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  1. Why can't Ventari just blast heals then. You don't see other classes having this sort of issue because they aren't forced to use a proxy to heal. Honestly the main reason Ventari Tablet sucks is cos the "on demand" isn't represented well with the dumb tablet pushing minigame. The quickest fix is for the Tablet to teleport instead of sliding.
  2. Targeting allies in this game is just unintuitive. I'd much rather have the Tablet just follow you around and summoned/recalled to your side with the same button.
  3. Personally I feel the best thing that could be done to Hammer is to add a flip skill to Skill 4 which lets you close the Mist wall early in exchange for having an evasive dodge backwards. An additional change which would be lovely is if we had Skill 2 work like Warrior's Hammershock.
  4. That's just low skill level talk. If you're experienced enough in both your own and your opponent's class, you know that Thief has major glaring weaknesses after any specific combo. Yes, even Stealth spamming Deadeyes. That's why often people suggest the way to beat your opponent is to play the opponent's build and experience the strength and weakness for yourself. Once you get a feel for it, you know both your own and your opponent's cards and need only look for openings. This goes for ALL classes, not just Rev, but this is actually most relevant to Rev and Thief becau
  5. Well you have to play to your niches. At the moment, Ranger's niche is strictly roaming and assassinating Zerg tails, but that has always been the case. Trying to squish your class into the role of another is just not gonna work. But that's not to say SBs are not seen in Zergs at all. There have been cases of SB Stance Share frontlines being used in smaller scale zergbuster groups.
  6. Oh I see what you mean now, my bad then. Then yes, I agree with what you said about not tying weapons together. Maybe the Skill 5 proposal shouldn't be an attack buff but just a damage skill. But maybe it could work as a buff anyway? I can imagine if you use it to empower your Sword attack as a Holo, you can play Condi Holo, especially with the proposed Glue shot aiding in suppressing enemy movement for you to land it.
  7. While there is like, close to no festivals for Sylvari because they are a relatively new race by Tyrian standards, Charr should have their Meatoberfest in their city.
  8. I intended this change more as a way for P/P get more bang for buck with Skill 3 without needing to bounce. I mean sure, all the skills of current P/P could be improved just by adding an ammo system, but that's too boring.
  9. They're both Pistols, they both share the same benefits of a single Trait, they both feature Conditions heavily and they both do somewhat mediocre Power damage. I'll say they are pretty related to one another.
  10. The entire idea of my suggestion is push Pistols into a closer range than before, but up its lethality. I'm actually thinking maybe it'll be better to have a Dragon Claw style auto instead, where it shoots like 3-5 shots in a go in a static spread and if you are closer, more hits hit the target resulting in more Power and Bleed stacks
  11. I think he just didn't read the post. My suggestion for Glue shot is literally turn it into a projectile hit so it's not AoE targeted. So you shoot it and it will 100% Immob the first target it hits and then it Cripples everyone else. No slowing field. Just straight damage, immob, cripple.
  12. Are you serious? Do you not see the potential of these changes? Teleporting Tablet to where we are means we can bring Tablets with us up cliffs where teleporting is possible, which is faster than repositioning. Enabling a Light Field from Sword can be combo'd into Sword 5 for Light Aura, or if it'd a Water Field, Heals from Leap finisher.
  13. Just throwing out this idea for a P/P rework. MH Pistol Skill 1 Attack Chain, Scrap shot - 600 ranged shotgun spread - Inflicts Bleeding, inflicts more stacks of Bleeding the closer the target is to you. (2 Stacks at 300 Range, 1 Stack at 600 Range) - hits 3 targets in a cone (Main target + 2 other) Skill 2 Toxic shells - Buffs next 5 attacks - Inflicts 2 stacks of Poison per attack - can be applied by any attack originating from the player (no turrets or summons) - 2 Ammo Skill 3 Dazzle Dust - 900 Range - Inflict
  14. Engi's Rifle is just a hodge-podge of ideas which don't work together, both gameplay wise and thematically. Pistol is also more or less the same thing imo. I say both Rifle and Pistol should just be reworked. Rifle - reworked into a full ranged kit without nonsense like Rifle 3 Blunderbuss. P/P - reworked into dual shotguns which inflict Bleeds on auto. In fact since Pistol currently already works like "shooting different ammo types", it makes more sense to turn them into shotguns since you can thematically "load different shells"
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