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  1. River's Flow: Incoming healing increased. Healing yourself increases flow rate. Regeneration effects do not trigger flow rate increase - Positive Flow (5s): Gain flow per second. - Incoming Healing Increase: 10% This trait does not work with Vigorous Shouts: Shout skills gain reduced recharge and heal allies. Gain healing power based on your power. - Healing: 1,000 (1.2) - Recharge Reduced: 20% - Radius: 600 - Gain Healing Power Based on a Percentage of Power: 13% The amount of healing by shouts is not increas
  2. Still same bug as before, 5 charges reapplied to full CD and no detonation. Is this a joke?
  3. weirdly it worked for me right after the patch, came back later to the game, now I cant use the detonation effect anymore.
  4. The new skill "Overcharged Cartridges" is not triggering "Detonate Cartridges" in any game mode. Right after the patch it worked for some time, now it doesnt anymore, regardless if using gunsaber or not. It is now just applying those 5 Charges again and goes on full cooldown. Relogging/restarting doesnt help. Please test a skill 1-2 times before you implement it. Thanks.
  5. GS traits have their use in some game modes, so I would love to see Gunblade which is a GS be recognized as a GS for the might spam.
  6. Since the keybinds with weaponswap and not being able to swap weapons therefore losing a weaponset in combat, this could be the easiest solution: Bladesworn allows to use two greatswords at once (turns GS into a 1H weapon for this spec only) greatsword can only be equiped offhand, if GS is also equiped in mainhand. No other weapon can be used offhand, if mainhand is GS. So the only possible pairing is GS+GS if 2x GS is used, the Bladesworn weapon skills are available, if only one GS is used, regular GS skills. This allows the normal weapon swap whilst havin
  7. After WoD has been nerfed and shouts been buffed, where is our Shout Elite skill? This could solve a gap which WoD just created.
  8. Mainhand Pistol should is actually a really good consideration since it is a ranged weapon but still does promote melee, would fit the 2 given skills it has now.
  9. Because it is not a balance problem. It is just some visual. Bladesworn has worse issues than some roleplay stuff.
  10. Im baffled they didnt make pistol main hand. We lack main hand usage already. They dont even need to design a burst since Bladesworn doesnt have one. They could even keep both skills and make them skill 2 and 3 and give us a range 900 Autoattack. But making it offhand, ugh.
  11. Since CC skills in WvW have been nerfed for every class, it seems someone forgot to implement those changes for most ranger skills: Counterattack-Kick: Still doing max. damage whilst being a knockback Hilt Bash: Still doing max. damage whilst being a stun Charge (Soulbeast): Same thing here, full damage as a CC skill Saw this by coincidence while trying ranger to figure out why its so OP in WvW roaming. Now take a look at other classes and their more consistent nerfs, e.g. warrior especially spellbreaker: Earthshaker(Even a burst skill): A burst skill wit
  12. Dravvi, due to your constant highly racist slurs and insults in teamchat with 90% of the server having you blocked, every single one of your threads is looking like another troll post, which it probably is.
  13. Anet wont ever release Alliances as long as they get money like shit from transfers. As soon as they find a way to keep milking us with alliances, they will push it.
  14. Since it was released and people bought it, it was nerfed by adding a cooldown. Now we got the Snowflake gobbler which has just the perfect function:You open a window, decide how much material you want to throw in, and get a buff or a gift. The more you buy the more of both, easy.Why doesnt the candy corn gobbler function the same? Instead of gifts, give use those halloween tonics instead which dont have any value anyway. Im tired of clicking the gobbler for 20 mins just to have boosters for the day.
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