventually. If SwB works even remotely, my guess is we'll see more interactions with other branches down the line, as we've had with all the other specs (I mean either Hot and Pof specs at lauch weren't working as good as they
  4. Changes seem good, but my biggest grip with Untamed was how I had to micromanage everything in order to deal damage and survive. Getting access to your whole pet abilities, having the untamed mechanic, having a weapon swap, having your skills, and now getting Ambush, means 4 different sources of abilities (Pet / Unleash-Ambush / Weapon swap / Skills) to deal with, track and manage. Since we're playing a dynamic combat oriented game where you just can't stand still and go through a whole rotation (like in FFXIV for SAM or BLM for example), it sounds overly complex and doesn't really fit the fas
  5. I agree with you on the power creep side of things. Which quite puzzingly got me excited for new EoD specs, because they seem far more down to earth. I still secretly hope for an overall balance patch which would tune down the power creep and stop merging skills with each other (I fondly recall the time when our skills were just doing one meaningful function instead of buffing while damaging while stun breaking). I'm a bit more optimistic on the matter of BsW because I had a great first experience with it. I especially liked the way it felt when toying with Lush Forest and Shouts + Tactic
  6. FFXIV balance is fantastic and it's one of these very few games where I can't settle on a job from one xpac to another because they're all (except a few ones due to personal preferences) appealing. The animations are among the best ever created for a Mmo, and the mechanics are so precise and buttery it feels rewarding when you're able to go through your rotation. But GW2 is just as innovative, if not more, in how they're implementing the professions. It's still beta and the mechanics are overall very interesting, I'd rather have a "broken" new warrior spec but which tries to bring in some
  7. This is so awesome and strong, I don't know if I should be happy about it for making the class even more fluid or to be worried about it because it sounds like the kind of fancy toys that will be taken away from me by the time launch comes.
  8. How exactly do these changes affect the way the virtues proc ? The major clunkiness of WB comes from the fact that unless you have enemies standing still in your flames + some access to Quickness or field aoes, your virtues won't proc nearly enough to be relevant and provide you with enough sustain. You'll hit like a wet noodle if you're fighting a mobile single enemy (which sounds like, on paper, what should be WB best case for a fight) and you'll be godlike when fighting in zergs with enemies standing in your virtues proc'ing everything all the time and showering you with perma a
  9. Because you really think there are challenging fights coming from aggroing one annoying beetle or snake while you just stay idle for a few seconds just to enjoy the vista ? You really think this would qualify as challenging, and would need you to master your class ?
  10. To make my point clear, it's not a matter of difficulty- at all. It's a matter of breaking the peaceful moments the game can provide when you enter beautiful places and you want to start digging into how the world was built, what the devs threw in as for details and such, only to find countless enemies bothering you with annoying skills. I mean, look at the streams. They told us numerous times "look at the beautiful art on this wall" or "look at the beautiful shaped mosaic". Problem is, in game, if the place is filled with enemies spawning again and again, you won't hav
  11. I couldn't help but thinking during the past two streams (Echovald and Jade Sea) that the maps were looking beautiful in part because of the lack of annoying enemies being there every two inches. The vistas are gorgeous, the textures look overall amazing (I'll let people complain about the Jade look in the specific topics related to this) and it's nice to get some time to enjoy such sceneries without having mobs running around. IMO, GW2 open world would benefit greatly from having less mobs out in the open, or at least more sanctuarized areas where NPCS live their daily life without
  12. To keep it simple : Mechanist is the funniest class I've ever played on this game. I love being able to toy around the spec choosing range/melee, boons or dps burst, shadowstepping with my mech so he can grant me protection. The variety of builds is very nice too and pretty much all engineer weapons are valid (my pref to mace + shield if going melee or pistol / shield).
  13. I guess to get to the bottom of this, let's just get rid of Elites all together and only keep spamming goold ol' #1.
  14. Not only it's a joke, but it also tries hard to do things already done by Elementalist be it Core, Tempest or Weaver. This is the e-spec which lacks a strong vision the most. I can forgive them for hitting and missing with Willbender because it has a vision behind it. But not so much with Catalyst. So many things could be done and toyed around attunements and Elementalist : getting rid of attunements entirely and giving them pure arcana power, forcing Eles to commit to only one element but buffing it strongly... just look for example at how D&D has been handling the subclasses fo
  15. Given how things have turned, I feel like you should list what you actually don't want the e-spec to be. Anet as a rule of thumb will do the exact opposite and you might end up with a new fun ranged weapon instead of this Catalyst thingy.
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