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  1. What is the name of the program that runs with Guild Wars 2 that let's you track your damage. From my understanding ARCNET approves of this program. It's not TACO.
  2. @Kiltemol.7698: Yes that linkworked. I guess the other link is an old link. Thank you
  3. Nope! 😞 No matter what order I put this in, the Glob of Coagulated Mists Essences grays out.
  4. Failed! 😞 I tried this and the Mystic Forge will not allow me to make the changes. I entered in the following 1 Liquid Aurillium infusion +9 to be changed from +5 Expertise to +5 Power 1 Glob of Coagulated Mists Essences 1 Anthology of Heros 25 Vials of Powerful Blood The moment I enter the Glob of Coagulated Mists Essences everything grays out! -Has this been changed? -Is this a Bug? -Is there a recipe that I need? Thank you.
  5. Is there anyway we can change our infusion stats. I bought some Liquid Aurillium infusions, very expensive and I am hoping to change their stats as I change my build.
  6. This works for me until ARCNET can address this issue. You really do not need to reboot your computer. Sign out instead then sign back in. Then immediately start up GW2. If you go to the internet first that is when things get hosed up.
  7. Apparently it's happening again. I just completed two Dragon Response Missions and I didn't get credit for both of them.
  8. The Wiki tells you to go to the Upper Balcony Way point [&BAgFAAA=] and that takes you to the Trade Commons area outside. Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone is not there. He is in the Great Lodge. Also, I believe the home instance is Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone's home instance and not the player's home instance. I found him in his home instance, not mine, my character is human. I was able to start my Gourmet Training here in Norn territory.
  9. I found Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone in the Hoebrak and I am able to begin my Gourmet Training. Sous-Chef Seimur Oxbone is NOT where the GW2 Wiki says he is. To find him follow these steps--You must enter the Great Lodge and turn right.--As you walk you will see two Wolfborn norms. As you approach them a dialog box pops up asking you if you want to continue to Hunter's Hearth (home). Say Yes to enter the instance.--As you enter and begin walking thru look to your right and you will see some stairs. Go up the stairs, past the Hyleks and keep turning right going up further. When you get to the
  10. I have not seen this but it looks helpful. I will definitely use it. Thank you
  11. I haven't tried that yet, he will be in my home instance in a few days. Than you
  12. My character is at level 493, so I can make most everything. I am suppose to give "Chef's Tasting Platter" to Sous-Chef Siemur Oxbone to begin my Achievement for Gourmet Training. All this is according to Guild Wars 2 Wiki. But he won't take it. There is no option to give it to him. Why? Bug?
  13. It's already available! I believe there is a bug in ARCNET. Prior to the last installment, "Champions" , the highest level we could to was 346. Once you complete "Champions" that will put you at level 347. You need the Dragon Mastery Crystal 2 to get to the next level at 349. But it's not available with the Faction Vendors! But there are people who are at 349 now! How did this happen? first crystal give you access to the two first mastery so current max is 349. then you need the second crystal to go to the third and another crystal every mastery level.i'm im correct improved crystal w
  14. so what do you need to do, apparently not time gate as it is still not there today what to do to progress? Probably wait months until the second part of the episode...I just submitted this as a bug for ARCNET to look at and hopefully fix. You might consider doing the same thing.
  15. I wanted to show a screen shot of someone with Level 349 but it didnt go thru :/
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