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  1. Glad I no longer play Rev, nor the game in general. If Anet wants to kill the game so be it, I don't give two turds anymore.
  2. All gods have fully left Tyria as of PoF.
  3. That's because instead of nerfing Necro's mobility, they nerfed their durability instead. Necro has always been about being very oppressive in their threat zone, but as a trade off, they have garbage mobility. Only reason Reaper gets overshadowed by Scourge is because Scourge brings more to the table in terms of utility, while Reaper is designed to be purely a damage dealing spec.
  4. I'm disappointed with everything leading up to an interaction with an Elder Dragon after LW3. Mordremoth was the last epic Elder Dragon.
  5. This is something new to me then. Then the entire "Mallyx harboring Conditions" playstyle was essentially half dead on arrival to launch. Resistance was abundant on Mallyx because they were kinda designed to harbor Condis to make themselves stronger, but if all the reasons for harboring are gone, and Mallyx's Condi resistance/immunity is shaved off in this fashion, there is even more reason to not draw Condis then. Core Rev is such a mess. First Shiro, now Mallyx.
  6. This is such a massively backwards way of looking at Mallyx skill lineup. PA should have always been a Stunbreak first and foremost before being a supportive Condi pull. The evidence in this is that Mallyx since its introduction to the game has always had a Targeted leap, specifically to entertain his playstyle of a bruiser-esque Condi dealer. (It was originally called Unyielding Anguish which was basically Call to Anguish without the pull in) The whole sthick of Mallyx drawing and harboring Condis on himself, and Empowering Misery not consuming conditions is because of an old, long p
  7. Dragon's Watch? More like Children and Elderly Watch. Braham = Angsty Teenage boy. Even thought he would have grown up since Season 4. Lolnope. Rythlock = Getting more and more emotional, but he's ol' grandpa. Taimi and Gorrik = two kids who would probably spend all day browsing 4chan if allowed to, and no sense of danger to either of them. Marjory and Kashmeer = Daphne and Fred MC = Tired, overstressed single parent That's all Dragon's Watch is right now. They should have just dissolved Dragon's Watch after Season 4, because it was the perfect t
  8. Basically stripped down because they "found a problem with it" where there wasn't a problem in the first place. This balance team is just actively "finding problems" with things which were SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO BEHAVE A CERTAIN WAY and telling the players to "trust us, it's a good change"
  9. Oh man I'm so glad yu understand this, but somehow yu can't understand that what Anet has done was exactly the opposite of this. Mallyx right now has no way to use this "Condi draw" skill without a way to deal with it, which would have been fine if this skill wasn't tied to their Stunbreak which is essential to survival in competitive. Stunbreaks are something Rev has had severe issues with since removal of Stunbreak from Invocation. This is made even more glaring with most Rev builds gravitating toward melee combat. If yu had any real experience with Rev at
  10. I've been reading all yur comments and I have no idea how yu managed to address this as a l2p issue regarding Mallyx stunbreak potentially killing the user. Who's supposed to l2p here? The teammates who have to instinctively move away from their CC'd Mallyx teammate? The Mallyx user who has to just take the CC because stunbreaking could kill them? This skill as it stands creates a deathtrap for Mallyx users in teamfights or zerg v zerg, so is the only way to play around it to not play Mallyx? God forbid Stunbreaks were simple and just broke out of a stun anymore. Revs have too muc
  11. With how singularly focused Rev's Traitlines are, they can't afford not to do this, especially with traits which only interact with ONE Legend. Alternatively they can move this trait to master tier and move Abyssal Chill or Demonic Resistance down to Adept tier. I'm more in favour of moving Abyssal Chill so that Mallyx builds cannot grab both Demonic Defiance and Demonic Resistance together.
  12. I won't like Necro with mobility because Necro with low mobility approaching their targets to kill them is such an interesting theme dynamic. But if a mobility option would be given to Necro, I would like something closer to Vampire than "OOOOO SHADOW THING". I mean, idk how it got so widespread but I never felt like Shadows in fantasy were FAST or SWIFT or anything, if anything Shadows are more synonymous with stealth and hiding. I think the vampiric portions of Blood Magic and Necro can be further expanded in an Elite Spec as well, with Sword being used for some mobility.
  13. They should tweak Demonic Defiance since it is used mostly with Mallyx skills in the first place. Here's what they should have done : Gain Resolution whenever yu use a Legendary Demon Skill. Increase Resolution's damage reduction to 50%. And for good measure, change Mallyx heal to absorb and remove conditions.
  14. People seem to not understand that Weakness isn't just "not critting half the time" It transforms half yur hits into Glancing Blows which will deal half of normal damage and cannot crit. This is such a major Power targeted debilitation that builds that can puke this out excessively essentially has a permanent edge over a competing Power build in a 1v1 setting. (Daredevil for example) Other plausible arguments and suggestions have been made in this thread already but yu saying "Condi cannot crit" as an argument is just pure and utter bull because Condi bursts, however rare these days
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