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  1. hi Cyninja thanks for the anwser. as i said i only changed the card ( and the newest driver from Nvidia ), from 1060 to 3060ti. the options ingame are all the same as before so at least it should run the same as before. but its got worse. and i know that cpu and gpu is something different. i only mentioned that even just standing around gw2 uses almost 100% of the GPU and only runs at 20fps. btw. gw2 is the only game that makes problems. i know its not the best when it goes for perfoermance but at least it should run the same. currently its unplayable. Edit : i found the problem it was gshade. i forgot that i installed this some time ago. removing it fixed the problem.
  2. i switched from a 1060 to a 3060ti. normally i would think now everything works better but now the game feels really bad. for example in Lily of the Elon the camera and movement swims and feels like you playing with a rubberband. hard do explain but with the exact same settings the game feels worse. currently i'm waiting for the chak event in scar lane. i have only 20fps. taskmanager shows 90% CPU Usage and 30% CPU usage. 90% for that on a 3060ti? is that correct? Edit : Windows 11, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9600K CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz, 64GB RAM, game installed on a SSD Edit2 : removing Gshade fixed the problem
  3. i played DH since HoT and now changed to Willbender and/or FB. DH is still fun but the survivability from DH is just bad in compare to the other two Elite specs. sure you can stay alive but its a) more micromanagement and b) a lot more downtime sad because it was my favorite spec
  4. fishing is anti MMO. you stand alone hours somewhere and interact with no one.its maybe ok for crafting food and selling it but overall its bad. i dont like it in other games and i dont like it in GW2.
  5. female human is my #1 and female charr #2. there are both my "mains" and i love both of them
  6. crashes everywhere. now 2nd time Drakkar Event and when rejoining i'm on a different map then my squad. yeah thank you. cant event send the report after crash. nothing happens counter just ticks down.
  7. not and pay a sub. Get Main Skins in the game for playing the game. there is no mount skin in the game. almost non glider skin beside legendary backpacks. the best outfits and weapons are in the gem store. i love GW2 but there is to much good stuff in the gemstore and not enough good stuff in the game. and no gold to gem is so bad that the time/value is only valueable for something without a job and who plays 24/7
  8. unnatural traversel should only go on CD when used on a target. if you have something else in target you dont port and its on CD. Or let use set an AoE Target i killed some HP in HoT. Untamed is nearly unkillable. but something is missing. imo Soulbeast hits harder and also can get the job done. And its less work. that (curently) only hammer skill changes is a big bummer
  9. isnt coalescence the raid legendary? so you need to raid to craft it. i dont have it because i dont raid.
  10. i crafted Astralaria and now Shining Blade. SB was veeeeeery boring. But you can cheese more than forced todo the collections.
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