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  1. I've already said it before: Anet just randomly spins a wheel and nerfs something. FE didn't need any nerfs at all, it's never caused problems and in fact it's a perfectly telegraphed skill that can be countered by reflects. Also the projectile speed is kinda slow so it's a small matter to simply LoS or Dodge it.
  2. Jade Winds is just a fundamentally flawed skill which links back to Revenant's skill expression in general. Revenants are just not rewarded enough for burning all their Energy on Elites that take away all your Energy. Should they buff these Elites then? No, because it doesn't matter if you buff it, it's still a skill that locks out everything after casting, so it's either an all in skill or a skill left on the shelf. Honestly I would rather change all Elites to become their Upkeep skill and give them some form of empowerment feature instead, so it fully justifies its usage, and at the s
  3. I've personally fell out of love with GW2's story and world. It has very little to do with Guilds or Wars, mostly dragons for the LWs. I will however, keep in tabs with content creators and other players who are exploring EoD and see if the experience is worth it for me to make a purchase when EoD ever goes on sale. I still enjoy little aspects of GW2, like WvW for example, so I still see myself playing that, even without EoD Spec classes.
  4. As long as Power is reliant on 3 stats for performance, you will never be able to run away from building precision. Even if you run mostly Dragon, you will need some Assassins to get crit cap, unless your intention is to run Renegade.
  5. No, Warrior was supposed to be. Revenant, or more specifically the Legend/Subclass of Shiro is what made Revenant mobile, so they were more like a very tanky Thief. In fact, the entire sPvP early period of Revenant's existence is just a comparison between Power Herald and Power Thief being the best +1 rotation class.
  6. I second this. Would actually make Ventari have alot more presence. That's a good point, but I honestly can only see sliding Tablet as such a cumbersome mechanic which has its niche uses as you have described but at the cost of sacrificing overall functionality. I'm all for gutting a niche function in favor of overall improvement and QoL, always. Alternatively, we can have a trait be reworked to have additional interaction with Tablet. Vital Blessing : Healing Orbs now grant Vigor >>>> Vital Blessing :Healing Orbs now grant Vigor. Mender's Rebuke telep
  7. They could just move Herald away from Boons tbh, that's essentially the entire idea when they reworked FoN. Facet of Light : HoT in AoE Facet of Darkness : Increase Precision in an AoE Facet of Might : Increase Damage and Condi Damage in an AoE Facet of Elements : Increase Movement speed in AoE Facet of Chaos : Decrease incoming Condi duration and damage (we kinda have DR upkeep from Dwarf FoN already) This is also a good thing for competitive cos it reduces the boons Herald has to get corrupted with. Wait did I just make Bannerslave 2.0
  8. All I want is for Shiro to reduce energy cost and cooldown in exchange for removing some skill bloat. As for Traits, I want any stupid trait which Refreshes when using an Elite skill removed or reworked. I'm sick and tired of them and they take up slots because that kitten is so useless.
  9. Usually when they say they will balance Especs, what they really mean is they will utterly dismantle core traits 🙂 I can't wait to play my Core Rev during EoD era! I'm so excited to play -10 drain Shiro, Battlescars doing 100 damage in PvE and Charged Mists restoring 5 Energy when swapping below 10% Energy!
  10. Except there are way better ways of proxy healing in the game already, it's just tablet that seriously sucks. For one, if tablet just **teleported** to the targeted location, it would be more effective. Sureee you lose the "slide" which heals allies, but I'm willing to trade that for simply blinking the tablet to target location and healing all allies in the AoE. I think tablet would be much better off becoming an Upkeep skill in this manner: Default function : all skills will center on the Revenant, all AoE pulses and skillshots will originate from the Revenant Upkee
  11. You can throw around all the numbers in the world and it won't change the fact that the entire design of "Proxy healing" via tablet will never be as good as something like Healbrand or Druid just aiming and vomiting.
  12. Yes, but now people can run other Legends other than Glint. Sorry but Herald Espec should never be about Glint Stance. If you're worried about build diversity, then why not complain about the main issue at hand : Anet just overnerfing everything they see fit and never buffing. Everything players use in the meta rotates out because the devs just nerfs it in turn. It's like they're playing whack-a-mole until we're back to punching each other with fists. This isn't a Rev only issue, it's an every single class issue.
  13. It's not a nerf, it's a buff. If you're fighting against people who already don't hit you when you use Infuse Light, this is an overall buff because now you have a much chunkier heal, especially for players running Shiro. This isn't an issue because most people unga bunga their entire rotation anyway. And this change will help with Revenant's main weakness of Condi bursts anyway, so using the damage conversion after a Condi burst drops will turn it all into healing, which is much more beneficial than tying it to a heal flip skill since it can be activated instantly.
  14. I mean yea. Alot of Revenant could have been the whole "just did what it did in gw1 but slightly different" deal too. God, I mean how long did it take for them to change CtA into the version it is now, which is basically a gw2 friendly version of Shadow Smash. Battle Scars too : it could have been worked directly into Shiro's IO as a 2nd hit Lifesteal, but now it's part of Devastation. The worst thing they have done with Shiro is somehow making Riposting such an overloaded defense skill. Riposting used by Shiro was a shadowstep attack. If it were up to me, I would make Shiro's entire
  15. Here's what I would like to see instead: Infuse Light(Consume heal skill) : Changed to 3000 base heal, +500 heal for each unique boon on the Herald. Crystal Hibernation (Shield 5): No longer blocks, but converts all incoming damage into healing for 3s, roots the Herald. Envoy of Exhuberance (Shield 4): No longer a targeted skill, casts and pulses in an AoE from the Herald themselves, and to add more offensive capability to the Shield, dazes enemies caught in the AoE.
  16. That has long been a massive issue with Revenant as a class as well as how their Especs were designed: Instead of providing the Revenant with altered mechanics and a new skill set, they went ahead and baked all the power of the Especs right into the skillset/weapon and only much later added Ancient Echo to core as a "reverse drawback" (oh my god I had a good chuckle just typing this) I think the only thing Vindi gives is er.... dodging? If it were up to me, I would have their entire Energy system altered for each Espec as their main draw. Herald : Upkeeps no longer drai
  17. People have long been asking Anet to give us reason to revisit old LW maps, by either introducing new activities to do, or expand the story there. Anet's response: STRIKES AND DRM. Like yea, it's really cool we get to visit places like Lake Doric again, but they made us visit a instanced version of it lmao. So much for Living World, it's more like "expanding world" to them. There's nothing evolving about the world after it's been added to the map.
  18. Shhhh Anet doesn't need to know, but if it does get slapped in any way, I'm changing back to Steadfast in a heartbeat. The reason why I never use Charged Mist is a habit thing. I just never ran it so I guess I just never got used to it. I think I'm just a swap happy Rev so I get the most value out of Song of the Mist casts.
  19. Baseline 25% is unneeded, but baseline Swiftness level movement speed is an interesting idea to toy with, mainly with the removal of Swiftness as a boon. I'm always for de-clogging the Boon scene, because I really hate how so many Boons are floating all over these days.
  20. Glad to have another Core Rev enjoyer. I've been Core Revving for around 2 - 3 years now. Never went back to Herald. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PmwAwyZlxQHsOyh5RPMOqhRSfMCKgl2U1SH-zRJYiRH/p0kCITRQnSgeFCKeA-e This is my build. It's basically a hit and run style character which focuses less on sustain but more on getting hits in. Versed in Stone is taken over Steadfast because it's really powerful to cut down both direct and condi damage when hit below 50% HP, plus it stunbreaks you, plus it's only a minute cooldown. It's more powerful if you anticipate getting ganked by multiple players
  21. I expect it to be tuned down when EoD comes out to make EoD Espec look better, but other than that, no forseeable nerf tbh.
  22. Isn't the OP asking for Open World tho. I think this is fine for PvE. I will never run this in PvP tho cos I hate zerker in PvP. Feels too vulnerable.
  23. This is what I'll run for a Cele hybrid Berserk, especially if you are focusing on Sword and Burning. http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKABw+lzlRwWYMMMWJWaXuNVA-zxIYVFTP+EE7A-e Reasoning: Berserk is your burst window, so you should be focusing on squeezing out as many Primal Bursts as possible during this short duration. Discipline is the best traitline to facilitate this because it allows you to Burst > Swap for Adrenaline > Burst shortly after > Swap again after 5 seconds > Burst once more. Coupled with Discipline's Quickness on hitting someone below 50% hp, as well as your Fi
  24. Good point, however if it does get buffed, I wanna see something more on the lines of "When you remove Immobility, gain 5 stacks of Battle Scars" in addition to whatever you suggested.
  25. Btw, been playing the dumb Hunter build I made awhile back, the one which uses the Rifle and Summons. Changed the Rune to Privateer for the YAAR! Cos apparently that counts as a Shout. :^) Trolled a few people hard.
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